Saturday, 7 July 2012

Alpha Group Round-up

Here's all the latest news from the Alphas:

Alpha 1 - have dipped their toes in the Caribbean Sea and marched along the railroad tracks from Moin to Quince Millas to Estrada. They camped under the stars near Linea B and have enjoyed their last bit of flat for the next 230km. Today they started the first of many ascents - from Cimaronnes up to Barbilla National Park. Tomorrow they will have a 0530 start as they head into the first of three days of jungle.

Alpha 2 - spent two days travelling in a bus to get to the north of Nicaragua to start their trek. The next two nights were spent in the beautiful pine forest of Miraflor Nature Reserve... now they are heading up to the ridges above the city of Esteli.

Alpha 3 - arrived in Volcan Tenorio National Park a few days ago and built a fantastic jungle camp to protect themselves from the heavy afternoon rains. They have started their first task of carrying many sacks of sand up to their project site and have even managed to fit in a couple of games of football against the rangers and locals.

Alpha 4 - arrived to the former prison island of San Lucas just in time for an impressive tropical thunderstorm... a very fitting atmosphere to welcome them! They took a couple of days to set up a 'basha village' and are now busy helping the rangers in this stunning wildlife reserve.

Alpha 5 - have arrived in the village of El Pajarito, a mere two day bus journey and three hour walk from Fieldbase. The groups have moved in with their families and met their new 'mums, dads, brothers & sisters' for the next two weeks. They are now busy digging trenches with mattocks, pick axes and spades where they will lay the pipes that will bring clean and fresh water into the homes of the villagers.

Alpha 6 - much like Alpha 5, A6 are now learning about what it is like to live in rural Nicaragua. They were given a warm welcome and are being very well looked after. They have begun digging out the foundations for the school.

Each group has a 'Comms Officer' representative that will be writing blogs and sending them into Fieldbase so we should have updates from the field very soon… until then…


  1. Lesley Parietti8 July 2012 at 06:47

    To Andy Youl, Alpha 5, Costa Rica

    Hello Andy,

    I'm writing to wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 7th ! I've just been catching up with the story so far from the blog so know you are in El Pajarito now. All seems pretty amazing. Have been scanning all the photos for glimpses of you and Becky. You both look well and happy so I hope that is the case. Not much news from UK, it's still wet, wet, wet here !! Loads of love Lesley Parietti

  2. Para Josue David Alpha 1 ,de su familia que siga adelante,lo queremos mucho ....Esperamos que la pases muy bn x alla

  3. To Emma Smyth Alpha 5

    Well Emma how's the craic?
    I've been following the blog closely and it looks like you and your group have arrived and are getting stuck in straight away with all the physical work. Good effort dude-does this mean you're going to come back with bulging biceps? I better get down to the gym! Or maybe I'll dig a trench and set up my own water system here in the back garden:)
    Just helped Varun and Shiwani move flat. Met up with Naren yesterday and went over to mum's for her special curry- which was ace.
    Keep up the good work, I'm sure you doing grand- we're all proud of you and remember- baby you're a firework!
    Rambo xx

  4. Hey Krisztina,
    You knocked us (A1) for six on the Road Trip. Keep up the good work.
    Alpha One.

  5. For Henry Seal Alpha 2:
    Hope it's all hunky dory and more out there, we are following Raleigh blog religiously. You missed an epic Federer final against Murray, you can imagine the hype prior to it but the Fed came good thank goodness after losing the first set - makes him number 1 in the world rankings for the next couple of weeks at least - hurrah! Looking forward to seeing some of your pics and hearing from you when you get a chance. XU++ Mum

  6. For Joe Druce-Oliver (Delta 3)

    Andy Murray got to, but lost, the Wimbledon Final. Pretty awesome display though. One day...

    Am afraid Tibet has been cancelled by Explore - just too dangerous. They have offered - and have accepted on your behalf - a replacement trip to Cambodia including Angkor Wat. Think you might actually prefer it :)

    Espero que estes bien. Te amo. Mum x

  7. Luke Bialkowski - Delta 2 -
    Hi Luke
    Following your adventures on the blog, how exciting and what an experience. Can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy
    Loads of love Nan and Grandad. x

  8. For Richard Voaden Alpha 1

    Hey Richard,
    Been monitoring your progress on the Raleigh blog.
    Those jungle beds with the poles and canvas look nifty.We expect you are quite used to them by now so Mum and I have sold your bed and you can sleep in the garden from now on.
    Like I always told on your guard at all times....especially in the jungle.
    Good luck with the trek Indiana Jones !
    From Dad

  9. The Goodchild family
    Hi Alex,
    We've been watching for your pictures and have spotted three so far, including the one that shows only your legs (rest hidden under tarp). Took them in to John and Sam, and Sam spotted correctly it was you. Missed you on a certain special day. First time you've been away from home on the 9th of July. Had a drink for you.


  10. For Simon Allan, Alpha 5
    Hey Simon, hope you're having an amazing time out there - it sounds as if you're working hard :)
    I'm about to go on my own adventure tomorrow - just need to fit everything into the rucksack!
    Enjoy the rest of the trip and I look forward to hearing all about it,
    love Sarah xxx

  11. Nicole Izurieta,Alpha 5
    Happy Birthday. Have a fantastic day and enjoy every minute of it. It is an amazing way to celebrate your birthday. Lots of love from everybody here.

    Un fuerte abrazo.
    La mamita

  12. To: Nicole Izurieta (Alpha 5)

    My dearest Nicole wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I am sure you are having a great time and making new friends along the way. I miss you lots every day.

    Lots of love xoxoxo


  13. To Emma Smyth alpha 5

    Yo emboloomloolloba, how's it going aul Han?

    Keep up the good work, such a great cause! Sitting in your house at the minute. Your cats were seriously hyper last night and I also did a bit of sleep talking but don't think Rambo heard me. Heading down to west herts this evening for an induction day tomorrow. Will be meeting my fellow scitt students.

    Anyway hope you're well and everyone is enjoying themselves either though you guys are working your butts off!

    All the best, from your little bro

  14. Para Istvan Sepulveda en Alpha 6 (Puertas Azules)
    Mi querido Padawan! Como le va en esta nueva expedición como PM?! La fuerza se encuentra de su lado? jajaja Ojalá le este yendo super bien! Estoy seguro que está haciendo un excelente trabajo! Saludos mi estimado nica!
    Daniel "Flaves" Saborio!

  15. For Catherine Inch Alpha 2
    Cat don't know if you will get this as I assume you are somewhere on a volcano in deepest Nicaragua. I just hope you have not met any beasties like we've been seeing in the photos on the blog. We missed you at Natalie's wedding which was a lovely day. LML note : you missed Al in chat up mode, full details to follow... HEIIO :) from Jamie. We will keep looking at the blog to see if we can get any more glimpses of your forehead in the group photos. Mum, Dad, Al and Jamiexxxx

  16. Para Teydi Mariem García Ampie, Alpha 5
    hola teydi que dios te bendiga espero que este yendo bien nosotros siempre esperándote y pidiéndole a dios que te proteja
    cuídate mucho estamos bien te envían saludes tus tías hermanos sobrinos y primos
    la camila ya esta bien de su pie
    besos y abrazos de tus padres

  17. Para: Teydi Mariem García Ampie, Alpha 5
    hola como estas, espero que bien aquí en casa todos esperándote, nosotros deseándote lo mejor sigue adelante realiza tus sueños.
    te envían saludes tus tías hermanas y sobrinas
    la camila y la esther te mandan besos
    besos y abrazos de tus padres
    que dios siempre este contigo.

  18. To Richard Voaden Alpha 1

    Hope you are still managing a cocktail in the jaccuzi at the end of each day !

    One more step along the way I go...etc etc

  19. Para Andres Mora alpha 3

    Hola mi amor :) espero te encuentres muy bien y feliz dia gracias por un mes mas y aunq no estes por aca no importa siempre te estoy pensando te amo.. Dios me lo cuide y proteja siempre guapo y te de muchas fuerzas para cuando sientas o no das pon todo en el que te va a ayudar tee amooo y me haces muchaa falta u.u.. Besos

  20. To Richard Voaden Alpha 1

    They tell me you are soon finishing your "stretch" in the jungle and are being released early for good behaviour.
    Well done Matey !
    Hope this finds you still in one piece and "the plates of meat" (Cockney for feet) are OK.
    That was probably a breeze. Now for the hard work !
    Just sorry I cant be there.
    Just remember son.Like I have always told you; character building.Character building !



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