Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Alpha and Delta Groups Are Go!

The Project Groups and PM Project Allocations for Phase 1 have been revealed! A drumroll echoed around the terrace at Fieldbase as the groups were announced, everyone thrilled with their allocation.

Some have already trotted off to their projects to conduct a planning visit to ensure everything’s in place for when the Venturers arrive, and some are leaving tomorrow. Fieldbase will be quiet for those left behind, for a few days at least - am sure they'll be grateful for the peace and quiet!

Raleigh 12G/H - the Fieldbase and PM team!
Alpha group projects will be running from 4th – 23rd July and Delta Group projects from 3rd to 21st July.

Alpha 1 –The Coast to Coast Trek (Adventure)
PMs – Carlton and Mau
This is an amazing, all terrain trek that crosses the entire country of Costa Rica from Caribbean to Pacific Coast, starting close to the port of Limon, and ending at the beautiful Playa Palo Seco – which I’m sure will be a sight for sore eyes (or feet)!

Alpha 2 – Miratombo Trek (Adventure)
PMs – Franz, Jason and Emma F
This relatively new trek starts in the Miraflor reserve and covers multiple terrains such as Estanzuela waterfall and wildlife reserve, remote rural communities, the Momatombo volcano, Volcan Hoyo and Cerro Negro before finishing in the crystal waters of the Asososca crater lake. It will be an amazing experience for any VM and Venturer lucky enough to get this project.

Alpha 3 – Volcan Tenorio (Environmental)
PMs – Amy and Neil with Leanne joining as PM for week 1
Volcan Tenorio is one of the most biodiverse national parks in the country which is popular with tourists. The project intends to draw in even more tourism to the area by helping to build staircases down to the Rio Celeste Waterfall and to repair the access trail. The Rio Celeste was voted the world’s best waterfall in 2011 – a truly stunning setting for a brilliant project!

Alpha 4 – San Lucas (Environmental)
PMs – Lottie and Sonal
San Lucas is one of Costa Rica’s newest wildlife reserves on an island that 20 years ago housed a famous Alcatraz-style prison. The VMs and Venturers will arrive on a boat and then work to clear the trail system on the island, help with the renovations of the buildings & repair the island infrastructure. A beautiful setting and a very exciting project that’s brand new to Raleigh!

Alpha 5 – Achuapa – El Pajarito (Community)
PMs – Andy, Emma S and Stephanie
El Pajarito is a small community near to Achuapa in Northern Nicaragua, and the community is often without access to clean, safe water. The main purpose of this project is to build a gravity water feed system, and the  VMs and Venturers will be staying with families in the area, enjoying breakfasts of gallo pinto and drinking lots of coffee!

Alpha 6 – Miraflor - Las Lagunetas (Community)
PMs – Istvan, Ed and Carina
On this project, the PMs and Venturers will be building a preschool in the community of Las Lagunetas found at the centre of the Miraflor wildlife reserve. There is currently no pre-school in the area and the children are unable to receive a pre-school education so this project will improve th lives of many generations to come. Great stuff.

Delta 1 and Delta 2 – Carara / Playa Hermosa (Environmental)
PMs – Tom and Louise, Fran and Rebecca
Delta 1 and 2 are both splitting their time on the Phase between the Carara project and the Playa Hermosa project so they get to see the best of two worlds in one Phase!
Carara is one of the most biodiverse national parks in the country with a high number of tourists visiting each year. The park authorities have asked Raleigh to build a new access trail to the Lago Meandrico to increase tourism even further and benefit the area as a whole.
Playa Hermosa is a stunning beach in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica, famous for its turtles which lay their eggs here each year. The group will be preparing nurseries for the turtles, helping monitor the turtles and planting trees to restore the biodiversity of the area.

Delta 3 – Chirripo – Duchari (Community)
PMs – Silvia, Lucy and Christina G
This is a fantastic schools project for the indigenous people of Duchari in Chirripo, a very remote area which sits on the Caribbean slope of the Talamanca mountain range, home to around 4,000 Cabecar indigenous people. The primary school there requires a new classroom and the volunteers will help build this, benefitting many generations to come!

Delta 4 – Chirripo – Tamiju (Community)
PMs – Adri, Martin and Ly Anh
Not far from Duchari is Tamiju, and a very similar school project will be undertaken there, and like Duchari, all the volunteers will be staying with local families who are benefitting from the project, fully immersing themselves into the indigenous way of life.

Good luck on the planning visits guys (oh yeah, that includes me!) – we’ll fill you in when we’re back!


  1. Hi Lottie!
    I hope you're enjoying yourself so far... I hope you have as much fun in Costa Rica and Nicaragua as we did in Borneo 11D! I was looking through some of the pictures of our Trek/Dive phase the other day! Such incredible memories :) You were born to lead and your big heart will carry you far.
    I miss you
    Mel H x x x

  2. Well done Andy (Youl) PM on Alpha 5.
    You got the project you wanted !!
    Congrats Becs, you passed the Land Rover test !

    Much love to you both.
    Go to it Alpha 5. Make us all proud back in the UK

  3. Christina G. and the rest
    Good luck on your mission.You will have a lot to tell us when you come back. Love Aliki

  4. Costa Rica I think in Delta 1 or 2 group.

    Hi Maddie,
    Hope all is well with you, we are all missing you and send our love and best wishes. Are you working hard and enjoying every minute of your trip?
    Love from Nana and Granddad xx Friday 13th July.



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