Monday, 16 July 2012

Alpha 4's Island Tales...

Blue skies, tropical storms, howler monkeys, sandy beaches, mosquitos and ghosts of prisoners past - all essential ingredients for a Raleigh environmental project on San Lucas Island!

The new inmates (AKA Alpha 4!) have set about clearing debris from the old prison sites around the island; working in human chains they have been moving barbed wire, sheet metal and the odd tarantula to the front of the island for removal by boat. Decades of litter have been tackled on the path, in the jungle and on the beach as well as giving the tourists areas some TLC. Jumping off the pier, football on the beach and learning Spanish round off A4's days spent on San Lucas island so far!

The guys from Fieldbase are with us now for a visit and to drop off all the additional kit we need - you'll be pleased to know they're also working hard! 

Photos to come soon...

Love, Alpha 4


  1. Message for Project Manager Louise Gibney!
    Hope everything is going well, looks like it's a lot of fun.
    Starting to think about Rome, probably should have sorted things out earlier, but have a few guys ready to move in when we find a house, which should be good for when you come visit!
    Saw Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris at the Bowl on Saturday, was incredible. Didn't even rain!
    Think I've worked out a way to get to the wedding, it just might be a few long days getting to and from Spain.. Only managed to get two days off.
    Looking forward to seeing you and showing my new home in the Autumn.

  2. Hi Delta 1, i did promise to keep in touch! it sounds like you are still having a great time! The jungle sounds loads of fun, wish i had seen everyone falling around in the mud.poor Louise with the mossie bites, i'm being attacked by midges over here so the deet is still proving useful!
    I look forward to hearing more about your jungle adventures soon

    Love Janet xxx

  3. Message for Carlo Marescotti (Alpha 4)

    Ciao Carlo come va?
    here in London all is fine as we get ready for the olympics...athletes are arriving but it is not as crazy as I thought it would be...although it is going to get worse and worse over the next few days. We found casa Italia so will probably go and watch some of the events there from the italian tv... as usual it has been raining here in London ma a quanto pare settimana prossima dovrebbe uscire il sole e ci saranno 27 gradi (non ci credo fino a quando non lo vedo)

    everything else is fine, I'm having a day off today and spending it with Maral who is over from Canada. Ci siamo anche trasferiti nel nuovo ufficio che è molto bello. Tra l'altro venerdi scorso non potevamo andare in ufficio e quindi siamo andati a fare un giro di Londra sul Tamigi, la prossima volta che vieni andiamo perchè è molto bello.

    Oggi esce Batman, magari vado a vederlo uno di questi giorni e ti dico se è bello o no.
    Nello sport non succede un granche, Ibra e Thiago Silva sono andati al PSG, Lorenzo ha vinto il gp del mugello con dovi terzo e vale sesto. l'Inter non combina nulla, e Nadal si è ritirato dalle olimpiadi per la tendinite alle ginocchia. Domani c'è la F1...ah lo sapevi che federer ha vinto wimbledon? Gli svizzeri saranno molto contenti!

    I hope there will be pictures to see soon.

    lots and lots of love
    Maya xx



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