Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jungle is Massive...

The rucksacks are packed. The clothes we’ll be in for 3 days are donned. The sneaky chocolate bars are stuffed in pockets. 

Off we go to Jungle Camp. Three days of intense practical training on survival in the jungle, risk assessment, constructing basha hammocks and sleeping in very close proximity to 3 people who haven’t washed for a couple of days.

For the reasons stated above, and more besides, it’s gonna be tough. The 5 groups - Whisky 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - are all nervously but excitedly anticipating all the challenges that face us, and looking forward to some team bonding around the campfire (or at least the trangia), and learning some hard(core) skills to pay the bills, like Bear Grylls.

Trangias, tents, treks and teambuilding...bring it on!


  1. Good luck in the jungle sis. Sounds like a true adventure. Loving the blog.
    Love Geoff

  2. A message for Sonal Amin:

    Glad you got there ok, Son! Have subscribed to blog updates so I can see your EVERY move, he he....lookin' gooood! Hope you are having a great time so far - miss you loads as we trudge on in the cold rain here in London. Booking flights this week though - YES.
    Big hugs, Ali xxx

  3. I wish you all a lot of fun out there. I hope you don't have too much rain, and see some beautiful animals (not creepy crawlers but beautiful birds).



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