Saturday, 30 June 2012

First Pictures of V Day...

Fieldbase is buzzing...
They have!
Their 'hotels' await...
Picking up a few pointers...
Splatches and her new pals


  1. This message is for Tarlaan Mohammadi 12H

    Hi my love. Hope you are having lots of fun with your new friends. I am sure you will have a great time and priceless experience in such a beautiful country. I miss you so much. Spoke to Baba and he sends his love. So does Ardy. My thoughts are with you every second of the day.

    DO GOOD and have fun on the way.

    Please thank all the VMs and all the organisers on my behalf. VERY IMPRESSED.

    Pura Vida!

    Love you lots and lots. Can not wait to see some of your pictures.

  2. Simon Allan - CONGRATS ON MAKING IT THERE IN ONE PIECE. (not that I doubted it for a second). I like how I logged on to spy on the expedition and the first photo I see is of your back. Hope your español is already being put to good use and that the sun is shining, have an AMAZING few days living in the luxury of fieldbase before going on phase one! Much love, Claire xxx (also, find Lottie and say hello to her!)

  3. Rebecca Miller 12H
    We are glad to see that you arrived safely (although probably a bit tired). We were excited to see you in the photo. Rache says you're rockin' that BUFF. Have fun, do good work, and we will be thinking of you and your adventure. Much love, Dad, Mom, Mike, Rachel, and Roselin and the dog, Lucy

  4. Craig Thomas, I still can't believe you are in Costa Rica! What an experience! Look after yourself, we miss you millions love from Mum, Adam, Soph and Beth xxx

  5. This message is for Nicole Izurieta
    I am glad to see that you arrived safely. I hope you are not too tired. I am sure you will have an amazing time. It was nice to see your photo.
    I will be thinking of you.

    Lots of love

    perdón que no pudiera visitarlo en fb... de verdad no pude :(
    igual le mando un abrazote y cuidese mucho!!
    tango echo
    quebec uniform india echo roma oscar
    mike uniform charlie hotel oscar!!!!

  7. This message is for Tarlaan Mohammadi 12H

    Hi Tarlaany, hope all is well. We have missed you so much. All in Iran send their love. Have fun and make a difference. Boos Baba xxxx

  8. For Christina Gr. from 'Andrea
    geia sou!Mas leipeis para poli k na mi me jexaseis pote!.Na exeis panta ugeia k xara!!!

    Me agapi i Andrea!xxx

  9. Sylvia Spensley1 July 2012 at 03:08

    Message for Alex Spensley.

    Hi Al, glad to hear that you got there OK. We are all thinking of you and everyone is asking after you. Enjoy every minute!

    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses.

    Mum & Dad xxxxx

  10. Message for Emmeline Brown 12H
    Hi Emmeline,
    Great that you arrived safely. We are missing you.
    We're enjoying our stay in Takayama sampling sushi and saki. Looking forward to seeing a photo of you on the blog.
    Love Anne & Phil

  11. Christina King1 July 2012 at 07:55

    TO Louis king
    Hi Louis we are all really looking forward to hearing your news, what projects you will be on ect. We will all keep an eye out on the blog just incase you get caught by the camera!.
    The Blog looks great we are all very excited for you. Lots of love mum, dad, Lucia, porridge and little one.

  12. Message for Cristina Webster (12H)

    Hola Cristina
    Espero vaya todo bien. Seguro que lo harás bien y estarás orgullosa de lo que consigues con tus compañeros.
    Por aquí sin novedades. Alex volvió a casa hoy y está de buen humor. Vero se estará mudadndo de casa hoy pero no responde a mis whatsapp.
    alex y yo vamos a ver el partido dentro de un rato.



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