Monday, 23 July 2012

Alpha 4 - The Final Score!

La aventura inicio con un increíble paseo en bote hacia la Isla, con buena música incluida por supuesto. Al l llegar nos recibió un majestuoso lugar repleto de arboles, rocas, arena y mar. La primera noche la pasamos en lo que solía ser el dispensario u Hospital de la cárcel, ¡algo imponente en medio de tantos arboles!  EL resto de la semana transcurrió entre bambú, cuerdas, herramientas, sudor, enojos, risas, comida, metal, madera, basura y como podrán imaginar muchos zancudos y mosquitos.

The Adventure started with an incredible boat trip towards the Island, with very good music included! Once there, a marvellous place full of trees, rocks, sand and sea was waiting for us. We spent the first night sleeping in what used to be the “dispensario” or Hospital of the Prison. A impressive building in the middle of all those trees. The rest of the week went through bamboo, strings, tools, sweat, arguments, laughter, metal, wood, rubbish and as you can imagine, many mosquitoes!

Hicimos el campamento en la Jungla, icon 13 camas tipo basher; en realidad 11 y ½ porque Iván quebró la suya y Óscar terminó con la mitad de la suya en el piso.

We built up our Jungle Camp, with 13 basha beds, well, actually there were just 11 and a half, because Ivan broke his and Oscar ended up on the ground.

Limpiamos 7 lugares que solían ser las casas de los reos de mínima seguridad, cuando en los años 50 la cárcel cambió a centro penitenciario agrícola.

We cleaned up 7 houses which used to be the minimum security prisoner’s houses, when in the 50’s the Prison became an Agricultural Centre for inmates.

Olger el guarda parques muy amablemente nos dio el recorrido histórico por la cárcel, muy interesante por cierto. La segunda semana el grupo estaba más animado, todos felices por trabajar y disfrutar de la compañía el ambiente y claramente la comida.

The ranger Olger gave us a interesting historic tour around the Prison. On week two the group was a lot more enthusiastic about working while enjoying the good company surrounded by such nature - and obviously the food.

Ley puso una sonrisa enorme en la cara de Lotti cuando le dijo que “ya esta listo el postre” (Arroz con leche) esto sólo por destacar un momento mágico; pero en realidad esa semana comimos como nunca, increíble. En cuanto a trabajo de la semana,  limpiamos el sendero hacia la playa Tumba boles y sacamos 6 bolsas de basura de la playa.

Ley helped getting a smile on Lottie’s face by saying; “Dessert is ready!” It was rice pudding, her speciality. That week we worked cleaning up a path that goes straight to “Playa  Tumba Boles” and also took 6 massive bags full of rubbish out of the way.

Al final de un gran día de trabajo tuvimos el placer de refrescarnos en el mar y nadar. En ocasiones jugamos bola en la playa Cocos, hasta morir de cansancio.

At the end of a great day of work we had the pleasure of getting in to the refreshing sea water and swim.  We played some beach football at Playa Cocos as well!

En fin estas 2 semanas han sido estupendas. Día a día, todos aprendemos y valoramos la dicha que tenemos por ser parte de Raleigh, de tener la satisfacción de crecer como personas al mismo tiempo que colaboramos con el medioambiente.

Anyway, these two weeks have been brilliant! Day by day, we’ve all learned and appreciated the gift we’ve got of being part of Raleigh. The satisfaction of personal development is evident when you you can picture the improvement and conservation you’ve helped to do for the environment.

No hay palabras para describir la aventura de compartir crecer y trabajar.

No words could possibly describe the adventure of growing up through hard work and good new friends.




  1. Message for Claudia Craig Zulu 2 24.07.12
    Well hello again...nice to get your email and sorry not to reply - I was out. I was so excited to get it! Hope you got my last few comments before you left and manage to keep your chin up through the trek phase. I know you'll find it tough but blimey are we impressed!
    Loved the pix of the school - it is a very pretty school - and looking forward to hearing all about it - for years probably it'll become one of those 'when I was in' that your D is famous for.
    I am looking forward to having you home until September and being able to try to look after you for a bit, fighting over the dufa and trying to work out what's happening on those interminable tv progs you watch. I am sure however that you will be wanting to see your friends and catch up with all the gossip and drama (I don't know what it is I am just imagining there is lots because there is usually)
    Hope that you get to spend a couple of days on the beach at the end with all your new friends. I am not sure if my comments will get to you on trek but I'll send them anyway and you will know I am thinking of you.
    All is well here. It is sunnier today and I will be out for a couple of hours with the dog. I have to tidy your room a bit for the arrival of Stuart - but I think he'll only be with us a short time - just the weekend.
    The Olympics start this weekend - the opening ceremony will be on Friday night and i am looking forward to it. I hope they cover the equestrian events - I often feel they regard these as minority interest but they're so exciting - no other events include the partnership between two different animals species.
    Tony Blair is in the paper today. How nice for him.
    Spain is having a torrid time on the bond markets.
    I am having a nice time however experimenting with tapas recipes. I reckon if I eat enough chorizo I'll feel as if I've had a summer holiday AND help the Spanish economy so it's a winwin. No complaints from J!
    Loads of love, sweet girl, big hugs and kisses, Mum

  2. Message for Fieldbase Team
    I really enjoyed the blogs about the road trip and about sustainable living in Coasta Rica. Also well impressed with how hard you are working to keep all of these groups resupplied and supporting them with extra hands, extra rations and good cheer.
    As Claudia's mum please pass on sincere thanks to Pedro for the bread and butter pudding and the four massive sausages as reported in Delta 3's audioblog.
    How do you manage food supply and cooking out there - it must be quite some job! If you ever get any time (which I doubt) could you tell us avid blog readers more about how you do that?

    I was impressed with Raleigh before but I'll be a lifelong fan and supporter after this - it's been a real eye opener. Well done all of you - you are doing a terrific job!

  3. For Anne-Roos Hesselmans Delta 3,

    lief!! Hier nog een berichtje van mij! Ik leeef ontzettend met je mee, heb net een fotoslide gekeken van je schoolbouwfase echt super gaaf! Inmiddels ben je al met de trek bezig, zal vast zwaar zijn maar you can do it! weet ik zeker, zelfs ik heb het overleefd haha! Succes schat! nog 6 daagjes en dan ben je thuis!! jeeej can't wait! gaan we heerlijk weer hollandse activiteiten ondernemen! Lots of love! X Claire



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