Thursday, 28 June 2012


We played a new game last night which we soon discovered will be an AWESOME way to spend free time out on Project - Mafia - a 'murder mystery' game played with cards. Unfortunately, our professor Pedro got rather frustrated when, despite his best efforts, the majority of the group failed to master the rules and a shambolic 'game' ensued!
We soon got to grips with it though and are looking forward to playing it with the Venturers!

20 HCV Venturers arrive with us at Fieldbase tomorrow and the rest on Saturday - bring it on!


  1. Best of luck on expedition to everyone, especially the Bermudians! Long live bonfires (and mafia...)

    Kristin and Ashley
    Raleigh Bermuda

    Shouting out to Jason (PM! burmp burmp) and, landing in 2 hours: Cole, Che, Trae, Juliana, Zichari, Ysavier, Tashanae and Jawonday!

  2. Silvia Muñoz, 12H....silvia necesitamos que se comunique a la casa lo mas pronto posible por favor... Ma Elena MG

  3. to: Carlita Porras Vargas...

    "Carlita ya te extraño!! :D ojala lo estes pasando bien ;) disfrutalo muchoo :)"


  4. Katherine Peraza2 July 2012 at 12:48

    Carla Porras Vargas, 12H ............ Exitos amiga.... te deseo lo mejor, espero que disfrutes y que puedas colaborar bastante en todo :-) .... Apenas puedas escribame un correo con su carne y contraseña para la matricula, por que no me mando mada.....



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