Tuesday, 24 July 2012

12G Alpha Groups Phase 1 Slideshow!

And now the Alphas. What an awesome phase, reflected in these pictures.

They're all getting ready for the off to their next projects tomorrow, I'll announce where they're going in the morning.

See you in 4 hours...

Goodnight Phase 1!


  1. Para Josué Tuz, Alpha 1: eso Tuuuuzzzzz!!!!! Puede rajar de que cruzó el país!!!! Éxito!!!! Quítate esa gorrilla que andas que te ves + polo! Te extrañamos montones y siempre que salimos te arremedamos o decimos "si Tuz estuviera aquí estaría diciendo esto o haciendo aquello...". Tqmmmm!!!! Que Dios cumpla su propósito en ti :) NOE*

  2. Message for Alice Brawley, Delta 3
    Hi Alice, just saw new photos of you and the school completed. Well done, fantastic job! Only a week to go now - I don't know if you are looking forward to coming home or sad at the prospect of leaving your new friends.
    All is well here. I spent 3 days in Newquay with your Mum, Duncan and your granny & grandpa. Fantastic weather! Went body boarding and even got your mum to put on a wetsuit and have a go. Your mum & Duncan are now at Womad with Dawn.
    Keep safe - we are all looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
    Love, Dad.

  3. Message for Lizzie Samuel-Bryan, Alpha 1.

    Hi Lizzie! Just seen all the photos of you trekking across Costa Rica - WELL DONE!!! We're proud of you :) Good luck for the rest of your time there, looks like you're having loads of fun! Miss you lots!

    Love from Sarah, Laura, Alice and Nikki xxx



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