Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alpha (High) Five!

Alpha 5 spent 17 days in the small community of El Pajarito in northern Nicaragua. After a few days bonding with the locals, we got straight to work in the midday sun. With our trusty pickaxes, shovels, machetes and the unbelieveably useless flade (sorry Logs), we managed to dig the full 1.7km trench for the water pipe from the natural spring to the water tank on the edge of the community. With perfect timing we completed the final 120m stretch on the last day and celebrated that evening with all the locals. 

After performing rousing versions of our national anthems (with a particularly brave solo rendition of the Chinese one from Endgoes), our families surprised us with farewell speeches and men wielding guitars performed several emotional songs. All 14 of us squeezed around the tiniest table to eat a feast cooked by the locals, and the rest of the evening was filled with singing, laughing and a few awkward dances with men sporting dubious moustaches.

Despite the Tico time, Alpha 5 managed to hold several successful English lessons for the community, held a PJ party and whooped the locals at baseball.

Go Alpha 5!

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  1. Hola, quiero mandarle un grandisimo saludo, besos y abrazos para Isabel Adriana de parte mia, Alejandro Rocha Gallo desde Nicaragua, eespero que este bien y que disfrute de esa aventura, que aparte de disfrutar que yo se que ayuda mucho de varias maneras, le mando saludos, gracias



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