Wednesday, 25 July 2012

12G Phase 2 Begins!

At 3.30am this morning, the peace and quiet of the post-Superheroes-party slumber was quite tremendously broken by everyones' alarms going off to signal the start of Phase 2!

Half an hour later and the bleary-eyed but excited Romeos were up and ready to start packing up the buses for the off.

Here are the Phase 2 allocations...

Romeo 1 - The Coast to Coast Trek (Adventure):
Isabel Adriana Matamores Torres, Richard Chavarria Varela, Sean McGarry, Ta-Shanae Pitcher-Trott, Tyler Otite, Raymond Mak, Ysavier Darrell, Cat Mills, Nicole Izurieta, Ramandeep Bassi and Simon Allan.

Romeo 2 - Miratombo Trek (Adventure):
Grant Harrison, Sarah E O'Mahony, Christian Raimondo, Chung Wing Yuen, Cole Durham, Gema Valdivia, Matthew McKenzie, Moy McKale, Tomas Bassi, Sofia Quiros Otarola, Luis King, William Milne.

Romeo 3 - Carara, swapping to Playa Hermosa in the second half (Environmental):
Alannah Howie, Chi Ho Mak, Juliana Franco, Reuben McGowan, Thomas Wright, Adam Farley, Elizabeth Samuel-Bryan, Emanuele Pini, Catherine Inch, Craig Thomas, Ruari Thomson, Jessie Li.

Romeo 4 - Playa Hermosa, swapping to Carara in the second half (Environmental):
Teydi Mariem Garcia Ampie, Che Durham, Christopher Hempseed, Laura Lynas, Mayerling Pienda Motenegro, Robin Mackintosh, Ben Woodhouse, Caitlin McGlynn, Lu Ying Yap, tray Legay Cannonier, Michele Calliari.

Romeo 5 - El Pajarito - Gravity Water Feed System (Community)
Saskia Profitt, Leyla Hernandez, Alexander Goodchild, Daniel Cherrie, Elizabeth German, Greg Parnell, Rebecca Atkinson, Tom Harrison, Soheba Mughal, Jed Pattie, Georgia Rattigan, Jawonday Smith, Josue David Tuz Villalobos, Corlo Davide Marescotti, Craig Henry.

Romeo 6 - Miraflor - School Build (Community)
Kat Twigg, Arun Sharma, Ivan Coueslant, Jack Stone, Luis Andres Mora Munoz, Michelle Ka Wai Wong, Suzzanah Kidd, Zichari Young, Oskar Plapperer-Luthgarth, Henry Seal, Sophie Scholl, Thomas Breakwell, Wiliam Pavon Espinoza, Richard Voaden, Sonia Taylor.

Good luck guys, can't wait to hear how you get on.

Fieldbase road trips yet to be announced, we'll keep you posted!


  1. Bob & Marion Grindrod25 July 2012 at 15:26

    Good luck to everyone and especially Sonia and Romeo 6, but where are they going? The destination got missed off the blog!

  2. Message for Claudia Craig Zulu 2 25.07.12
    Dear old thing, I am pretty sure you are feeling fairly creaky at this point and that the adventure phase has been pretty tough. I am thinking of you all the time and willing you on towards a warm Costa Rican beach where Janetta's ice cream awaits (maybe pushing it a bit there - might have to wait til you're home?). I hope that you are still smiling (and singing?) and that you have not been eaten by a giant slug, fallen down a crevasse or walked into a lamp post.
    Things are fine here. Your D is in G tonight and the dog and I are home alone, so a good long walk after work and then an evening snoozing gently in front of the telly (we know how to party here!)
    Book Club tomorrow night - no-one has read the book yet but we are having it anyway because it's nice to catch up with everyone (and drink wine). Lynn M and Allison N have been on their hols, one family to Canada and the other to Devon. Shonagh is off to Greece next week, and Alison is going to Poland - to a chalet that I think we might think about going to sometime - you can count the trees - all five of them - in your immaculate Polish!
    A will be back on Friday and I have a cookathon tomorrow as I'll be at work Fri/Sat. Mince n tatties, curry, and rhubarb crumble possibly - only not all in the same dish. Better do some cleaning too I suppose. Your D will be scared to come home!
    Not much else going on for the mo - weather is a bit better. Everyone in the shop was complaining about the heat today, honestly it's the first warm day in ages!
    I saw the roundup of the Delta groups today before I went to work. Wow you should all be SO proud of yourselves. Your D came upstairs and found me smiling and snivelling proudly in front of the computer.
    Loads of love, big hugs and kisses, Mum xxxxxx

  3. Message for Rebecca Atkinson Romeo 5

    Hey Becca

    Thought id give you a message as missing you! Seen the pictures that have been put up of the prison! I see you are still dodging most of the pictures Rebecca Atkinson!! Looks like your having an amazing time, proud of you! Make the most of it babes its going so quick!!

    Hope your tan is coming along nicely! Its quite sunny here atm me and Hollie were going to work on our tan but chose a nandos instead!!

    Not missing much here, all the same except for me being on crutches haha you would of loved the trip to a n e!!

    Will write again soon, try and give us a text when your next back from were you are now!!

    Love you millions and miss you lots, Love Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. For Simon Allan, Romeo 1:

    Hi Simon!! Claire told us this blog was here, great to see what you've been up to. It looks absolutely amazing, can't believe all the stuff you've been doing. I'm so jealous!! Hope you're still enjoying all the rice and beans and haven't got too sick of it yet. Have you tried the platanos crisps? Literally the best thing ever, I would ask you to bring some back but when we tried it they got taken off us at customs! I hope you've been taking tons of pictures, can't wait to see them and hear all about it when you get back :)
    Life in England is pretty dull in comparison I'm sure, although the Olympics start today which is pretty exciting. We all met up for Claire and Ben's birthday in London a few weeks ago and it was great to see everyone. You're back mid-August if I remember right, we should all do something when you get back. I went to Helen's for dinner last night too, she's off to Lagos soon but is already ridiculously tanned just from her back garden! Spoke to Sophie the other day as well, she's having a fab time in South America. The economics class list finallyyy came out this week too. I don't know if you want to find out, and you're probably having too much fun to care, but you got a 2.1, well done!!!! We've all been sending emails asking for college children as well, Kate's done the one for you two, but they wanted pictures and she had a lot of very funny ones to choose from... not sure which she went for in the end but I'm hoping it was one from the last night when you had that moustache drawn on!
    Good luck for your coast-to-coast trek, and I'm loving the headband. Pura vida :)
    Love from Rosie xxx

  5. Louise McKenzie27 July 2012 at 13:05

    For Matt McKenzie, Romeo 2

    Hi darling - I didn't sleep much last night wondering about where you'd spend your first night on the adventure phase. I'm sure it will be a great experience for you but as a mom it's my job to worry a little!

    Caitlin gets back from her mission trip this afternoon - she will be full of news and hopefully won't have a kitten in her backpack. The home they were helping to rebuild had kittens and she was particularly smitten with one she called Smokey!

    Dad is unbearable right now :) he is trying to get every gadget - TV, iPad, computer etc. - hooked up so he can watch the Olympics opening ceremonies in real time. Coverage here in the US doesn't start until 7.30 this evening, three and a half hours after the live event begins. You can imagine, I'm sure.....

    We've loved seeing all the pics from San Lucas - only hope your new team is a little quicker getting updates onto the blog! We checked every day but it was well into the third week before we had news. Take lots of photos, and try to get in front of the camera more. I know you're not vain, but we love to see your smiling face on the blog.

    I'll stop now or I'll have nothing to write in my next letter. Hope you're safe and well. We love you and miss you.

    Mum xxxxx

  6. Christopher Arias27 July 2012 at 17:59

    Para Sofia Quiros Otarola, 12G, Romeo 2

    Sofi,Miratombo? suena bien, espero que la pases super bien, Pucca te manda saludos, esta super grande. Te quiero mucho
    Nalguitas frias

  7. Louise McKenzie29 July 2012 at 02:31

    Hey there, it's mom again. Sorry if you get all this news twice, but I just tried to comment and lost it along the way.

    Just wanted to check how things are going - you'll have spent a few nights in the open on your trek by now, and I'm sure you've had some ups and downs along the way. I hope you are keeping a mental note of all the places you have passed through, and the local people you have encountered so you can share it all with us when you get back. I know you won't be keeping a written journal - haha!

    It is 3am and I had couldn't sleep for the heat. The upstairs air conditioner is broken and it is currently 89 degrees in our bedroom. Dad, of course, can sleep through anything but the downstairs unit is working so I came down for some cold water and some respite. It was 105 today and forecast to hit 106 tomorrow and the next day - yuk. At least we're not trekking in it like you though.

    Caitlin got home from her mission trip at 5pm yesterday, and went out again at 8pm to Caroline's birthday party! Some things never change. She is sleeping on the sofa right now because her room is too hot. I think she is regretting moving to the big room at the front of the house right now.

    Maisie is asleep at my feet, on her back, with as much surface area as possible exposed to the cool air! I know you can picture her :)

    Had dinner with the Marshalls and Fosters this evening and they were all asking for you. Anne Marie was happy to hear you are now in Nicaragua, and you have inspired her to plan a trip to her homeland soon with Nick and CJ. Boys are fine - Nick moves into SMU on August 15th and CJ has a second tryout for the select golf team in a couple of weeks. Deane is still dating Brooklyn, and after you spoke to him the other day on FB, Jennie says he has been working harder at home, so she thinks you inspired him :)

    Georgia will be here when you get back. I just booked her flights so she arrives the weekend before you. She is only here for a week but you guys will have a few days together. She is excited to see you.

    I had lunch with Jamie last week before she headed off on her vacation trip, but will see her briefly before she heads back to Kentucky. She looked great and was telling me about all her plans for her internship next summer. Sounds exciting.

    Anyway, I will sign off for now and try to get back to sleep. Contemplated filling the bathtub with ice but that's probably a bit drastic. The repair guy can't come till Monday so we've another day or two to melt, but heigh ho!

    We all miss you, but we are so proud of you for tackling this personal adventure. You will learn so much about yourself, and we are all excited to hear about your travels and experiences. Take care of yourself, and your friends. We love you.

    Will write again tomorrow.

    Love you.

  8. for Sonia Taylor romeo 6. hi blondie!! miss u very very much!!! here back to my life has been pretty cool, i'm just about to start again the next semester and seems everything will be very worky this next weeks but everything is in its right place righ now. Hope everything in first fase has been good for u too. Forgive me please for that bad experience on my last day, but circumstances was against me and i had to use the very last resources that I had to be safe, and after I left that place everything became very hard for me and also for adrian but the next day we arribed to our homes safe :D . anyway... i think a lot about you every day, and seems that you still working in nicaragua so that is cool :D so i hope the very best for u and hope we can will keep in touch in future :D my e mail is so look for me in facebook, and please please take care about andres and william cuz they are like middle school boys jejejejeje :D take care and say hi to henry and give him my mail please, say to him that i really appreciate his friendship :D
    P.D remember no matter how your longs get broken in the back, your butt will still just allright for me and who will have the joy to see it :D
    thank for everything
    lov ya blondie!! :D
    atte: Ernesto :D kisses!!

  9. Jed Pattie Romeo 5
    Hey Jed,its been fantastic reading what you have all being doing!Looks like you are doing amazing things out there,we are all really proud of you and are looking forward to the next update and photos ! Adios!
    Love Derek,Amy,Jack and Aaron xx

  10. Henry Seal 12G Romeo 6
    Hi Henry!!
    I hope you are well and enjoying your school build! I just wanted to let you know I arrived home safely from Cambodia yesterday, after an unnecessarily long day of travelling! I loved the trip so much! And I am definitely going back next year! I'm going to have to start saving now!
    It would be nice if we could have a chat on Skype next time you are near a computer, I would love to hear what you have been up to!
    I am missing you loads, as ever! Love you loads
    Amy xxxxxx



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