Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Roadtrip to end all roadtrips!

The last roadtrip of the expedition has been absolutely awesome. Three of the fieldbase team, Claire, aka Clarita, Jay and myself, Kelly have taken to the road once more on an epic journey to Nicaragua. With us we took blog messages, food and equipment requests and treats for Zulus 6,7,3 and 5 along with birthday cards and greeting for two special Project Managers, Fran and Walshy, who were lucky enough to have their birthdays on phase.
Our first stop was Leon where it hit a scorching 41 degrees and we, accompanied by Julian the Country Director, completed a number of recces on local hospitals. We checked their cleanliness and treatments they offer so that should the worst happen and we have to take an individual to hospital we can be rest assured they will be in capable hands.
From Leon we drove to El Portillo to visit Zulu 6 working on their latrine building project. The group were in very good spirits when we arrived and were keen for us to start our visit with a short climb to a nearby hill where we watched an amazing sunset over looking the village.
Whilst in El Portillo we were lucky enough to stay with local families. The generosity and accommodating nature of these families cannot be put into words and we thoroughly enjoyed the rice, beans, tortillas, plantain, coffee and fruit we were given at meal times.
Following our stay with Zulu 6 where Julian had to leave the roadtrip for meetings, we, the intrepid explorers, trekked off to the next village to catch a bus to La Naranjta to see Zulu 7 on their house building project. Upon arrival after a bumpy ride on a local ‘chicken bus’ yes you’ve guessed it, live chickens were often stowed in the overhead racks, we were met by a very welcoming Zulu 7. They put on a party in the local school with dance offs and many renditions of Ai Se Eu Te Pego a firm favourite for all on expedition and made sure we felt well and truly part of the group even if this did involve us helping them with their building work. But stamping mud for house walls and sticking it on the walls is great fun!
After Zulu 7 we headed to Esteli where we checked into a hostel and were lucky enough to meet Keiner and some past Raleigh venturers who had been conducting a selection weekend for host country venturers. More hospital recces greeted us the following day and then it was time to meet Ross, the Country Programme Manager where he traded his landie for a local bus back to Costa Rica and we drove to San Martin number one to meet Zulu 3 on the Miratombo trek.

Zulu 3 were a very happy group, not too affected by blisters and other ailments and all very positive. We spent the night with them and yes, the next morning, we did get up at trek o’clock, 3am to you and me and left at first light having left the food drop with the group and also some much appreciated sweets.
A long day of driving greeted us but a boarder crossing and a few bumpy roads later we arrived at Zulu 5 in Volcan Tenerio. As soon as we arrived venturers came running up to us with balloons and we settled into a movie night after a dinner of masa made by some expert venture cooks. The next day we helped show tourists around the national park as Easter weekend brought so many tourists the group were given a well earned rest from path building for health and safety reasons.

Then finally we reluctantly headed back to fieldbase to prepare for the venturers’ return on Thursday.

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