Sunday, 15 July 2012

Delta 1 - what's goin' on?

Delta 1 spent the first 9 days at Playa Hermosa; a beautiful beach frequented by many types of endangered turtle. We have been working with rangers, digging, putting up fences and wandering the beach at night, all in an attempt for Tortuga conservation. On the second day, Ella, Rebecca, Juliet, Louise, Janet and Roberto were in the middle of digging a ditch when Charlie saved the day by yelling in warning for a rogue massive wave that was about to crash into the ditch. We later heard that the digging we had done had saved the turtles in the hatchery! We have been very lucky to see many turtles - Emmeline, Tom, and Charlotte were cautiously paddling when they turned around to see a turtle a few metres away. It worked its way up the beach, dug a nest, laid its eggs and left, whilst Delta 1 and the rangers stood and watched in amazement.
We have also released many baby turtles (everyone say ‘aaaaaah...’) - James very carefully carried them to the beach and we all placed them on the sand and watched them waddle to the ocean.

When we all arrived at Playa Hermosa we all thought the crabs were endearing, but after spending the week with them crawling in our shoes and scuttling everywhere, we now considered them pests!
In our free time, we learned Spanish from Rocio, who has been teaching us handy phrases like 'todo bien'. We also like to eat coconuts, listen to Roberto's renditions of Adele music, play lots of card games and carefully dip in the sea, which is dangerous due to riptides.

Delta 1 has now moved onto Carara, where we live in the jungle camp in the rainforest. We're helping to build the path in order to encourage tourism and allow rangers to continue to run and conserve the national park. Yesterday we went for a wash in the river in the rain. We were all clean and happy but Maddie fell over in the mud on the way back, which Roberto found very funny!
We also had to take a detour from the path when we found a snake swimming in a puddle, fortunately Juliet wasn't there as she hates snakes and even has a special stomping dance to ward them away!
Today we dug a ditch to divert water away from the path, and I can confirm that Delta 1 is loving life in the jungle so far. Louise is slightly upset that she has the most mossie bites! We are awoken by the sound of birds and monkeys daily, which is amazing, and are looking forward to the week ahead!
Delta 1, out!


  1. William Tudor Jones15 July 2012 at 07:54

    To Maddie Tudor Jones, Delta 1
    Hi Maddie - delighted you fell in the mud AFTER your wash in the river!! Sounds like you are having a fab time.
    Just got back from Nanna's 80th party in Wales - it went well. Weather in UK is rain & floods!
    Heckie & Alfie LOL that you fellin mud!
    Luv dad xxx

  2. Message for Richard Voaden Alpha 1

    Hope you're enjoying the adventure. It looks amazing and I'm envious! 250km trek - with hills. Even Lee would be impressed!

  3. Rebecca Weighell (Delta 3)
    Hi Becca, have just been listening to the blog and pictures, sounds and looks amazing. The trek there sounds pretty hard work, hope it felt like an adventure and not a nightmare! The building work looks impressive, does this mean you'll be able to build Dad a new shed when you come home?!
    Lorraine is here at the moment and Helen and Thomas came for the night yesterday. Bob has had his op which sounds a success, and is recovering in hospital.
    Keep thinking of you and hoping you are enjoying the experience. Certainly looks amazing.
    Lots of love Mum and Dad XXX

  4. For Louise Gibney (Delta 1)

    Lou - I can't help but feel partly responsible for you having the most mozzie bites! Thinking of you and wish there was something I could do to help!

    Lauren. X

  5. To Louise Gibney Delta 1

    Wow all sounds amazing! monkeys,rip tides,massive rouge waves, snakes in puddles, baby turtles, pesky crabs! Sounds like you have been doing alot of hands on labour as well! you got the most bites from the mossys because your so tasty! looking forward to hearing from you!

    Love Ciarán xx

  6. Hello Luying (Alpha 1) & other Hong Kong Venturers,

    Hope you guys are doing good! :) Enjoy the time there! See you very soon!


  7. Hope you had fun with the turtles, James, and are managing to ward off the jungle beasties!

    See you soon.

    Love, dad xxx

  8. Louise Gibney Delta 1
    I could have told you you would be the mossie bite king!! Turtle saving sounds fantastic. I want to come.


    Sonali! I have no idea when you're back from your island but thinking of you lots. WOOOOOO. Hope to hear from you soon (but not too - be free and wild). Well done x

  10. To Emma Smyth Alpha 5

    yo dude,
    Hope you are doing well and getting those fluids in!!
    All is good back here. Timmy was over for a few days- he's gone back home now. We met up with Calvin and Saj and went out for a few drinks on saturday night in town- it was good craic. My muscles are still a bit sore two days later so assume I mucst have been thowing some serious shapes on the dancefloor! All the family is well- your side and mine, everyone sends their love and best wishes.
    be well
    Rambo XX

  11. Louis King Alpha 3
    Hi Louis, We are all keeping a watchful eye on the blogs posted up every day. They are brilliant! its great to hear what everybody is up to. Looks like a beautiful spot you have been placed to work in. The waterfall is stunning. So you are sleeping in Hammocks? dad is really jealous. Just to let you know Kay and Ian are coming over in Aug as well. So it will be a full house. Heat wave at the moment 40 degrees would love some of your rain!
    Lots of love mum dad lucia and dogs.

  12. Delta 1, Charlie Reeder.
    Hey baby! Hope you're having a good time and enjoying yourself.. Just read you're doing well :) I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work! Missing you lots and lots! See you soon iloveyou

  13. To Juliet Zietse, Delta 1
    Juuul! superleuk om dit allemaal te lezen! wat vet dat je die schildpadjes in het water hebt vrijgelaten enzo. kan je al goed spaans? ik bedacht me opeens dat je nog was vergeten mijn boekje mee te nemen! hoop dat je wel een andere hebt (of gewoon helemaal niet nodig want ik lees hierboven dat je al todo bien kan verstaan hihi (snap je de grap?) .
    ik zit nu in italie en er is hier dus wonder boven wonder internet! toch wel fijn. maar ik ben heel goed bezig want ik heb al 2 (!) boeken voor m'n lijst gelezen, de avonden en bezonken rood (op jouw aanraden). verder shoppen m'n moeder en ik best veel en doe ik ook heel lekker niks. wel anders dat jij doet ;p
    ik wil alles horen en foto's zien als je thuisbent he! wel smsen als je veilig bent aangekomen.
    tot snel! xx fran

  14. Louise G would have the most mozzie bites!

  15. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 Tues 17 Jul
    The sun shone today. A is away at BA and your Dad at work. It is very weird for me to have both of you away - first time since you appeared on the scene.
    I went looking for a graduation present for Alicia and failed miserably having trawled my way round all the antiquey-junk shops I could find there was nothing that worked. On the way back home I stopped off to pick blackcurrants for jam. They are fiddly to pick but this year the rain seems to have been good for them and I had a nice time in the sunshine. Bought clotted cream and will make scones this afternoon. Yum, shame D is on a diet I'll have to eat them all myself...if you were here you could have helped!
    It was nice to see some children in your audioblog pix....they'll be the ones the school is for I guess? They must be quite excited and intrigued to see it go up.
    Xanthe and Jane send their love and lots of wows...X would like a new garage next please. Thinking of you lots and very proud of you and the whole of Delta 3 - in fact think the whole of you are pretty fabulous. Jane was pleased that Fieldbase were on to the sausage they do Macaroni cheese is the next question???
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses,

  16. Louise (Delta 1) always has the most mozzy bites! It's a fact of life, isn't it lou?
    Glad you are still alive and kicking; think of you every day - usually early in the morning when you would be sound asleep.
    Have finished work now, for this summer and am looking forward to our holidays. Serious flower arranging this weekend, wedding the next and... the sun is forecast to come out...soon! Take care, love Mum

  17. to Maddie, Delta 1,
    Saw the blog and photos of you, you all seemed to be working hard in rather soggy conditions!! You are countdown now and only six more sleeps. We had a good meal in Q.A but it was sooo busy, they really needed you there last night. We watched the Opening of Olympics last night, it was a very curious show and I am sure people abroad would wonder what it was all about, however the lighting of the cauldron was spectacular
    We are out with friends tonight for a Chinese meal. have you had good food? I think I saw you peeling carrots.
    Looking forward to seeing you. Lots of love from N&G xxx



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