Friday, 29 June 2012

Pura Vida Mae! The HCVs arrive...

At approximately 12.40pm this afternoon, 20 eager Venturers from Costa Rica and Nicaragua approached Fieldbase to a massive welcome of whoops and cheers from the VMs...which were quickly beaten by even louder, whoops and cheers from the aforementioned Ticos and Nicas! Led by Keiner, the lively group introduced us to some of the songs and dances they have been putting together during induction (to the beat of Josué's drum) and made us feel more than a little underprepared!

We soon had the opportunity to show off some of our own dance moves though as Keiner introduced us one by one into the middle of a human circle to perform our own 'signature shapes' - as you can see from these pics we hadn't had much time to put them together...

Keiner then helped the groups to settle in with a tour of Fieldbase and some games while we polished up our Spanish to continue our 'Spanish only day' - the pinnacle of which was a 'Can't Cook, Won't Cook' competition to rustle up empanadas and gallo pinto! Everyone was quite literally 'cooking on gas' as Araceli (our amazing FB cook) showed us how to make these local delicacies and then we all split into 6 teams, each with a mixture of VMs and HCVs.

Competition was hotting up as time went on, especially over the 'creativity' section - leaves and flowers were plucked from the garden to jazz up the empanadas - there were even a few pyrotechnics added in for good measure (in the form of birthday cake candles)!

After deliberating, cogitating and digesting (with only a little bit of wincing), los jueces (the judges) Eli, Keiner and Istvan named the winners, who received a bar of chocolate each - to sit nicely on top of the empanadas and copious amouints of gallo pinto served at dinner!

So a fantastic day at Fieldbase courtesy of our latest additions to the expedition team - here's to the arrival of 120 more tomorrow!

¡Pura Vida!


  1. Louise Gibney

    Hi Lou
    Just thought I'd wish you well before you disappear into the jungle, (I'm off to Singapore tomorrow but they have email there too!).How's the Spanish going, have you got past Hola yet?
    Trying to think of something emmbarassing for you.
    Look after yourself and the babies.
    dad xx

  2. To Louise Gibney......I hope you are showing of your Zumba dance moves!, also did you rustle up any of your deep fried brussel sprouts for the cant cook wont cook competition?.......maybe not lol,
    Love you miss you Ciarán x

  3. To Sonal Amin ----- Happy happy happy birthday my love. Back in London 2 days and I'm missing you already. Hope you're having a lovely day, we're toasting you. Go Helly, Tansy & Andrew x

  4. To Brandon Burns - Hope you had a good flight! Missing ur annoying ways already! lol. Completely out the house now, just waiting on a date for the new place, Jordan helped yesterday and today at Mums we are all missing u and we all send our love

    lots of love
    Mum xxx

  5. Josue Tuz-HCVs

    Leyendo el articulo me encuentro con tu nombre y dice: "dances to the beat of Josue's drum" =) =). De verdad q solo vos, me imagino las payadas porque si son las mismas que haces aca, deberas d estar haciendo reir a mas d uno. Enseñandoles a bailar cumbia, ja!! Con la foto q han puesto sin duda que estas en todas y me alegra. Te extraño mucho, pero aqui viviendo cada momento tal cual me dijiste solo espero que cada dia culminado para vos, la hayas pasado rebien.

    Pensando en vos, te quiero un leñazo =)!!!
    Pura vida!!

  6. For Christina Gr
    Agapimeni mou koumeraaaa! I kardia mas ine mazi sou (sas) Polla filia xxxx

  7. To Emma Smyth(Mami)
    Hope you are enjoying the new company... We all miss you here but good to find this blog..All the best!
    Varun & Vani

  8. To Daniel Cherrie,
    Hope you are having a great time and learning spanish!
    Keep Safe and Enjoy.
    vicki, bill,dan and sam and rest of family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. To James Morrison
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and enjoy yourself.
    love from the Sheppards

  10. Para: Lic. Ing. Mauricio Otarola "apenas bueno"... di, humildito el mensajito... era para mandarle una chicky con cafe electronica para que le scotty pippen la mayorga... que le westing house a lo michael jackson... y di, nos vemos a la vuelta de la cuajada... adios!




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Pura Vida!