Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Top Gear Challenge

And so, Raleigh Driving School continues. We’ve had 3 passes – well done to Roeland, Katie and Nick who are now fully qualified to drive a 4x4. Woop!

The rest of us are still in training, and in the last couple of days this has entailed towing another vehicle, loading a roof rack and preparing for and taking a road trip – which took place this morning to Volcan Irazu.

Beginning with a 5am start (this is supposed to be our day off!) we met at the office, checked all the vehicles (not a small job to check all the tyres, functions and levels) and then set off up into the mountains in convoy with Bravo 1, 2 and 3.

Bravo 1 (or Betty as her travel companions dubbed her) is our oldest but most loved Landie – an old faithful, she doesn’t quite purr like a dream and she whiffs a bit but she’s a battleaxe, and deserves respect. This was my carriage, with Roeland driving and Emma and Bjorn joining me in singing along to ‘Roxanne’ by The Police at full volume as we meandered up the steep, misty, winding roads to the summit. And what a sight when we got there! Turquoise blue waters, lush vegetation and the sighting of a coatimundi warmed our cockles while the cold wind blew and our bodies adapted to cope with the oxygen levels at 3,432 metres.

our new friend the coatimundi

After a jumping photo opportunity, followed by a brew at altitude, we headed back down for the road trip back, taking a slightly off-map route but still making it in great time! So here we all are, back safe and sound, all knowing a little bit more about driving in Costa Rica, map reading, 4x4s and volcanoes.

All well worth the 5am start!


  1. To Emma Smyth

    This blog is awesome. Great photos. Big up the blog team!
    Me and tim are back from down south and chilling with da Vito and the Bushter. Calvin passed! Ireland playing Spain tonight - the pressure is on!
    Hasta luego
    Rambo xx

  2. 12G/H-For Carlton D'Souza & all the team
    Have a great trip and adventure. Photos and info. great to read/see.
    will help to improve my spanish as well as keep me entertained!!



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