Tuesday, 24 July 2012

12H Delta Groups - the final slideshow!

Here's a slideshow to show the whole of Phase 1 for the Delta Groups.



  1. Wow! Amazing! Well done all of you - totally inspiring - made me cry!

  2. Sahar Mohammadi25 July 2012 at 01:48

    Message for Tarlaan Mohammadi Delta4

    My darling Tarlaan. It was sooooo good to hear your voice again after three long weeks. just finished watching the slide show. Excellent kodak moments and extremely proud of you.

    I am sure this week will be as fun as the previous weeks. Make the most of it and keep safe.

    Love you more than you can imagine and see you in 9 days, 3 hours, 23 minutes and 48 seconds....

    Love youxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Message for Lucy Gatt Delta 4

    It was great to hear your voice on Sunday and see all the amazing pictures on the blog. We are so looking forward to hearing all about it and having a relaxing holiday together in France. Daisy sends her love and can't wait to see you. Well done so far! Lots of love from us all

    The Gatts

  4. Simeon Packard25 July 2012 at 09:43

    For Grace Packard Delta 2

    Beautiful photographs of a special time Grace. Looking forward to hearing your Monkey and Turtle stories- you know you can't bring them home don't you !
    Love Mum,Dad,Elise xx

  5. Luke Bialkowski - Delta 2
    Hi Luke
    We can't believe how quick the time has gone, can't wait to hear all about your time in Costa Rica. The monkeys and spiders sound interesting and the crocodiles pretty scary.
    What's with the sock on your foot? Hope its better now whatever the problem was.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Love Nan and Grandad. xx

  6. Georgina Ferreira25 July 2012 at 14:40

    Message for Alex Spensley in Zulu 1

    Hi Al

    Its Georg, remember me ?!? haha I hope your having an amazing time, and applying lots of factor 30! From the pictures and what I hear looks like your having a great time.

    Its been so hot here that I'm just tucking into a nice big bowl of ben and jerrys ice cream jealous ? lol

    Missing you lots and cant wait to hear all about your adventure when your home !

    Lots of love and hugs

    Georgina Ferreira

  7. Message for Taormina Delta 2

    Hey meen, sorry ain't posted in a bit, your fonecall completely shocked me the other day by the way hahah. had no idea you were gonna phone me at all haha, its a week tommorrow though so i'm seeing youuu so soon! cant wait til you get back, i need nandos hahahah!and we need to get our nails done soon also, i was gonna say a tan but then i'm guessin you're already tanned so its just me haha. i'm so jealous you've been on that beach by the way, saw a pic of you and you still manage to look good without makeup and doing your hair haha. missing you so much, i have got bare things to tell you when you get back, so much stuff! found a pic on facebook of tony montana from scarface the other day as well, and it reminded me of you and your nights out in oxford haha, you'll know what i mean haaaa. love you loads xxxxxx

  8. Sylvia Spensley26 July 2012 at 13:35

    Message for Alex Spensley – Zulu 1

    Hi Al

    I’ve been thinking of you doing your trek and wondering how you are getting on; hope you managed to do it blister free!

    We are all well here and enjoying the heat wave whilst it lasts, shame I have to work. Tomorrow (Friday) is the opening ceremony for the Olympics and they are promising a good show – I really hope it is. Craig and Brittany are off to North Wales after work for the weekend to join Sam and his girlfriend who are holidaying up there and have rented a house. Dad and I plan to paint the bathroom; the chances that it may be done before you come home are increasing. I may make you have your first shower at home in ours so that you don’t mess up the new one!!!

    Well, in your final week now so make the most of it and enjoy every moment.

    Love and miss you loads.

    Mum & Dad xxxxx

    PS - I finally spoke to Scott today and told him your news; he said to tell you not to let the delay put you off.



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