Thursday, 5 July 2012

Alpha Groups Training Slideshow

The night before the Alpha Groups deployed they too were treated to a slideshow showing how much they had packed into their short time in the country...


  1. para Sofia Quiros Otarola
    hola sofira!! ojala la este pasando increible, disfrute lo mas que pueda, y aunque hace bastante no la veo xq me la quitaron te amo muchisimo y te extranho, besos besos y abrazos!!! <3<3
    att: lalo

  2. Louise Gibney
    Hi Lou.I haven't blogged lately so hope you're not getting home sick. You probably don't have time for that looking at the slide show!! we are having loads of rain here and you are the ones in the rain forest. Have a great time in the jungle.

  3. For Ta-Shanae Pitcher Trott - (Alpha 6) - Hi Baby Girl!! Hope all is going well, from the slide shows everything looks good. GUESS WHAT!! Uncle and Laura have a new dog, a black Pomeranian, they might name him Teddy, he's so cute. U finally have yourself a new pet. Be safe, lots of LOVE from all of us!! xoxo

  4. Sean McGarry
    Hi Sean it looks like you are having as great time! Kelly misses you as do we :). Loving the blog and all the updates. Have a great time. Love from all the family xx

  5. Josue Tuz-Alpha 1

    Si todos los dias te pienso hoy te pense aun mas!! Me lleve la sorpresa de ver q estaban dando por tele la pelicula "orgullo y prejuicio", desde el principio me quede viendo la intro d la pelicula sin saber que era esa y en eso, pum, ponen l titulo. Se me pelaron los ojos y senti alegria por tener mas razones para tenerte presente (no la vi, relax) y bueno ademas comi brocoli, ja!!... DIAS!!... Q estes muy bien, en l corazon y la mente estas! En algun lado d la hermosa montana estaras volando patilla, pero hasta ahi te mando un abrazo inmensisimo, como los nuestros. Espero te llegue!! Te quiero montones!! Te extraño de mil maneras!!

    =* te reequiero!!

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  8. For Henry Seal 12G alpha 2
    Hi hen! just wanted to let you know i've settled in in Cambodia and the teaching is going great! the weather is hot!! and as per usual i'm being bitten alive! went to the temples today which were awesome! i hope you're okay and the trek is going well!! Miss you loads!!
    Love from Amy xxxx

  9. Christopher Arias9 July 2012 at 16:40

    Sofia Quiros Otarola, 12G, Alpha 4
    Chichiiii!!! te toco San Lucas como querías, ojala estés super bien y puedas traer muchas fotos chivas como las que tomo acá hahaha!!! Me haces un montón de falta y te quiero mucho



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