Saturday, 16 June 2012

Health and Safety - it's the skit!

Day Two of intensive VM training, and this morning Ross and Pedro had the unenviable task of trying to jazz up our Health and Safety training – resulting in the first skits of the expedition so far (cue a few groans from those who’d been on previous expeditions and/or already been put through their acting paces during the assessment weekends...)

For those who don’t know, a Raleigh ‘skit’ is where we present a certain subject through the medium of dance, song, acting, dressing up and generally plunging oneself head first into shame. The general rule with these is that it’s actually cool to be as uncool as possible! A tentative approach is not advised – the best tactic is to grin and bear it, don a wig and gesticulate with zeal and Stephanie here...

The Staffroom dressing up box came out (obviously) while we ‘expressed’ certain subjects as ‘Wildlife’ (resulting in Adri, one of our Costa Rican PMs wearing a two tone slinky ballgown and mask while masquerading as a snake), Transport (featuring a bus made from a bench with pan lid wheels), and Safety on Project (with a backing track of ‘YMCA’, obvs)...

We’re looking forward to many more skits during induction and on expedition – especially being able to tell the Venturers it’s their turn to act up – while we watch in amusement!

 Keep an eye out for some videos turning up on here - no-one can escape, mwah ha ha ha ha...
*evil cackle*

(And unfortunately, I think that also means us VMs...)


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