Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bienvenidos Venturers!

They're here!!!!

At 7.30am this morning a bus full of backpacks, suitcases and 10 weeks' worth of belongings pulled up outside Fieldbase, and as we were busy unpacking, 6 huge buses full of their owners, A.K.A. our intrepid (ad)Venturers arrived! The drums came out again to wake them from any slumber they had managed to get on their transit from San Jose and we gave them a fitting welcoming ceremony - we're so excited to finally have them all here!

And (I know the parents and guardians out there will want to know this!), they are all very well and have been VERY well fed on gallo pinto, plantain and have now been assigned into their hotels and resorts (some ironically named tents) where they will be staying while they're here at Fieldbase.

A day of training and admin to come now, and we'll give you an update on this and some photos on as soon as I get my photographers back from taking all their I.D. pictures!

Please feel free to leave comments for all, and please state who the message is for - they will be passed on as soon as we get a free moment - a very busy day to come!

Pura Vida y Deaca!

Raleigh Expedition 12G and 12H are go!


  1. Message For Suzzanah Kidd - Hey Robin! Great to hear you have arrived! Now begins 10 weeks of everything you have been looking forward to since my presentation. Hope you have an amazing first few weeks and I will be blogging loads! PURA VIDA y DeAcachimba! From James H :) (P.S Say Hi to Ross and Pedro for me) xxx

  2. Personal message for Claudia Craig 12H

    Hey sweet girl! Hope you are managing to keep the excitement under control and finding something to eat. Fantastic news about your scholarship - for the duration of your course - AMAZING. We'll not tell your friends so you can do that yourself. (how will I manage?)
    We are all fine. Dad is polishing his kit for his big performance and we're looking forward to it.
    We love you very much and are VERY proud of you. There must be some good spanish words to describe that but I don't know them. We'll be searching every photo for you.
    Loads of hugs and kisses,

  3. For Joseph Druce
    Hope the journey out went well. Have a wonderful time and make every minute count! I am looking at all the photos/blogs to see if I can see you. I'm sure the weather there is better than here - it is showery every day - but hey, Murray won last night against Bagdattis! Love, Granny

  4. Message for Emmeline Brown 12H
    Great to hear you've arrived safely. Looking forward to seeing some photos of you on the blog. We're now in Takayama,- visiting markets and sampling sushi and sake.
    Love, Anne & Phil xxx

  5. This message is for Cas Wright
    Great to hear you have arrived safely. I am sure you will have an amazing time. It looks great. Look at me using a blog!!

    Lots of Love
    Mum XXXXXX

  6. Hi Lou Gibney,
    I hope the venturers are behaving under your reign, just to let you know, ciaran got his message loud and clear!
    The empanadas look top, bit different to the roast I have cooking this evening!
    Sarah G

  7. Seonaid Parnell1 July 2012 at 09:11

    For Greg Parnell
    Hi Greg - hope you are already enjoying this wonderful experience.Fantastic to have this blog to look at what you are all doing. Wishing everyone a great time.
    Loads of Love Mum,Dad, Robs and Holly

  8. Para: Luis Andres Mora Muñoz 12G alpha 3
    De:Paola Montero

    Hola amor,espero se encuentre bien y estés disfrutando mucho.. Le deseo lo mejor disfruta y póngale bastante aprovecha la oportunidad y este tranquilo que por acá todo va muy bien Gracias a Dios te extraño mucho :( así que aprovecha esa experiencia nueva y que deje muy buenos frutos (: aquí te estaré esperando con ansias bendiciones a todos por aya.



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