Friday, 6 April 2012

Zulu Group update

Unbelievably the end of Expedition 12B is just around the corner. Next Thursday will see the groups return to fieldbase for the final time... but before that here is a Easter round-up of all the goings on in Raleigh Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Zulu 1:
Currently steaming their way through Costa Rica, Zulu 1 have: trudged through the eastern jungles of Chirripo, travelled through indigenous territories (meeting the local Cabecar people), reached Hacienda Tiquirres - one of the highest points of Costa Rica (3000m) and are currently making their way to Cerro Bares (Bares Mountain) where they will be treated to one of the country's iconic vistas - a mountain-top view of the Pacific Ocean!

Zulu 2
Having made their way down from relatively high lands, walked along the Panamanian border and visited the breathtaking La Amistad National Park, Zulu 2 are entering the final stretch of their trek. Tomorrow, they enter the tropical milieu that is Corcovado National Park where they can expect to encounter anteaters, the four species of monkey and, if they're lucky, the mighty Puma. Already in high spirits, the group's mood has been lifted by the arrival of photographer Ale and accountant Holly for the final few days of the trek.

Zulu 3
Despite, previously claiming to be enduring the hardships of trek it appears that Zulu 3 are living in the lap of luxury! In addition to, enjoying the cooling effects of a rare thunderstorm (a very welcome respite from the heat of Nicaragua), the group has reported that last night they had a BATH!! In other news, Rob has joined the group (having been unable to participate from the start due to, a now healed, infected insect bite) on the ascent of Volcan Cerro Negro.

Zulu 4
(Scroll down for a full update from Zulu 4)

Zulu 5
Persistant rain hasn't stopped Zulu 5 from doing some 'storming' work on their path and gaining much kudos from the rangers in the process. The hoardes of tourists visiting Volcan Tenorio for Easter week will give the group a chance to witness the fruits of their labour as the visitors tramp up and down their path in search of the park's hidden gems. Tourist income helps pay the salaries  of the park rangers who maintain and protect the park so the groups work is rightly valued by all and sundry.

Zulu 6
Later today, Zulu 6 will be challenging the locals to a game of baseball - it may be Nicaragua's national sport but we here at field base have faith that the Achuapa group will do us proud! As it is Easter, the group have shut down operations and are learning about local Easter traditions (including eating a delicious fish supper tonight). In many parts of Nicaragua and Costa Rica the Easter week is religiously so most workers/industries/shops shut down for the period - akin to what happens in the UK at Christmas.

Zulu 7
...but completely contradicting what we've just said about Easter, Zulu 7 are CONTINUING work on their project. The group and the locals are so keen to get things finished that they have sacrificed themselves for the greater good. They will be painting a mural on the local pre-school building as well as putting the finishing touches onto one of the houses. To be fair, they did have Tuesday off in Esteli when they visited the Heroes and Martyrs Museum and the local cigar factory so they're not totally overdoing it on the work front.

That's all for now, but don't forget to stay tuned for more blog updates from the groups before the final send off blog in just over a week's time!


  1. Sharon Granville6 April 2012 at 14:56

    Maria Gerono Zulu 3
    Hi my darling! Good to get a little bit of news scant though it is. Hope the heat isn't too overwhelming. Keep those thighs burning girl! Going to see the boys tomorrow -Villa - really need a win. I'll give them a shout for you too. Love you loads Mum xxx

  2. For Diana Hindle Fisher Zulu 7

    hope you manage to get this in time and that you have an amazing day! we'll be celebrating for you as well but will be missing yaa!
    Hope you're having a great last few weeks and that the world is nearly saved! looking forward to hearing all about it and your plans for after!
    I've finally finished exams wooop woop. think i've contracted a two day hangover but off to cornwall this morning so hopefully that will sort me out! and then going to paris next weekend!
    anyhuu happy birthday, missing you lots
    lots of love iz xxxxxxx

  3. Mark wardle zulu6
    Happy Easter mark, hope your having a great time and that your building skills have improved. We also hope that your team won the baseball game and that you enjoyed your fish supper. It was very strange having our good Friday lunch with both you and Mary not being here. Your eggs are safe I won't let your sisters eat them lol. It won't be long before your home and we get to hear all about your amazing trip.
    Love you loads, see you soon
    Mum and dad xxxxx

  4. Alexandre Bello ZULU 3
    Lieve Alex, alles ok?
    Houden je voeten het nog uit?
    We hebben al meerdere berichten gestuurd ik hoop dat je ze allemaal krijgt, want we zien ze niet op de site.
    Hier is het lekker vakantie, Isa heeft haar PADI Seal gehaald dus die mag volgend jaar gewoon mee op de boot! We wilde onze advanced open water doen maar we vind het leuker om met zn drieen te doen.. De reefs hier zijn ook wat meer aangetast als bij Kanuhura.
    Nog een paar dagen en dan kom je gelukkig weer naar huis, geniet nog van die laatste dagen!!!!!
    Heel veel liefs van ons!! XXXX

  5. For Max Lilley Zulu 6; Happy Easter lots of love from Molly; I hope you are OK; Can't wait for you to be home and watch Dell Boy Maxi; love Dad x, Allright mate sounds fantastic wish I was there; love Tim: Happy Happy Easter Babba love Mum xxx (Sam would probably send a message but I think he might still be in The Vaynol (8a.m!) Alex due back from Dubail today: she's coming down to Abers later. Xxxxxxxxx

  6. zulu3 dara
    querida Dara
    te queriamos mandar un abrazo gigante, te mandamos un e-mail tambien. felicidades, que este bien y fuerza con la caminata.
    Un abrazo gigante ma pa y alec

  7. Message for Caroline Bolt on Zulu 6. Happy Easter, hope you had fun at the Nicaraguan World Series Baseball! Not long before you will be back at base camp and we can hopefully skype. Did the building work go well? Can you do the extension when you get back? David went to Adelaide for Easter weekend to see an old schoolfriend. Bring some sunshine back with you please. I have booked your flight to Glasgow for the weekend, leaving Thursday and back on Sunday. Speak to you soon , all our love, Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

  8. Rob Sutton-Mattocks Zulu 3: Finally managed to catch up with the blog (a few internet probs here in Italy) to discover that you have been suffering! I hope the insect bite is completely OK by now and that you are having a good time trekking with the others. Here the weather started off wonderfully - strappy tops and all, but it poured yesterday (Easter Sunday). Better today but chilly. Blandine is trying to organise your interview - maybe you got my email about it? If you can, get in touch with her before you set off back. I said I thought you could be pretty flexible once you had recovered from your journey back. We are setting off to drive back tomorrow, Tuesday, arriving back UK Wednesday late. I, at least, will have my mobile on! Really looking forward to seeing you. Much love Mum and Dad

  9. Caroline de Jongh9 April 2012 at 09:24

    For Tess de Jongh - Zulu 6
    Lieve Tess, we zijn benieuwd hoe jij Pasen hebt gevierd met de locals. Wij hebben twee dagen met familie doorgebracht en gegeten en ik heb je echt gemist! Je zou wel genoten hebben van alle van opstallen bij elkaar in de keuken met Brabantse grappen. Anna heeft een idols-wedstrijd gewonnen op school en gaat optreden in een grote zaal. Ze heeft voor ons Adele gezongen, supergoed! We hebben heerlijk gegeten. Vandaag paasbrunch met de Jongh familie - was ook gezellig bij ons thuis met lange tafel met veel lekkere dingen erop. Alle 5 kinderen van Karel, Ad, Marianne en JEroen met de twee schattige Kai en Mei-Li. Super leuk dat we al die kaarten van je hebben gekregen. Ik zal Noor ook de kaart geven. Deze kwam precies op tijd met PAsen. Heerlijk om van je te horen en te lezen dat je het zo naar je zin hebt. Kan weer niet wachten om je avonturen te horen. Tot gauw, liefs, mama!

  10. To Danielle Percival Zulu 2
    Hey Dan, can't believe your almost about to come home, you must be absolutely knackered by now. Hope the feet aren't too sore and the blister bandages we sent arrived in plenty of time! We have has a great Easter weekend and are really looking forward to seeing you at Heathrow very soon. Keep up the good work and see you soon. From your very proud family JMJ!

  11. To Danielle Percival Zulu 2
    Hey Dan, can't believe your almost about to come home, you must be absolutely knackered by now. Hope the feet aren't too sore and the blister bandages we sent arrived in plenty of time! We have had a great Easter weekend and are really looking forward to seeing you at Heathrow very soon. Keep up the good work and see you soon. From your very proud family JMJ!

  12. Chris Williams9 April 2012 at 15:54

    George Moody, Zulu 1

    Hey buddy met your parents in town and was asking about you, they you're having a wicked time and from what they told me it sounds awesome. Uni is an absolute joke... the prospect of exams/work is unbearable, looking forward to a summer of doing nothing! Will be good to see you when we get back, exams finish 15h of May, me and you will need a birthday gathering when you get back! Enjoy it! Chris :)

  13. Sam Horbye
    Happy Birthday. Just spent a great evening at yours - including the chocolate game! We missed not having you and Molly there. Wishing you a fab birthday. love The Christie-Millers x

  14. Christie-Miller10 April 2012 at 05:46

    Amelia Christie-Miller Zuly 6
    Your egg is safe - awaiting your arrival. Happy Easter. I see you've had some baseball community activity - I am sure you would be on the winning team with your expert ball skills! Had a great eve with the Horbyes - the choc game and more, you and Sam were greatly missed. Lochinge yesterday in the rain but managed to have a laugh - the Newbury gang in full force with all offspring. Emma on great form as were Emps, Bdns,etc. Saw Georgie who may go to Ed and might come up for the visit with us? So looking forward to chatting after Thursday. Big Hugs from us all.
    Mamma x


    Clam! Happy Birthday from everyone at home.... annoying you aren t here to celebrate! it would have been a good excuse to get away from my revision... anyways i hope you have a great day whatever you are doing?!
    Lots of love,
    Ben xx


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clam!! Hope you have a good day! Cant believe you've nearly finished. Let us know where you plan on visiting after Costa Rica.

    Lol Manfred Molg



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