Monday, 9 July 2012

Alpha 1 - Om Nom!

Here are some pics from the Alpha 1 food drop - I think the group were pleased to see the crew from Fieldbase!

Apparently all were in fantastic spirits (they are a pretty lively bunch!), well organised and making brilliant progress through the 250km they're set to cover on this amazing trek.

Power on guys! Your new fuel should help...

Tending to the old pies...
Meeting new pals along the way...

Carlton loves a list...

One for me...
Zinc oxide is our friend

Plugged in and recharging!
 Walk or drive Coast to Coast... hmmmm....

 Bye bye Bravo 1 :)

Not a bad view to start a new day´s trekking!


  1. To Nicole Izurieta.
    My dearest Nicole, wishing you the very best on your birthday. I am sure you are having an awesome time and making new friends, missing you lots.



  2. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 10 jul 2012
    Hello sweet girl!
    Not much news here. Weather is STILL cloudy and rainy. Murray was runner up in the tennis to Federer. Went for a walk with the girls yesterday and off for another with Rose today, and then out again tonight with the girls. Got loads of reduced apricots at Morrisons so doing major jam production. B rang and I told her about blog so you might get a message from her. Aileen rang and sends her love she's seen you on the blog too....everyone is well impressed and very proud of you! Angus is completing his sleepathon before heading off to camp. Thinking of you and missing you lots, loads of love hugs and kisses, Mum

  3. Louise Gibney

    Keep on saving those turtles Lou. Did you here what the muppets did in Trinidad?
    Thinking of you.

  4. Para Mau Otarola en Alpha 1 (Coast to Coast Trek)
    Aro MAU! Que nivel Raleigh otra vez y que se mandara de PM, simplemente le va a encantar! Y nada más y nada menos que empezando con el Coast to Coast! Ojalá lo disfrute tanto como lo hizo de HCV! Siempre eche pa'lante! No se desmadre mucho en el trek, pongale y nada de caritas jajaja piense en las sabias palabras que le diría Nacho! :)
    Daniel Saborio (11.C por siempre!)

  5. For Simon Allan - 12G Alpha 5:
    Glad you arrived safely, from the photos it looks like your all having a brilliant time . Jamie says 'sweet bandana'! We've yet to see the 'sarong'(waiting expectantly)
    Just got the results of the room ballot you moved up from 31st place in the preliminaries to 13th in the final ballot so hopefully Jonny should get you both a decent room for next term.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    hasta manzana?

    Hope your Spanish is improving, as you can see Jamie's isn't.

    Te queremos mucho.
    Madre,Padre,y Jamie x

  6. Message for Claudia Craig 12H Delta 3

    Hello again sweet girl! Another bleeming wet and cloudy day here! Hope you are getting some sun there because this is ridiculous. Late at work today as we go into Sale tomorrow.
    We're all well and watching the blog for any updates on your project's progress. Hope you are having a good time and that you feel you are making a useful contribution to the community. Also that you are getting enough to eat and sleeping OK!? I imagine that you have to go to bed a bit earlier there than you do here.

    Saw Rosie at Pillars. She is working there 3 days a week, babysitting her cousins 3 days a week and one day off. I think you have the better deal.

    Otherwise life is quiet and damp damp damp. Loads of love hugs and kisses Mum xxxx Scoobs sends a fragrant wouf I think he misses you too!

  7. Lu Ying Yap (Alpha 1), Michelle Ka Wai Wong (Alpha 3), Jessica Li (Alpha 4), Chung Wing Yuen (Alpha 4), Endgoes Mak (Alpha 5), Raymond Yau Man Mak (Alpha 6), Bernice Lam (Alpha 5) from Raleigh Hong Kong,

    See all your smiling faces !!! Enjoy the once in a lifetime experience !!!


  8. To Emma Smyth Alpha 5

    Well fathead!
    Hope you are doing good.

    Timmy's over for a few days at the moment. He had his induction day at the school yesterday- he met his mentor and the other trainees. Sounds like it went pretty well. we met up with Calvin for a couple of cheekys when he got back at le jockey. He says hi too, he's started training for his London-Istanbul cycle trip.

    All here is good, the cats are chilling as usual, I'm lounging around, slinking around the house. Also bought a new Xbox lol!
    take it easy and have fun:)
    Rambo xx

  9. For Ta-Shanae Pitcher Trott (Alpha 6) - mama you are working hard when you come home your gonna work twice as hard lol nana loves you im praying happy sabbath

  10. Hi Carlton
    hope you're having a great time- you're still using lists!!!no change there. Your boots will be well worn in by now. Nice photos of you glad to see you wearing my buff- very cool! speak soon. Off for my last Olympic training this week
    Miss you
    Love M

  11. Para Josué Tuz - Alpha 1: Tuuuuzzz!!! Aquí estamos Yitan, Dan J, Daniel U, Juan K y Noe en la casa de Noe jugando Wii!!!! Dice Juan K que: Dios te bendiga, te amamos y extrañamos y que viva Saprissa y que se quede allá xq Pablito esta tocando muy bien la batería. Dice Dan J: que te quedés un mes más y DTB y que querido Tuz: desde hace muchos años ... Jajajaja, este pueblo, este país, esta nación necesita hombres como tu, todo lo que has aprendido necesitas ejercerlo en tu país, no en Nicaragua, debes regresar a tu patria. Y todos están vacilado hablando como Nicas. Dice Yitan que saludos, te queremos, DTB. Daniel Ulate: que la fuerza del omnipotente esté sobre ti y nunca te olvides del linaje que tienes y del don perfecto de la salvación. Noe: Tuuuuzzzz!!!!! Me puse retriste cuando me di cuenta de que cerraste el fb :( Me haces falta. Lau puso una foto tuya en Face y todo el mundo esta molestando de que eres el novio de ella jajaja!!!! Ahora viene Varo. Tqmmmmmm y acuérdese de levantar canción.

  12. To Luying in Alpha 1-
    Hi baby, why all the photos have you? Becoz you are so pretty or so smart? haha...I guess you will be back from trekking when you read this....had a great time? Hope so!!! Miss you~~~ take care...lucy & others!

  13. Para Josue David , ALPHA 1 , te queremos mucho josuecito y te extrañamos ,sigue adelante Dios esta contigo , pasala super bien te queremos mucho.

  14. hola william pavon vi las fotos de tu primera fase me alegro que la estes pasando muy bien muchos saludos te extrañamos aqui en casa cuidate mucho abrazos



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