Sunday, 8 July 2012

Alpha 3 - the group to be!

I have just returned from the first few days of Alpha 3: Project Tenorio and I can confirm that things are going great up in th'hills of Volcan Tenorio National Park - a superb group and a brilliant project!

A little soggy yes, with quite a lot of rain, but as I type the Venturers and PMs should be moving into the awesome jungle camp we built with the bamboo we chopped down and stripped to make a basha village - proper jungle style!

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were met off the bus by Eber, our main ranger dude and general all-round great guy. He showed us to our temporary lodgings (a classroom next to the ranger station) and we set up a group tarp and cooking area straight away and put the kettle on. After a super early start we were all pretty tired, so got cosy in preparation for a busy day to follow.

Thursday consisted of getting up nice and early to a yummy breakfast of rice pudding before heading into the jungle to chop wood. Thomas, Jemma and Andres looked like naturals as they yelled 'timber!' and sawed away to get enough bamboo to make their home-to-be.

We then joined the others who had been constructing a group area and the framework for some seriously comfy beds from the bamboo we already had - and worked all day until we were almost finished. Unfortunately, quite heavy rain stopped play and we learned that a couple of the beds hadn't quite been protected properly and we ended up with a couple of soggy hammocks! So on Friday, the first day of work at the park, we decided to split the group with half completing the camp and half off to work for the day.

Suzzanne and Jungle Camp's new pet, Spidey
The work involved 2 different jobs - sifting and then carrying sand up the 1.5km incline towards the beautiful Rio Celeste waterfall, and then working right next to the aforementioned cascada creating the new staircase out of concrete. Not a bad office for the day!


Not the worst office view ever...
Crew with a view
More of the same on Saturday, and we really felt like we had made progress, helping the National Park to attract more tourists - from what we could see the past projects at the park had really helped to improve this too as we weaved through huge groups of visitors on the run up the hill!
After a day of hard graft, we welcomed some visitors of our own - ROAD TRIP! Rolo, Bjorn and Becky arrived from Fieldbase to pep us up, bring fresh food and play our new favourite card game, Spoons. A yummy dinner of fried plantain, rice, scrambled eggs and refried beans warmed the cockles while we all reflected on the work we'd done as the rain came down outside.

I very quietly left the group this morning at 5am to get the first bus back to Fieldbase, absolutely blown away by an awesome group of people who are bonding more and more by the day and a beautiful location - can't wait to get more updates which we'll fill you in on as soon as possible! Pics of completed jungle camp to follow too.
Good luck guys and enjoy your new home!


  1. Message for Suzzanah Kidd (Alpha 3)
    Hey Robin, Me again! Good to see your getting yourself in loads of pictures! That waterfall looks amazing! Hope your enjoying costa rican life? How is your spanish now? :) I like the look of your camp pet 'Spidey' not quite as big as my achuapa pet but not a bad size haha. The work you are doing looks brilliant, I miss our 12am skype calls, no one interesting to talk to these days. Remember if you can get a mid-phase skype call you HAVE to facebook me to let me know your online. Hope the soap is working. Speak soon! Lots of love <3 . Batman (James H) P.S. Say Hi to Mr Bassi for me too :D xx

  2. Hola Gente me parece muy bueno lo que están haciendo los felicito que sigan así y con mucha ayuda de Dios para que les de fuerzas cuando sientan que ya no dan (:...

    Andres Mora amor espero la estés pasando excelente y se nota que si (: me hace un montón de falta ):.. ya quiero verte te mandan saludos todos por aca.. te veo muy bien, guapo te extra;o y ya sabes trabaja duro (: no te rindaz nunca y espero estes dando todo de ti para ese proyecto.

    Te mando muchos besos cuidate Dios me lo proteja en todo momento no te amo :*

  3. Message for Suzzanah Kidd (alpha 3)

    Hey suzz, Good to see you getting on with the local wild life, considering you can't cope with the Scottish spiders lol. the national park looks amazing, hope your having fun and keep up with the good work. Speak soon. Lots of love Kerry xxx

  4. Message for Louise Gibney.

    Looks great fun Louise, although we must say rather you than us! We are much too used to our comforts for that sort of adventure (not to mention the spiders). Sorry you won't be at Tom's wedding - the social event of the year my dear - we'll save youy a piece of cake.
    All the best and try to keep your feet dry.
    Love, Jim and Liz

  5. Message for Leanne - comms person extraordinaire.

    Sounds like you are having one helluvan adventure. I can't wait for the slideshow when you get to Melbourne.

    While you've been away it has apparently not stopped raining in the UK. Although having lived in Manchester, you will be familiar with that. There is also something called the Olympics games starting in London soon. It's meant to be a pretty big deal.

    In other news, TomKat got divorced. Chris Moyles is being replaced by Nick Grimshaw on R1 breakfast show. Andy Murray got to the final of Wimbledon and all of the UK (and me) cried with him when he lost to The Federertron.

    You are doing a great job with the blogs!
    Miss you!

  6. Para Andres Mora

    Me alegro mucho el ver estas fotos :) y el saber q estas bien amor me haces una falta increible todo es supwr dif sin vos por aca :( te extrano demasiado quiero verte u.u.. Guapo bendiciones todos los Dias le pido a Diocito para que me lo cuide y proteja en cada paso q des :3 te amo y aqui te espero con ansias cuento los dias para verte te ama tu novia :3....

  7. Message for Suzzanah Kidd (Aplha 3)

    Hey Suzzanah! You probably won't get this till your back at fieldbase now, So thats phase 1 over and done with, still another 2 to go, if your going to get the same order as me then you'll have community next and trek last but thats a 50% chance. Life in the UK is pretty boring, looking forward to the olympics, which will start at 2pm Costa Rica/Nicaragua time on Friday 27th July :) Im hoping your spanish is coming along and look forward hablar en español cuando tu volver a Inglaterra. Anyway, I'm off to work now -yay- Hope you keep having the amazing time I know you will do. Much Love :) James H :) xx



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