Thursday, 28 June 2012

Getting Ready to Host the Hosts...

Keiner, our Costa Rican HCV Programme Manager, has been working very hard over the past few months managing the HCV programme and gathering up an excited group of Host Country Venturers for Expedition 12G/H! There will be 14 Costa Rican Venturers and 6 Nicaraguan Venturers arriving tomorrow, which all us VMs are incessantly busy preparing for, making the place ship shape for our Tico and Nica friends. They’ve been through a lot of their inductions already and are arriving a day early from the other Venturers to get settled in and allow us VMs to practice our Spanish and learn a bit about local ways.

Our Keiner, HCV Programme Manager
Today at Fieldbase we’ve had our final sessions on sustainable development and now officially finished our VM training! Tomorrow we have a last Q&A session to make sure we can speak fully with confidence to the Venturers when they arrive about constructing a basha village and using different tools, erecting tents and operating tricky trangias. Just shows how much we’ve picked up in the last few weeks – it’s flown quicker than Concorde after 2 double espressos... 

We’re all fully geared up for what’s going to be an amazing, life-changing expedition for one and all. Can’t blimmin’ wait (and we don’t really have to!).

Pura Vida!
Leanne and Mau

Antes de la llegada…

Keiner, nuestro coordinador para los HCV’s ha estado trabajando muy duro durante los últimos meses organizando y coordinando la convocatoria de los HCV’s que estarán con nosotros en la expedición 12G/H! A partir de mañana estarán con nosotros 14 participantes de Costa Rica y 6 de Nicaragua, esta noticia nos tiene a los VM’s emocionados y con mucho trabajo por hacer para tener la mejor bienvenida a nuestros amigos Ticos y Nicas. Ellos han pasado ya, por una serie de preparaciones y capacitaciones que los han preparado para su llegada un día antes del resto de “venturers”, con el objetivo de conocer a los VM’s acá en FieldBase, pasar un rato excelente juntos y poder practicar nuestro español con ellos antes de la llegada del resto de la expedición.

Hoy en FieldBase tuvimos nuestras sesiones finales de desarrollo sostenible y ahora oficialmente hemos terminado nuestra preparación como VM’s. Mañana tendremos nuestra sesión final de preguntas y respuestas para estar completamente preparados y confiados para explicar a los “venturers” todo lo relacionado a la construcción de las “basha Village”, uso de herramientas, levantamiento de tiendas y manipulación de “trangias” 

En fin, estamos completamente preparados y a la expectativa de lo que pasara en esta increíble expedición que esta pronta a comenzar, estamos seguros que será una experiencia que recordaremos de por vida. 

Pura Vida!
Mau y Leanne


  1. Ciao Keiner! Well done for all your hard work! Big hugs from London MC

  2. Hello there - this is a message for Sonal Amin please (it's her bday tomorrow, 30 June)

    Happy Happy Birthday Smeags! I'd love to know how you are celebrating on your prison island?! We will all be sure to raise a glass of fizz to you tomorrow (oops - not sure that you're allowed fizz in remotes'ville, ah well - I'll have an extra for you!). We love you and miss you hugely, and remain green with envy. Big big love and snogs, Lucy & Chrizzle Kicks XXXXX

  3. Note for Louise Gibney

    Good to hear you are all ready for the teams to arrive?! Thanks for the anniversary card, very organised. Hope the travelling is getting less 'stressful'.
    Good luck and enjoy. Sounds brilliant.
    Love Mum&Dad xxx

  4. Sofí, Tuz, Adrián, Silvia, Richard, los Robertos, Mache, Neto, Rocío, Andrés, Carla, Merino

    Tic@s eleven anclas, alcen vuelo, caminen juntos, 12GyH buen viaje,


  5. Message for Claudia Craig on 12H

    Hope you arrived safely and managed to get some sleep! It sounds like you'll be having fun and we are all jealous that it looks sunny out there as it's still very damp here in Fife. We love you lots and miss you already - I am now being subjected to a lot of sport - but I have the dufa! Big hugs and kisses Mum xxxxx



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