Thursday, 14 June 2012

Advance team...ready! PM’s...ready! 3, 2, 1...GO!

 (apologies if you’re not old enough to remember the original clearly showing my age...)

Fieldbase is humming today with final preparations for the arrival of the Project Managers tomorrow – we’re all seriously excited! I say humming rather than loudly buzzing – that’s because we’ve sent 4 of the team to San Jose to do airport pick-ups and stay over in San Jose this evening, and those 4 just so happen to be the loudest!

Tomorrow is when the intensive Volunteer Manager training begins, so we’ve had to get ourselves seriously organised in the last week...

The Logistics team (Nick, Roeland, Katie, Amy, Becky and Krisztina) have prepared all the vehicles, counted and recounted stock, organised the bodega into a beautifully tidy and precisely arranged storage space (you could eat your dinner off those shelves), got all the food orders in (rest assured we’ll never, ever, ever run out of porridge as a lorry load arrived today, sorted all the maps and radios – and I’ve barely scraped the surface there of what’s been achieved this week so well done guys.

Emma the Medic have set up the medical room, sorted existing medical kits and ordered new stock, made up all the trek and static kits, carried out medical one-to-ones to check we’re all running like the well-oiled machines we are, and prepared the medical training for all the PMs including the health and hygiene briefing for everyone on expedition – very important!

Jen the accountant has been very busy with the books, with the all important trip to the bank, counting the cash, sorting out expenses, creating a new accounting system for the shop and putting together a cash flow plan, balancing the dollars and colones, meaning we always have the green to make the scene! 

Katie our Admin Assistant (a Medic who has returned for a second expedition) has been dealing with the rotas, managing the database, sorting post, setting up the shop, putting together all the project packs and Venturer allocations, making sure we’re in stationery and keeping our valuables safe and sound and under lock and key.

The two Photographers (Bjorn for the 10-week expedition and Dave on the 5-week expedition) have been putting together a plan for all the shots we need to get on exped, and also capturing some of the best moments of this week for a slide show we’re having tonight! (I believe this entails a short video of me jacking up the Landie for a considerable amount of time, so I am not looking forward to this ritual humiliation...)

Keiner has been managing the whole HCV programme, organising all their inductions, and putting together the project packs (as well as teaching us all how to sound really cool in Spanish!). And Andy's been helping us all out with anything we end up screaming for before his fellow PM's arrive tomorrow.

Finally, I believe Ross and Pedro have been doing some stuff too! As well as whipping all of us into shape, they have been busy putting together the projects and basically finalising the master plan – all will be revealed!

As for me, well you’ve seen some of what I’ve been up to – I’ve also been planning the magazine and the merchandise and basically putting together a whole comms plan for the expedition, so we can keep you all up to speed with what’s going on and make sure you all have some brilliant mementos to keep afterwards.

If the first week’s anything to go by, I reckon it’s going to be an expedition for us all to remember for the rest of our lives.

Roll on tomorrow!

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