Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Alpha 2 Miratombo Crew...

Here is a blog from Alpha 2, humorously written throughout the Miratombo trek....

The trek started with a 2-day ride on a school bus, little did we know we were being taken to the school of hard knocks! Each morning we wake up at 03.30hours and eat porridge. The breakfast monotony was made up for however by the butterfly variety fluttering by as we slurped on our nutritious trek fuel.

The trek is going really well, we make good time each day and are coping well with the heat.
However, we rarely get the opportunity to wash, resulting in a few whiffs amongst the group. It isn't for the want not to try however - we would turn our noses up and snub a river of gold if it were to be flanked by a river of water in which we could bathe!

Each house we encounter on our trek has a number of farmyard animals attached, and one particularly bolshy pig has eaten our bar of soap, some peanuts and an avocado. And god only knows what savagery would have ensued were this trek to become an avocado-free environment (we like avocados).

Update: since the last diary entry the heat has ground us down to dust. No words that I write could emphasise enough the amount of sweat pouring from our brows on a daily basis. However th amazing views make up for it!
The volcanoes have now been conquered, and in some style, with a sunrise ascent of Cerro Negro. We found the sink hole of El Hoyo and made it to the Laguna.

The highlights of the trek included seeing a small girl hit a pig in the face with a 5-foot stick, the views from the mountains, seeing everybody work hard together, each day’s conversations and, of course, the finish!

An amazing and unforgettable trek!


  1. Catherine Inch, Alpha 2

    Hi Cat, Dad here, after mangled message from Mutti to send a blog mag,which i hope this is. I like the blog very much, who would have thought there was so much fun to be had in assaulting pigs and eating avocados. The country looks absolutely fantastic though and I am glad you are having a good time.

    It's lovely weather in London, Olympic fever is just beginning to kick in together with the traffic. Prediction is Danny Bolyle opener will be superb. I had bizarre encounter with man in white track suit with Olympic Torch on A316, near one of your favourite roundabouts(PS your driving licence is at home). Did they let someone take it home to Hounslow for early start next morning??

    Alex was desquinted yesterday - we hope and pray. We were chucked out of the hospital as quickly as possible, they had his clothes on and a ham sandwich inside him within minutes.Did you know there was a very trendy retro clothes shop at Old St tube? I was expecting his eye to be like something from Raging Bull but it doesn't look too bad,uncomfortable though till the stitches dissolve. He seems quite happy to lap up the TLC, while it lasts anyway.

    Work is mad busy, on standby for a trip to Gandy which never seems to happen. I am driving your mother mad by getting up at daybreak, but I am having quite a lot of fun with tennis practice and cycling to work.

    What happened to the promised pictures - can we set up a Skype call??


  2. ROMEO 3-adam farley

    it was great to talk to you on facebook the other day we all miss you,annealise keeps looking for you each morning she cant work out where you are its been very hot here but guess what its going to rain tomourrow.Ihope you get this as ive never done this before lol will write again soon lots of love mum and dad xxxxxx



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