Sunday, 1 July 2012

Alpha Allocations Announcement!

So, here we go! Alpha Group Phase 1 allocations, on projects running from 4th July to 23rd July, are...
(Delta groups to follow)

ALPHA 1  - Coast to Coast Trek (Adventure - crossing a continent!)
PMs: Mau and Carlton
Venturers: Craig Henry, Richard Voaden, William Pavón Espinoza, Sophie Scholl, Thomas Breakwell, Lu Ying Yap, Elizabeth Samuel-Bryan, Trae Legay Cannonier, Josué David Tuz Villalobos, Georgia Rattigan, Jed Pattie

ALPHA 2 - Miratombo Trek (Adventure - volcanos and valleys)
PMs: Franz, Jason and Emma F
Venturers: Sonia Taylor, Adrian Gonzales, Craig Thomas, Michelle Calliari, Ruari Thomson, Isabel Adriana Matamoros Torres, Catherine Inch, Henry Seal, Jawonday Smith, Brandon Burns

ALPHA 3 – Volcan Tenorio National Park (environmental – paths, trails and staircases)
PMs: Amy, Neil and Leanne
Venturers: Luis Andrés Mora Muñoz, Alexander Goodchild, Suzzanah Kidd, Cole Durham, Michelle Ka Wai Wong, Gema Valdivia, Louis King, Daniel; Cherrie, Tom Harrison, Thomas Bassi

ALPHA 4 – San Lucas Island Nature Reserve (environmental – paths and trails)
PMs: Lottie and Sonal
Venturers: Carlo Davide Marescotti, Hoi Yi Jessica Li
Greg Parnell, Zichari Young, Leyla Massiel, Zelaya Hernández, Sofía Quirós Otárola, Matthew McKenzie, Oskar Plapperer-Lüthgarth, Chung Wing Yuen, Ivan Coueslant, Rebecca Atkinson

ALPHA 5 – Achuapa – El Pajarito Indigenous Territory (community – water project)
PMs: Andy Youl, Stephanie Aguilar, Emma Smyth
Venturers: Brandon Burns, Nicole Izurieta, Simon Allan, William Milne, Ernesto Rodriguez Delgado, Teydí Mariem García Ampié, Christopher Hempseed, Che Durham, Juliana Franco, Endgoes Mak, Grant Harrison

ALPHA 6 – Miraflor – Puertas Azules Indigenous Territory (community – school)
PMs: Carina Scott, Ed Mills, Istvan Sepulveda
Venturers: Cat Mills, Thomas Wright, Ramandeep Bassi, Mayerling Pineda Motenegro, Richard Chavarría Varela, Sean McGarry, Ben Woodhouse, Ysavier Darrell, Yau Man Mak, Ta-Shanae Pitcher Trott

From the cheers, shouts of ‘YESSSSSS!’ and massive smiles, I reckon most people are pretty chuffed with their projects and teams...time for some bonding!

Deltas next...check back later!


  1. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3
    Wow so pleased you got the school project and you were in a photo now I know you have not been eaten by a spider or taken out by a banana!
    I am going to shut up now for a few days for fear of getting a reputation but SO pleased to see you and ENJOY it all you've worked so hard for it.
    Love, big hugs and kisses, Mum

  2. Message for Suzzanah Kidd - Alpha 3
    Hi again 'Robin' Hope you're loving it already, its seems boring over here without our 1am facebook vid calls (that take an hour to set up) Ive had a look at where your going and its stunning. It'll be hard work though, you'll come back with biceps the size of buses! Have an amazing time, and get it more photos!
    Lotsa Love
    'Batman' xx

  3. Bob and Marion Grindrod2 July 2012 at 04:05

    Message for Sonia, Alpha 2.
    Hola Sonia! Good to see your smiley face in the team pic! It looks like a very exciting challenge. We'll be cheering you on up the volcanos - don't fall in :-) Remember to do your routine every day and take it steady. Your legs will forgive you by about day 3 or 4! All quiet here - just rain and Wimbledon! Missing you lots - have lots of fun. Los Padres xxx

  4. Message for Carlo Marescotti (alpha 4)

    Hi Carlo!

    looks like you are having a very nice time! how was the flight there and the first few days? have you learned to use the three bowels etc?

    ho cercato delle foto di San Lucas Island e sembra stupendo! ti divertirai un sacco sembra.

    Qua tutto bene, sono tornata a Londra e sono in ufficio! come al solito fa freddo! L'Italia ha perso malamente ieri, almeno non ho perso tempo a vedere la partita perche' ero in aereo.

    Un grande abbraccio e saluti anche a Miki.

    (ora riprovo a mandare sto messaggio visto che prima non ci sono riuscita)

    Maya x

  5. Message for Craig Thomas Alpha 2.
    So glad you got the project you wanted, we've been looking at previous volunteers who have completed this, pics look amazing!
    I love this blog, so far you have been in 4 pictures :)
    Your baby sister has created an imaginary friend named Craig, who she argues with -it's as if you were still here. 7 weeks without pawn stars and myth busters - bliss ;)
    Sophie's prom tomorrow, she's all preened ready, brings back memories of yours last year, it's tipping down...
    Miss you, love you
    Mom and gang xxx

  6. Message to Brandon Burns
    So glad I got to see the first picture of you, you look like you're having a great time! We are all missing you but having the picture has helped. Bit confused which group you are in as your name appears in Alpha 2 and Alpha 5?
    Love u Loads
    Mum xxxx

  7. Message to Teydí Mariem García Ampié

    Hey acabas de entrar a lo mejor que ha parido la tierra....maje desde aca te deseo lo mejor y disfruta al maximo todo....cada dia vivilo a full.....maje me vas a hacer falta en puta....cuidate pofi....att werner

  8. Message to Isabel Adriana Matamoros Torres alpha 2

    Hey lamento de haberme despedido pero por ahi te veo caminando jajajajaja, maje eso si que va a ser un reto....claro que para vos piece of cake jajajajajaja, pensa en lo de a verga que es la vida cuando no podas mas y aferrate a final del dia vas a estar orgullosa de lo que lograstes.....y cuidado a quien te comes jajajajajajajaj......te veo pronto bro...... att werner

  9. Message for Raman 'Gageh' Bassi

    Wicked to see the picture of you, you look niiiiiiiiceee. Glad you're doing the community phase; think it will be more rewarding for you!
    Amany and Karan are back from the Maldives and they're are here right now laughing at your picture.
    Be a social butterfly and hit us back when you get a chance!

    Lots of pyaaarrrr
    Sharan and co. x

  10. Message to Cat Mills - Alpha 6

    Hi Cat, Hope you are having a great time, it was so lovely to see you in your group photo. Hope you enjoy your challenge on the school project. Will be thinking of you!!!

    lots of love sweetie, Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Message to Thomas Wright - Alpha 6
    Hi Mutley!
    Glad to see you arrived in one piece. I hope you're already having a wicked time and not missing us too much...
    Also hope that you worked out how to use your camera because I'm going to want to see a LOT of pictures when you get back.
    Natalie says always use protection (from the sun and mosquitoes).
    Beyonka says "I want cake".
    William and Harry say meow.
    Take care of yourself!
    Faye, Natalie, Belinda, William and Harry

  12. For Ta-Shanae Pitcher Trott (Alpha 6 - Miraflor) - Hi Mommy!! We r all missing u already, so glad u have made it safely. Have fun and be safe. I will check the blog daily to see what's happening. Lots of LOVE from ALL of US, xoxo.

  13. Para Josué Tuz Alpha 1 !!!

    Mopriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii vieras la buena vibra que me dio verlo en la foto en el blog de RALEIGH INTERNATIONAL!!! se nos cumplió la meta, una vez lo hablamos y hoy ya está participando, volviendo locos a esos cheles y seguro que enamorando a mas de una chica!! :D ... jajajaja... MEtale siempre sabor con esos tambores a todo el mundo hasta que se quede sin manos!!! jajaja.... Mopri de fijo voy a seguir los pasos de su grupo, xq al chile ud sabe como es somos como hermanillos que a la distancia vamos tratando de conquistar el mundo y dandole un mejor sentido de vida a nuestras vidas!!....
    Mae la tarea es la siguiente, tiene que quedar todos los dias demasiado cansado, si no está cansado al final del día, tiene que hacer algo para estarlo, eso significa que disfruto todo el dia! :D :D :D :D .... Esta es SU experiencia así que disfrútela como usted quiera!!!! :D :D :D

    Que buena nota que le haya tocado con mauricio como PM, el compita está rayado! :D

    Atte! POLLO el eslovaco!! :D

  14. Mauricio Otarola... Alpha 1

    Don mauricio que satisfacción ver que esta metido en la pelota de PM's en la expedición... Metale demasiado sabor a esa gente como ud sabe hacerlo, y bueno siempre Apenas bueno hacerlos sufrir un poco!!! jaja... Haga que Tuz saque toda la energía que tiene, ese mop está en todas!

    Atte: Andrés Cambronero!

  15. Message to Suzzanah Kidd - ALPHA 3

    Hiya! Hope your having an awesome time, you look so pale in the picture, you need to get your tan on hahaha. well not much is happening in feldy apart fro the rain... its chucking it down! no change then lol. Oh and Cara has decided to join the army!!!! but to do catering haha. i will keep you updated with Feldy life, and will send you another message soon :D

    Have fun and take care, love you!! and miss you!!

    Siobhan :D xxxxxxxx

  16. Sofia Quiros Otarola, Alpha 4

    "There is no combination of words
    I could put on the back of a postcard.
    And no song that I could sing,
    But I can try for your heart
    Our dreams,
    And they are made out of real things,
    Like a shoebox of photographs
    With sepia-tone loving.

    Love is the answer,
    At least for most
    Of the questions in my heart.
    Why are we here and where do we go?
    And how come it's so hard?
    It's not always easy
    And sometimes life can be deceiving.
    I'll tell you one thing,
    It's always better when we're together.

    Mmm, it's always better when we're together.
    Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together.
    Well, it's always better when we're together."

  17. Lu Ying!

    Looks like you having lotsa fun! (trekking across continent sounds really cool). Can't wait to hear stories from you. Keep smiling and take more photos. ;)

    XXX GQ

    Hi Gypsie,,just checking in on you..hope ur making out ok. I see u've had some rain already sheesh! Well enjoy ur expedition, remember to stay hydrated!! Drink plenty water!! Take some pics when u can (wish u would've takne the digital cam..oh well) "vhat iz dese" lol! I MISS N LOVE U
    Mom xox

  19. Yap Lu Ying, ALPHA 1

    HAPPPPPPPPPPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!生日快樂!!!

    Congrad to my lovely trek, Turmiacho which was told to be the hardest trek in my exped.

    Please help me to prove whether it is the hardest or not!!!


    RCWT12 need u too! remember to update the map notes before 31 July...HAHAHAHAHHAA


    BB XD

  20. Message for Brandon Burns

    Hey Babe, Took a while to get the money in your account because u forgot to give us your account details but eventually got the info off ur dad and put it in this morning, we will put some more in a couple of weeks.

    Love you and miss u like crazy!


  21. Lauren Hollie Liz5 July 2012 at 12:25

    ALPHA 4 – San Lucas Island Nature Reserve

    Message to Rebecca Atkinson

    Hiya Becca

    Glad you got there safe and sound!
    Hope your having an amazing time, cant wait to hear all about it.
    Your not missing much here its still raining!
    You look extra cool in your group photo hope your not coming home that pastey!!

    Missing you loads

    Love from Hollie Liz and Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hi, this is a message for Amy Marshal in the Alpha 3 team.

    I have some news from London: it is still cloudy and rainy; the Shard (the skyscraper) was opened this week with a laser show that was a flop; and the Olympics are only 20d, 23h, and 44m away ;-)

    Also I wanted to speak to you today so much. I was at the office bored to dead asking myself whether you would send me a text to tell me you were online, and then I realized you are so far away that not even the internet can reach you.

    I feel again like when you left in March. I want to speak to you to tell you the small details of my life. Like I already bought a Christmas present for my mom; or like my boy wants to leave Cap; but I will not bore the Communication Officer with my boring life (Thanks by the way Mr/Mrs Communication Officer).

    Londres era definitivamente mucho mas exitante contigo; porque aunque lloviera o no hubiera nada que hacer, por lo menos te tenia a ti para acerme compania.

    Vuelve pronto que te extrano mucho.



  23. Message to Rebecca Atkinson, alpha 4...

    Hey Bexy!
    Hope your having an amazing time, I'm sure you are and you will have lots of stories to tell us and a beaute tan! We're all thinking of you loads.. It's not the same hear without you! I hope u get my message and I'll leave you some more am sure..
    So proud of you! Love ya lots, izzy xxxxx

  24. ALPHA 4 – San Lucas Island Nature Reserve

    Message to Rebecca Atkinson

    Hey bex
    i hope ur ok and enjoying it loads. im glad to see on ur picture u got there save and sound. i actually rote u and letter around the pool on holiday and got u some thortans chocolate lol then hollie told me we dnt have an address for u lmao. u can have it wen u get bak lol. missin u alot bex !!! im currently txtin lauren about how emotional im getting looking at ur picture and riting to u lmao im such a geek. everyones so proud of u.

    i will rite again soo can chat some more poo for u lol. take care!!
    i love you lots

    yours faithfully
    Kerry <3

  25. Message to Suzzanah Kidd Alpha 3 .........
    Hey sweetness :) u look like your having a great time! Hope ur enjoying the waterfalls! Get loads of pictures for me! Don't worry about me, bit of a loner since you left :( working away. Can't wait till you get back, I have sent you a letter aswell! I send all my love and can't wait to see your face! Xxxxxxxx love Aimee xxxxxxxxxxX

  26. Hi, this is a message for Amy Marshal in the Alpha 3 team.

    It is Friday again and I am in Vauxhall sitting at your HSBC desk. I am waiting for your text but I know it will not happen :-(

    It has been two weeks so far and I miss more than ever. I am very proud of what you are doing over there and very happy that you are having such a big impact on the life of all those guys. They will remember you forever.

    ... in other news, it is still raining in London and we are only 13d, 23h and 24m from the Olympics. It is so exiting !!

    Muchos besos para ti !!


  27. Mrs Outerbridge17 July 2012 at 12:52

    Hi Che and Cole: hoping you're having fun and learning a lot about Costa Rica and the whole expedition. Malcolm enjoyed his time in Borneo as part of 11D 2011. look forward to hearing about your experiences when you return to Bermy in September.

  28. Mrs Outerbridge17 July 2012 at 12:55

    Hi Ysavier: i was excited when i saw your picture as part of the Costa Rica expedition. you might not remember me, but i was the manager for YMSC when Malcolm played for them. His experience while in Borneo was great; he learned a lot and made several friends of which he stayed in contact with until the end. look forward to hearing all about your adventure.

  29. Mrs Outerbridge17 July 2012 at 12:57

    Hi Juliana:

    hoping you're having a good time and learning a lot. hot in Bermy right now, as i'm sure it's the same in Costa Rica. do you get much rain there? after seeing your picture it looks like you're enjoying the experience as did Malcolm when he was in Borneo as part of the 11D 2011. cant wait to hear all about your travels.

  30. Mrs Outerbridge17 July 2012 at 13:00

    hi Trae:
    hoping you continue to enjoy yourself. your picture confirms that you are. see your dad often and we have a little chuckle about how you're enjoying the experience. it should be almost time for changeover and hope the next phase is eventful, and look forward to hearing about it when you return.

  31. Mrs Outerbridge17 July 2012 at 13:04

    Hi Ta-Shanae, Zichari and Jawonday.
    Hoping the experience in Costa Rica is a learning one. Following your adventure and hope each changeover is a different challenge. are you all learning the language; so i guess you'll give the Raleigh 'family' some lessons once you return. look forward to hearing about your experiences when you return in Sept. regards, Malcolm's mom.

  32. Message for Brandon Burns - Alpha 5

    Missing you like crazy! Hope you are having an amazing time. We are moving Grandma into the new House on Friday the 20th of July and hopefully our stuff VERY SOON after will be so glad to start getting everything straight for when you come home.
    Cant wait to see some more pictures of you as there have not been many so far. Will write soon, we all love you so much and are so proud of you ..... be safe.
    Loads of Love
    Mum xxxxx

  33. Message for Ivan Coueslant

    Took AGES to find where you were! Hi Ivan!!!!
    What a fabulous adventure. Enjoy & have fun. Will keep an eye out on this web site for you.
    Love from
    G.Penny xxx

  34. Hi Jawonday,
    Today is the first day that I have gotten my hands on a working computer with an internet connection. Your sister and your little brother says hi and your papa calls just about everyday to ask about you. Your daddy is confident that you are focused and doing what you have to do. (So am I... lol)

    I hope you are having a wonderful experience in Costa Rica. Just know that we are proud of you and we are wishing you well as you meet new people and explore new things.

    Luv you much.


  35. Hola Isabel (Alfa 3):
    Imagino que estàs pasando una experiencia increìble, asì que te mando todas las vibras positivas y necesarias para que sigas dando tu mejor esfuerzo.. se te extraña y se te quiere mucho ... Por cierto "Valerie" , te manda saludos Antòn. :)

  36. Richard Chavarría (alpha 6):
    Éxitos cada día en esa experiencia tan tuanis que estas viviendo!!! Éxitos en cada acción que realizas allí.

    Bendiciones!!, Se le quiere!!! =)

    Saludos!!! Pura vida mono!!!

  37. Salvador garcía padre de Teydi mariem garcía ampie (Alpha, 5)

    como estas, nosotros esperando tu llegada y contentos de saber que esta experiencia te servirá en tu vida futura. pedimos a dios te cuide y protega
    con amor tus padres



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