Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Alpha 5 Blog Update

After a 2-day bus journey to Achuapa and a 7 kilometre trek, we arrived in El Parajito to a warm welcome from the locals. We met our host families, spent a few days getting to know the community by playing frisbee with the children, and played baseball with the locals & Charlie 1 (Raleigh / DFID ICS Programme).

Alpha 5 have spent the past 6 days working in tough mountain terrain in the blistering heat but have managed to dig more than 700m from the natural spring to the water tank 1.2 kilometer away in the village. We often run out of water in the afternoon, and so have to wash in the river, reiterating how important the water system we are building is to the community.

We have jumped headfirst into community life by milking cows, grinding corn, making tortillas, feeding the animals and completing our baseline surveys. We´ve held our first community English lesson, teaching both adults and children and hope to hold more in the coming week.  We´ve seen shooting stars, had several close encounters with scorpions and snakes and celebrated 2 Raleigh birthdays.

Alpha 5 are having the most incredible time in El Parajito and hope to finish digging our trench for the new water pipes to lie in, replacing the previous system which was virtually destroyed during Hurricane Mitch.


  1. Para Josue Tuz- Alpha 1

    Buenas buenas!!! Como estas mi Josue!? Esperando q todo bien, pues t cuento q por aca con ganas de mirarte a los ojos, de poder molestarte =), de poder abrazarte, con ganas te contarte y hablarte tantas cosas, tertuliando con un fresquito =), con ganas de ir a jugar con una bolita d papel a ver quien encesta sin ver, jeje. En fin, con ganas de verte y caminar con vos!! Me hace falta la poesia del hombre mas inspirado n la luna, y me siguen haciendo falta tus caras =)!! Pero con todo y todo, espero sigas caminando n una sola direccion, meditando cada segundo n lo que tu corazon y tu mente piensan dando respuesta a toditas ellas. Poniendo siempre delante de aquel q conoce y sabe muy bien tus pensamientos, sin que divagues mucho. Te mando el abrazo q nunca nos puede faltar, deseandote lo mejor de lo mejor cada dia q pase. Q estes n todas!!

    Te quiero montones!! Dtb

  2. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 Wed 18 July
    Hello sweet girl! Hope you are still in good spirits and enjoying it all as well as making good progress on the school and giving Delta 4 a run for their money!
    It will cheer you up no end to hear that torrential rain has been falling on Blair Atholl but A seems quite waterproof and says there are no annoying people which is a good thing. It will all be fine until his blood sugar gets low! Your Dad is busy trying to organise me in the absence of his usual victims and it is not going down well. We are not partying hard while you are away, rather the opposite - we seem to work quite late and are both shattered. We DID however have an excellent evening out at the Thomsons which involved quite a lot of dancing on my part, but as we are all very old there is no incriminating evidence because none of us can work our technology.
    Loads of love and hugs...I'd send you some of the headlines but there's nothing standout brilliant and the rest of it is just the same old. The Olympics start soon and I am just hoping that the rain stops or they'll all be wearing wetsuits. Big hugs and kisses, Mum

  3. Querida Nicole, veo que estas pasando espectacular y estas aprendiendo muchas cosas positivas que te van a servir en tu vida futura, me da mucha alegria mirarte en las fotos y saber que estas bien. Te extrano y te quiero muchisimo. Dad xxx

  4. Simon Allan, Alpha 5
    SIIMONNNNNN! Just logged on to the blog to see a fantastic photo of you pick-axing a trench. Wonderful. Great to see you alive and getting stuck in, from the blog it sounds like you're having a greeeat time, I hope you've managed to get some Spanish in there! Not much to report here, but in case you're interested here are some headlines; the weather is terrible (flooding up north) and everyone is having a last minute panic about the Olympics not being ready transport and security wise; Murray came second in Wimbledon to Fed; the head of Barclays got asked to leave because he was rubbish and Jimmy Carr has been embroiled in a massive tax dodging scandal.
    I've started my training at the pal and it's okay but very long days involving lots of security and health & safety presentations yawn. Hopefully the actual job will be better! Everyone met up in London last week for mine and Bens' birthdays, which was greeeat and we all chatted about you and hoped you were having a good time. Also GUESS WHAT I got a 1st :D so Sarah and I are joining you and Jonny at the top of the room ballot (which is happening at the beginning of august) BOOM. I don't know how you did because Economics is the only class list they haven't posted online. You're prob not very bothered though because you're busy having such a good time :P
    Anyway that's pretty much it. I hope phase two is as good as phase one. I am very very very jealous of you and can't wait to hear all your stories when you're home! Lots of love, Claire xxxx

  5. To Endgoes Mak in Alpha 5
    Hey dear, you are so hard-working and ging and handsome from the photos on the blog!!!! So proud of you!!! Believe you are having a great time there...just enJOY every moment! Take care xx - Lucy & Other Raleigh HK fds

  6. Tania & Bobby19 July 2012 at 10:31

    Hi Cole and Che,

    How are the brothers doing? We hope this expedition has been a positive one so far. Remember that there is positive in everything that you so, it all deoends on how we examine things mentally. Enjoy the experience! Everyone sends there best wishes! The debit card was sent on Monday July 16th,let us know if you have recieved it. Plese call when you can! We love you very much.

    Mom and Dad

  7. Daniel Cherrie, Alpha 3,
    We all hope you are having a great time and miss you. Please try to get in touch as soon as you are able to so we can talk about all your adventures!!! We sent your glasses from vision express to Raleigh in London and someone was taking them out with them. The optician said at first your vision may be not focused by should settle. I sent a letter via post to you from Dan today. He is doing well. Plenty of rain over here also still!
    Take Care. Lots of love,
    vicki and bill and all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3
    Hi I was thinking of you today as I took Scoobs up to the Big Tent site and it was a hive of activity. Alastair Baird and a gang including Bill and Stewart has built a very posh hut with a composting loo. Alison has been a hut widow for ages. Maybe you could build them a School next year??? It is very muddy and I think parking will be a nightmare but it should go ahead. Caroline will be there with her band singing about vegetables or something! The village is humming with anticipation and various woolly visitors. I am not sure that I can bear any more of the Proclaimers but fortunately I am at work that day.
    A is getting on fine at BA. The midgies are having a great time this year and the air is thick with the little bs. Spose I should be grateful they're not mozzies but apparently we're getting those next, probably ourangoutans too.
    I realised today that you won't get these comments until you're back at Fieldbase. You'll have been sad to leave your school but what an amazing thing to have done! Well done my love, Lots of hugs, kisses and love, Mum

  9. This message is for Hamza AMOR delta 3 -
    Hmizouuu jespere que tout se passe bien et que tu recoi TOUT les messages, on pensent tous a toi , proiite proffite, mais jai hate que tu revienne quand meme !! gros gros biisous ! jespere que ta eu tes super resultatd ! biisous bisous

  10. Juliette Zietse @ Delta1

    Ha die Juul, weer even een berichtje uit Nederland. Lijkt hier ook wel een tropisch regenwoud, kunt je uitrusting hier ook goed gebruiken! Zag dat jullie weer weg zijn van de schildpadden. Erg leuk verhaal hadden ze over jullie groep geschreven, je hebt een klompendans tegen de slangen hoor ik, heel verstandig! Volgens mij zijn jullie nu het oerwoud in, ook heel spannend. Zag een hele serie krokodillen, maar dat was gelukkig een andere groep.

    Hier alles goed hoor, verheugen ons langzamerhand ook erg op de vakantie. Ben ook super benieuwd naar je verhalen en je foto's. Is in het ziekenhuis ook wel iets rustiger aan het worden, ben dan ook met wat onderhoud bezig. Je weet wel dingen waar ik niet zo vaak aan toe kom. Mam is ook nog druk, maar de artikelen zijn zo'n beetje weg. Hoop dat je de berichten goed ontvangt daar, maar dat zal wel - alles is zo goed geregeld. Hoop dat ze snel weer foto's uploaden, altijd heel bijzonder.

    Ga weer een slapen.
    Heel veel plezier en tot snel,
    Kus, Pap

  11. anne smyth mum20 July 2012 at 11:17

    great to get an update. you all seem to be working really hard. thought i saw you with a spade in your hand emma , could use you at home in the garden. going off next tuesday to australia, will be back before you, so when you return we'll have a lot to talk about. miss you loads of love dad and mum

  12. For louise Gibney- Delta 1
    Hell0 LOU Grandma here with your Mum and Dad

    Have been thinking of you these last few weeks and guess it wont be so much longer before you are home again. I hope you have enjojed the experience, lots to talk about and loads of pictures to show us. Any way Ill look forward to hearing from you when uou are back. Lots of love Grandma

  13. Nicole Alpha 5
    It is good have an update. Judging by the pictures it looks like your group is working hard.I hope you are enjoying it and learning a lot from this experience.
    Lots of love

  14. For Will Milne:

    Hey Will, good to see you working hard! How's life without FB?? I hope the Spanish is improving and that you're enjoying milking the cows! Love Dad xxx

  15. 30 de julio 2012

    Salvador García
    padre de Teydi mariem García Ampie grupo Alpha,5 comunidad del pajarito

    Nosotros aquí estamos bien únicamente preocupados por la situación de lluvias intensas que han causados innundaciones en esa zona de Turrealba lo hemos visto por Internet y queremos saber como esta la situación ahí donde te encuentras.

    guarde sus medidas de seguridad ante estos embates de la naturaleza manteniendo la comunicacion con sus superiores inmediatos; te felicitamos por el esfuerzo que estas haciendo

    La fufi estuvo aquí en la casa el sábado.
    saludes y un abrazo de tu mama hermanos y hermanas.



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