Monday, 2 April 2012

Zulu 5 - Volcan Tenorio

Zulu 5 have been in the depth of Volcan Tenorio for almost a week and a half now and we are still standing!

We have practically sifted the Sahara and moved mountains of sand along treacherous paths as we fight a race against time in preparation for the swarm of tourists that will descend on the park in Holy Week. 

Hours have also been spent fixing our temperamental jungle camp. Fosca discovered that the bamboo holding her basha bed together was not as strong as expected when she awoke at 3am… on the floor! PM Daniel 'Flaves' Saborio has done copious amounts of reconstruction work, receiving a few injuries along the way. 

However, amidst the hard work we've soothed our aching bones in the hot springs, visited the rich sugar cane and gaped in awe at the magnificent waterfall that lies at the heart of the jungle. 

Tourists are not the only thing to infest this place; Jay and Elliot were joined by a Coral snake during their afternoon cigarette break, Fleur, Lisa and Yssa spotted the famously ugly tapir (which is on the brink of extinction), sloths and monkeys have graced our camp and toads have made themselves at home in our showers. 

Our evenings are spent with Valeria in her element hosting aerobics classes’, intense games of monopoly deal and sleeping bag races in which Istvan remains unbeatable. 

We Zulu 5 will keep you updated on our adventures in sunny Volcan Tenorio (sorry X-Ray 6)


  1. Alexandre Bello ZULU 3 Hey Alex alles ok? Hoop dat je trekking meevalt!! Wij zijn ondertussen aangekomen in de maldiven. Het is hier wat groter en meer resortachtig dan Kanuhura. Kan er nog niet veel over zeggen want we zijn er nog maar 1dag. We missen je natuurlijk heel erg, moet nu Oene zn bed uit trekken s'morgens ipv jou!! Gaan morgen onze eerste duik doen ben benieuwd, Isa gaat ook mee want die kan nu ook haar padicertificaat halen!! Ze is helemaal happy! Geniet nog van je laatste 2 weken!!! Liefs Mama xxxxx

  2. Abdallah Slaoui3 April 2012 at 03:51

    Yzza Zulu5
    Salut ma puce, alors je retrouve la chasseuse de la famille :) il parait que tu as trouvé un Tapir !!!
    Ici tout va bien, sauf Driss a été malade pendant 1 semaine mais maintenant ca ve, il a repris l'école hier ! May s'est mise au sport intensément, elle va au sun presque tous les jours.
    Moi j'ai arréter de fumer ... oui tu le savais plus ou moins mais j'avais repris pendant environ 1 mois, mais là ca fait 3 jours que je n'est pas touché à une cigarette , ouf !!! c'est dur, mais je n'ai pas le choix :)
    Figure toi que j'ai aussi commencé un régime !!! Ca, ca va ...
    Sur un autre sujet, je t'ai inscrite sur la liste de Babson.
    Je pense à toi tous les jours, tu me manques beaucoup :(
    Enfin j'espère que ca va pour toi, tu a l'air de t'embéter un peu ... Pense au Pérou, ca y est j'ai tout réservé. On va aller à Arequipa, Cusco,la valée sacrée, Machu Pichu, lac titicaca,et voilà !!!
    Je t'embrasse très très fort,
    ton papa

  3. georgina webster alpha 5

    P.s - just read you were killing it to "ignition" in your group. hahaha. In spanish? I hope so. Em xxxx

  4. For Azelle Egbe Zulu 4.
    Hi Zee,
    You've got to hear this. Pepe Reina got red-carded and sent off for head-butting someone at their match with the magpies. That was probably due to frustration as his team were losing 3-0. There ends my news flash!.
    Table booked at Gaucho for half six.
    We are looking forward to seeing you again in the next few days. I hope you are continuing to enjoy yourself out there in the jungle.
    Stay safe and God bless. Don't forget your GNJ.

    Lots and lots of love from Mum and Dad and Tommi

  5. Amanda Peterson Zulu1!
    Last time I Blog. I am going away (6/4 for a week with Leo. Dad is at home (arriving just on time) looking after the house and boys. Tom is arriving the same day we get back and so I will take him to the Airport. If there is anything you need email me when you are back to base. Sun is out for a few hours but we expect rain later today. Well needed as the Hose ban start tomorrow! Anne is going back tomorrow after being with Ma-Mo for 10 weeks and they are both ready to go back to normal. Take care, Pok Ma

  6. See you in 10 days EIKA!!!!



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