Saturday, 21 July 2012

Alpha 6 Blog by Tom Wright and Ta-Shanae P

After waving goodbye to the Fieldbase team, who had paid us a visit and helped out around the building site, we noticed that the school really seemed to be coming together.  From metal support pillars to bricks and cement the expert team that is Alpha 6 were impressed!

Friday swung by and before we knew it we were on the 0645 bus to the city of Esteli.  Although it was a 2hr bus journey there was no shortage of amusement; many thanks to one of our team mates and their incredibly weak bladder.  Luckily the bus driver was kind enough to pull over!  Esteli was very different to towns back home.  It was a bustling city full of people but the infrastructure was less modern.  We spent the day exploring the city and getting a much needed junk food fix.  It’s always the little things that you miss the most (sorry mum and dad)!

Over the weekend we visited a past Raleigh project; a local community centre that is also used as a temporary home for those in need and has previously served as a pre school.  It was nice to see what our project would resemble and the importance that it will have to the local community.  We also paid a visit to the building instructor’s house where we took part in a small but cosy catholic mass.  It was great to get a glimpse into this part of the local culture.

The past few days have been productive with a solid base to the school formed and brick walls now at window level.  With the leaving party that the community is organising for us just a couple of days away things are looking great!


  1. Sahar Mohammadi22 July 2012 at 01:50

    This message is for Tarlaan Mohammadi, Delta 4

    My darling Tarlaan

    You must be getting back to Field base this weekend. I have my mobile glued to me just incase you call. I miss you sooooo much and can not wait to hear your voice.

    I hope you had a great time and has made lot of long lasting friends. I am sure it was difficult and can not wait foe you to come to London to pamper you.

    There is a lot happening in London because of the Olympic. Also the house and the renovation is going well.

    Love you sooooo much and I am lost without you. Its Ardy's last few days before his departure. He misses you too.

    Counting the seconds to see you again. LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.


  2. Question for Fieldbase
    Has Delta 4 been eaten by giant spiders or swallowed by enormous snakes?
    Possibly they too far away in the jungle or too exhausted to communicate.

  3. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 22.7.12
    Hello again sweet girl,
    Hope you are well and not getting too tired. I imagine you had a big push towards the end of your time school building to try to get as much done as possible and then had the trek back to Fieldbase...or do you go on your adventure phase first...anyhow I hope that you manage to fit in a decent shower and a clothes wash and even some more sausages before your adventure.
    Good news from work - I have finally managed to get a change to my shift pattern that means that I'll be able to get every alternate weekend off - so I can come and make a nuisance of myself occasionally at Uni.
    I was sad yesterday because your D got delayed on the way up to BA and didn't have time to get A back down to Perth where we were going to meet for some food. I missed just giving him a hug! He is apparently very well and happy and is having a great time. Your D treated him and Stuart to fish and chips, I s(k)ulked at home, snoozing on the sofa as per.
    Out walking with the girls this morning and now John is making me some new no beer or cricket. It's not too bad a day and the Big Tent looks to be a success. I'm pleased for all their hard work. I would have popped up this evening but it's 25 quid or nowt and there's nothing on that I want to see that much.
    The Tour de France is on TV and Bradley Wiggins is going to win it - a first time for a Brit. He has won it well and has not compromised being a good bloke to win. All good! We watched it last year in France do you remember?
    Jane, Don and Zoe are off to Hawaii to lie on a beach for a while - Don will be a very happy Canadian. I hope their menus are up to Jane standards!
    I am very excited that it is now under two weeks before you come home. I am missing you a lot. Enjoy your time out there, don't exhaust yourself and come home fit and happy with new friends, a job well done, and a whole new world before you. We're incredibly proud of you my love, big hugs, much love and kisses, Mum

  4. Message for Michele Calliari

    Ciao Mike, come sta andando?
    stai sopravvivendo?
    io qui sto impazzendo per finire questa maledetta sessione.. mercoledì ho dato il mega esame di progettazione e devo dire che è andato benone (28) anche se abbiamo creato un caso di stato... mentre all'altro esame (quello che ho fatto il giorno della tua partenza) ho preso 29!! ;)
    adesso mi aspetta una settimana di workshop..

    domenica prossima partiamo per il Perù, non vedo l'ora.. almeno il fuso orario sarà lo stesso tuo! +0-..
    ti faremo avere un nostro numero peruviano così se ne avrai voglia potremo sentirci!
    sto creando un blog per il nostro campo... speriamo venga bello come questo!! (
    vienici a trovarci e a lasciare tu qualche commento quando torni..

    mamma dice che ha dato una lettera a Manu per te!

    speriamo tutti di avere qualche aggiornamento di Alpha 2 a breve! (nonni compresi che ti mandano mille baci da Cortina!)

    vogliamo vedertiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



  5. Juliette Zietse @ Delta 1

    Liefste Mop,

    We beginnen al weer af te tellen. Nog een dag of 10 en dan hoop ik je weer in mijn armen te sluiten. Ik ben stik benieuwd hoe het met je is.
    Ik hoop zo dat je een gezellige groep hebt dat je en dat je een bijzondere tijd hebt en geniet van je reis in Costa Rica. Wij zijn nog hard aan het werk. Druk als altijd en vandaag is het lekker weekend. Even gesport en daarna gelunched. Heb je veel schildpadden gered? De verhalen die we via het Blog lezen zijn heel erg leuk. Het geeft een klein beetje het gevoel dat we weten waar je bent en wat je doet. Straks komen opa en oma eten. Ik moet nog even wat werk verrichten voor de praktijkjes en opruimen hier in huis. Dag lieve schat, we missen je erg. Maak het leuk en tot over 10 daagjes. Iets meer geloof ik, maar het idee van 10 dagen is goed te overzien.

    Dikke knuffel van mammos

  6. For Alex Spensley- Delta 2

    Hey Alex,
    Sorry I have only got round to sending you a message on here, everythings been a bit hectic what with only just getting home and sorting everything out!
    Can't believe we didn't even get to say goodbye to each other before you left, but I hope you are having an amazing time! Saw a few pictures of you on here and it looks like you are happy and enjoying yourself.
    I can't wait to hear all of the stories when you are back as I am sure there will be many of them!
    Hope you are having a smashing time and I look forward to seeing you soon!
    Love you lots and miss you!
    Melissa x x x x

  7. Hey Tashanae, Jason and Jawonday! I am so glad to see you guys are doing great! Holding up the Bermuda name strong! I want you guys to know that no matter how tough it might get at times you can always pull through! :) I love you guys! - Dwayne Robinson

  8. Hey to all the Bermudians!! I hope you guys are having a blast! You guys have tons of support from home so keep it up. I know its a lot of fun over there. Just letting you know that I love you all!! Bring back some good stories- Dwayne Robinson



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