Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zulu 1 have finished their trek!!!!

18 days of trekking and the result is in. It may come as no surprise to hear it, final score Zulu 1- Turisantos trek 0.
After negotiating the jungle of Barbilla National Park Zulu 1 launched an assault through the heat of Costa Rica taking on hill and vale in pursuit of the Pacific.

Some of the views have been simply spectacular and highlights numerous; the wooded vistas of Tapanti National Park are a close second to the ascent of Cerro Bares to witness a breathtaking sunrise sweep from San Jose to the Pacific.

The final destination of Punta Judas is something else. A private beach, hammocks, glorious sunshine, the ocean, coconuts… the list could go on. Needless to say credit to the whole group for their endeavors, approximately 250Km of trekking completed. R & R in such stunning surrounds is a just reward.

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