Saturday, 14 July 2012

Delta 3 - The Story So Far...

Here is an audio blog with some pictures from Delta 3, recorded on the Fieldbase team's roadtrip to the Chirripo indigenous territory.



  1. For Joe Druce-'Olivier', Delta 3

    LOVE the blog and the fact you narrate it in your most sonorous, actorly voice! The journey sounds pretty draining, but the place looks amazing and your team sounds great and it seems like you're all muddling along together which is brilliant. My mind only slightly boggles at your talk of charades to communicate with the locals. Have you worked out a mime yet for 'how far is the nearest Nandos?'

    I hope you got my letters when Fieldbase visited with their giant sausages (why only 4?!) If not, just to say Tibet became Cambodia but is now Vietnam. All good. And gives you a wee bit longer at home to relax before you're off again.

    The twins say 'goo' - they're off for their first swim today!

    Te amos mas que a la vida. Mum xxx

  2. To: Delta 3 and Christina G.
    Hi everybody, fantastic job, having in mind the local enviromental conditions , bravo to everybody and keep going
    Polis Gregoriou

  3. Emmeline Brown Delta 1
    Hi Emmeline,
    I'm looking forward to hearing about the wonderful things you've been doing. Have just been reading about Delta 3's activities - sounds like very hard work, but fun!
    All's well here, though Jeremy said he thought the cat got a bit depressed after you left (we've tried to console her). Of course we're all missing you too.
    Japan trip was great - so interesting and everyone was very friendly. Took loads of photos.
    We were all in London yesterday - Jeremy at a UN conference and Phil and I went the new Photographers' Gallery. Pauline was asking about you. Dandy was also asking how you are.
    See you in 2 weeks and 4 days!
    Love, Anne xxxxxxxx

  4. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 15.07.12
    We laughed when we saw your audioblog - a lot, your Dad was so proud that he almost cried! You sound as if you are having great fun with a terrific group of people and I am so impressed that you managed
    1 to get up that hill
    2 to help build that school
    3 to live after everyone heard your singing! (no really you have a fantastic voice - like piping really best heard outside and from a distance).
    Your Dad and I were talking about a special celebration meal when you come home and we were thinking we might experiment with rice, beans and tortillas..... - your Dad thought these were actually Doritos but I've put him straight. What do you think???
    I've been out walking again this Sunday morning with the girls - the dog rolled in fox poo so it was tomato ketchup and shampoo for him. We are off to see Linsey and Stewart this afternoon. A is sailing and off to BA tomorrow. Not much else happening here. Weather is rainy, economy is rainy and what is worse there is nothing good on the telly!
    Missing you a lot but very proud of you - see how much more of that school you can get done! (Try not to hit your fingers with the hammer.) We've got some DIY lined up for you when you get home and Andrew Lloyd Webber has been a pest recently - you're just going to have to audition for him. Off to practice my tortillas!
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses,

  5. To Daniel Cherrie,
    hello how are you? do you like it in Costa Rica? do you miss the food here ?? ive seen the pictures and the video and it looks scary and terrible weather lol! have u seen any spiders??? im going with auny viki george and mum and uncle bill to wales next week. we are all missing you and have a great time love ella x


  7. For Joseph Druce-Oliver Delta3
    My posts to you don't ever seem to appear! (I've sent two). Mum misses a crucial point on the four sausage question: how big is 'giant'??! Is giant ever enough?

    Hove yesterday tried hard to do Bastille Day celebrations (no doubt your heart sang Vive la liberte! ) but as you will have gathered the weather here is rubbish. Just after lunch it poured, leaving people in shorts and fine Lunch-with-my-parents dresses drenched within seconds which was a little sad but puts Delta 3's exploits into context.

    In fact, I think we all secretly wish we could be with you guys and have mud as well as wet.

    Talk of who should head the Ark Building Department in the government; who can construct the least leaky vessel. Any ideas? Meanwhile the video blog was tops, but I only realised you narrated the first bit too on view six! You can speak like that at home too, you know!!

    The school looks terrific; keep at it. Hope you get to play Mafia a lot- long ago in theatre days we played it with the actors and your mother was a demon champion at it. So she has Mafia, you are champ at Cheat and dominos but I am undisputed 'Daffodil' World Title Holder....non??!

    Miss you loads, ton Papa xxx

  8. Para: Roberto Andres Vargas Cordero. Delta 3
    Hola Robert, esperamos que la estés pasando muy bien en tu grupo.
    Tu familia aquí en Turrialba te extraña mucho, aunque no sabemos donde estas exactamente te enviamos buenas vibras positivas para que sigas adelante en esta nueva experiencia.
    Esperamos que disfrutes mucho y aprendas cosas nuevas con tu nueva familia. Nosotros aquí estamos en casa muy bien gracias a Dios.
    Toda la familia te saluda y te envía muchos besos y abrazos!!

  9. For Darshini Mehta (Delta 3)

    hola :)
    espero que estés bien (I hope you know what that means and google translator worked haha) I can answer your latest letter now :) I have been keeping busy, i have had lots of new dogs start coming in the last couple of weeks all through recommendation so thats really good, will pay for my train fares to Bham ;) i went to the pub quiz last night, you should come sometime too! i may be going cinema with Ben and Nicole, hurry up and get back so i dont have to be a third wheel haha I go Thursday with my Dad so hopefully will get a picture at the door :) no the olympics haven't started yet but today athletes started to arrive and you'll be pleased to know Heathrow has been coping with the amount of people well so far! I saw your latest blog video, looks like the school is coming along very well and you look really happy in the pictures so thats really nice to see :) i hope your still really enjoying it, i cant wait to here from you very soon :) Missing you lots cant wait for you to be back, hopefully when you come back to England so does the sun and we can do lots of lovely things :)
    Lots and lots of Love

  10. Hi beautiful saw your lovely pictures, what a wonderful work you & your fabulous group are doing building school.well done enjoy the adventure, cant wait to see you baby girl.daddy & kinjan sends there love. Jese krsna. Love you lots mummy xxxxxxx

  11. Para: Maria José (Delta 3)
    Que éxito poder mirarte en las fotos, super orgulloso de ti, fijo te la estas pasando muy bien, y haciendo que los chicos de tu equipo se diviertan mucho. Un fuerte abrazo.

  12. Hey Sweet Girl! (Mayci-Delta 2)
    I can't wait to see you and hear your voice! I've been walking Leilani this week and she's being a very good girl. She loves to get out and go. Everyone at work is waiting for pictures and stories from your group. Lisa is all moved in her new house with Peggy & Princess. Your Grandmother is asking for pictures of you. I saw Riley yesterday and she said to tell you hi. I'm waiting for you to get back to watch Brave.
    Hope your time in the forest was amazing and you get to enjoy the beach too!
    Counting the days! I think I'm going to keep your flight time a secret so I'll be the to see you first! (just kidding)
    Love to Heaven and back!!! Mom Mwa.....

  13. Alice Brawley - Delta 3


    What a week has passed since my last message - I wonder if you received it! I posted it pretty late; hope you still got it anyway.

    So, I thought I'd fill you in on what's going on:
    Rory is in hospital! He was rushed into surgery after his appendix ruptured. Basically he had been having abdominal pain in Tenerife and was under the illusion it was sunstroke, and when he got back it only got worse so after a week he went to the doctors and hey ho, he's now without an appendix. In all seriousness though, he's pretty unwell and in a high dependency unit in the surgical wards. Jillian and I visited him today (straight after I heard what had happened) to see how he was getting on, and he was incredibly pale and drowsy, and high on morphine as his surgery was only a day or so ago. Apparently because his appendix actually burst the surgery was quite severe and he has such a large scar on his stomach now that his bellybutton has disappeared! He's due to stay in hospital for two more weeks as he was such a dangerous case. I'm planning on seeing him again on Thursday and if anything changes I will update you via here, but hopefully he'll still be fine. My maternal instincts were going insane, let me tell you. He should be out by the time you come home though, I just thought I should let you know so you weren't in the dark when you come home - you know how bad I am at remembering to tell you stories.
    Anyway, that's the dramatic story done.

    I'm on my third set of washing, that's about as exciting as my life has gotten with you not here. Oh, and I've managed to watch 7 series of Grey's Anatomy in the past 3 weeks... and about to move onto the 8th. Basically, I need you to come home and get me out of the house for something other than work (which is taking over my life) and knitting - I spent £70 on wool today as I've been knitting like a mad woman! Last week I knitted 3 scarves in one day, feel like this is a terrible addiction that's been triggered.

    I watched the audio blog and it looks like such hard work. I'm expecting massive bulging biceps from you when you come home, so you can lift cars and carry around damsels in distress, you know? Seriously though, in the pictures you look great and relaxed and like you're having a blast. Just stay safe, will you?

    I wonder if you've met any of the resident animals. If you do, can you name one of them after me? ;) Not a spider though. Or a shark. Actually, scratch that. Don't meet a shark in the first place. And by the way, if you find a dragon, smuggle it home - Caitlin would be delighted.

    I laughed out loud at the 4 sausages thing by the way - how big were they? I feel like a photo should have been taken to correctly proportion them in our minds, because I have images of sausages the size of trees just rolling about while you try and cook them over a tiny campfire.

    Anyway, the washing is beeping and I need my uniform dry for tomorrow, so I must dash. I am missing you a crazy amount, in case you couldn't tell by these mammoth messages. I hope they don't get read out loud... I love you I love you I love you. Missing our cuddles, I feel like I haven't had a proper hug in weeks. There's nothing like an Alice hug.

    Stay safe and make the most of the last two weeks! Hopefully will get another message posted before you get home and within range again. I'm blowing a kiss to you, it's neon and glows in the dark so you should be able to see it even if it is night time when it arrives where you are.

    Molly XXX

    P.S. You look beautiful in all the photos!

  14. To Christina G - Delta 3

    You are all doing an excellent job and I wish you enjoy your adventurous great experience.
    We miss you Christina and we look forward to see you soon
    Love (koumera) xxxxxx
    Lia Charalambous

  15. Message to Hamza AMOR Dellta 3
    coucouuuuu hamzaaaa!!! ca me fait trop plaisir de te voir dans la vidéo même si j ai pas compris un mot!!! et très impressionnée par ce que vous faites!!! Bon courage!!
    Tu nous manques bcp, tu me manques bcp!!! tu as laissé un grand vide!! ici tt le monde va bien, on pense très fort a toi et vivement ton retour!!!!

    Gros bisous, Yasmina

  16. For Darshini Mehta (Delta 3)
    hey :)
    you must be coming to the end of your project now, i hope you are finished or almost finished and everything went well! Im really looking forward to seeing all the pictures and you telling me all about it! :) I had a really good day yesterday when i went with Dad, it was much better than i anticipated so i have my own little exciting story to tell you too :) and i i got the picture i wanted haha you are so lucky to have missed the endless rain here and forecast says that next week is supposed to be the start of our summer, so you may be coming back to sun! Hopefully i will hear from you in the next few days when you are back at base camp! missing you lots and cant wait to hear from you :)
    lots of love,

  17. For Christina G and Delta 3 Group.
    Hi Christina mou, just wanted to reach out to you and say hello. Let you know I have been reading the blog and I must say I am very proud of you all. It doesn't look like a picnic thats for sure. Nevertheless you seem to be having a great time and as always in good spirits. If anyone gets bored I suggest you sing for them that is always so entertaining! LOL
    Sending you big hugs and lots of kisses
    Voula and the gang in London Town = Olympic City! MISS YOU! COME BACK SOON!

  18. For Christina G.
    agapoyla mu great job,so moved to see u in these pics doing this fantastic thing,we missed u so much pls come back soon!filakia adelfoula se perimenoume me megali anipomonisia xxx prosexe panw apola. Angela



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