Monday, 23 July 2012

Alpha Update...

The Alphas are all back and glowing from their Phase 1 experiences!

Alpha 1 had an awesome cross-continent trek with a sprint finish towards the sea...

Alpha 2 had some awesome highs (and lows but they were only in the altitude sense)...

Alpha 3 had loads of jungle fun in Tenorio...

Alpha 4 made San Lucas island sparkle...

Alpha 5 helped to water a whole community...

And Alpha 6 made excellent progress on their school!

I'm just waiting for the final project summaries and all the pictures to come in (there are literally thousands!) and then I'll have a full update for you later. Watch this space!


  1. for HENRY SEAL, ALPHA 2
    Hii Henry, hope all well, we have had no updates on alpha 2 since you left so are assuming no news equals good news? I think all other groups had reports in and posted, we have read them all and waited with baited breath for your group updates., fingers crossed for tomorrow. Hope you have been keeping your journal, you will forget the details so easily otherwise. Dad and I are 10 days into our holiday, amazing times, saw a beach full of elephant seals yesterday, a sea otter and her cub/pup the day before and lots of seals and sea lions. In Sequoia national park now, lots of bear and rattle snake warnings but thank goodness no sightings yet! Hear from you soon xxxx

  2. Federica Mamma23 July 2012 at 23:56

    Message for Michele Calliari - Alpha Two

    Ciao Miki!

    Ti ho scritto sul blog ma non so se hai ricevuto. We're all fine, grandparents are in Campiglio, Marty in Val Campelle and we're still in Milan. I'm very glad Ema is there with you, it will be a great time for him too. Edo is asking for news, hope to see your pic soon. Ready for phase 2? I wonder how beautiful was Nicaragua and how are your feet?
    Big hug to you, Carlo and Ema. Ciao tesoro!

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  4. Para Stephanie, Alfa 5, muchos animos con todo! siempre ponga esas inmensas energias y buena vibra que tiene, y como dice la cancion: may nothing but happiness come through your door... se le quiere demasiado. abrazos

  5. Para Josué Tuz, Alpha 1: estamos Nes, Lau, Mónica y Noe en la iglesia ensayando para el culto de jóvenes de mañana llamado ARTE BAJO EL SOL (aja, te lo vas a perder!) Dice Nes que: "yeiyeyeyyyeyeeyeybdmdyeyyeyeynmdmeyye" Dice Lau: venga ya que me hace falta. Monica: holaaaaa!!!! Y Noe: tq pie de mi corazón!



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