Sunday, 1 July 2012

Delta Allocations Revealed...

Delta Phase 1 allocations, on projects running from 3rd July to 21st July, are...
*tense American Idol-style music*

DELTA 1 – Playa Hermosa / Carara (environmental – beach/turtles and jungle)
PMs: Lou and Tom
Venturers: Roberto Mariano Alvarez García, Rocío Mora Vicarioli, Charlotte Lovegrove, Elysia Booker, James Morrison, Janet McKenzie, Juliette Zietse, Madeleine Tudor Jones, Rebecca Miller, Emmeline Brown, Charlie Reeder

DELTA 2 – Carara / Playa Hermosa (environmental – jungle and beach/turtles)
PMs: Fran and Bex
Venturers: Charley Attwood, Silvia Muñoz Godínez. Alexandra Spensley, Devon Weaver, Dorcas (Cas) Wright, Grace Packard, Leon Clark, Luke Bialkowski, Mayci Hicks, Taormina Locke, Daniela Ortiz

DELTA 3 – Chirripo – Duchari (community – school)
PMs: Lucy, Christina and Sylvia
Venturers: Maria Jose Araya, Roberto Vargas, Alice Brawley, Anne-Roos Hesselmans, Claudia R Craig, Darshini Mehta, Drummond Clark, Hamza Amor, Joseph Druce-Oliver, Rebecca Weighell, Ed Barrie

DELTA 4 – Chirripo – Tamiju (community – school)
PMs: Adri, Ly Anh and Martin
Venturers: Tarlaan Mohammadi, Alejandro Montero Merino, Carla Alejandra Porras Vargas, Anna Coleridge, Ciaran Russell, Christina Webster, Lucy Gatt, Niamh Fisher, Sarah Tight, Thomas Topham, Mark Shepherd

So they've all met, had their training and are now getting ready to rumble - in the jungle! Delta Groups are off to Jungle Camp this afternoon to spend the night bonding as a team in the open air while the Alphas have their salsa night back at Fieldbase (not to worry though, they'll be off into the 'jungle' tomorrow...)

Some awesome project groups and some amazing projects - we can't wait to get started!


  1. Message for Niamh Fisher from home

    Hello, so glad to see you arrived ok, you're looking happy and healthy. I found your bank card, shall I sent it to you? The house is so quiet without you. Jamie was worried that he hadn't heard from you and Louise and Helen send their love along with Ruddie and Ciara.

    Stay happy and go be brilliant with the rest of your merry group! Big hugs and loads of love. XXXX

  2. Daniiiiiiiiii Ortiz - Delta 1 PLAYA HERMOSA CARARA

    Que me dice Dani, ya mas ubicada con la loquera que implica estar en una expedición de Raleigh. Y que tal ir a Playa Hermosa, saludos a Don Manuel, ya vas a conocer al mae y el palabrerio que se maneja. Ojala que la pase tuanis Dani, legal bretear con tortugas es otro nivel. Que tal Field Base, the Hotels, El volcán Turrialba, splatches, Ross, Julian, Pedro, Keiner? Bueno viniendo de Golfito creo que me tope una buseta de Raleigh y ustedes iban ahí porque los vi bajando Jaco, cuanto daría por estar en expedición. Saludos a Rocío también. Buenooooooooooooo PURA VIDA DE ACACHIMBA, ahí continuare escribiendo Dani. Y cuidado con los cocodrilos en Playa Hermosa cuando va al baño! jajajaja

  3. Message for Lucy GATT from home

    Hi Lucy, so pleased you arrived safely and are still smiling. Good luck on the school project with Delta 4. Daisy has recovered from her walk and sends her love.
    Lots of love from us all xxx

  4. Message for Joe Druce-Oliver

    Hola! Como estas? Estoy muy buen pero that's about the extent of my Spanish!

    So pleased to see a photo of you finally as had been frantically scanning all the others for a glimpse of red hair or a black mess tin ;)

    Hope you're OK with the schools project and not the enviro one; I actually think it's going to be more rewarding and you get to meet and stay with local families which will be brilliant.

    Will send you another letter but sure they will take ages so news for now: Norfolk was 'interesting' (so it's probably going to be Liverpool, which I know will make you happy!), Fred is really well but have booked in for his op on Weds, Charlotte can say 'bye' (she really can!) and Romilly has become Little Miss Smiley.

    Anyhows, take care, hope the beans and rice taste OK with 50 sachets of ketchup on them and that the Nandos pic has its desired effect! Your group looks really nice, you look happy, the trip seems really well organised...just concerned about your complete lack of sleep with all the travel and early starts!

    Enjoy Jungle Camp. Te adoro,

    Mum x

  5. Catherine Sheppard2 July 2012 at 04:32

    Message for James Morrison from Katie and Garrett

    Hello James! This is my second attempt to send this defeated me the first time! Olly and Aoife don't like the sound of Costa Rica - they say it would be far too hot for them. They hope you are enjoying it on their behalf. I've given Garrett a spaniel for his wedding present. He's called him Conor which means lover of hounds or dogs ;-) Hope you are enjoying yourself lots and see you at the wedding. Love from Katie, Garrett and the menagerie. PS Lisa's done a good job!!

  6. For Joe Druce-Oliver

    And PS, Joe, GET IN MORE PHOTOS! They're kinda the only way we have of knowing you're alive ;)


  7. For Mark Shepherd (Delta 4)
    We have found your school position on google maps. It is definitely in the Jungle. Still raining here and no new news.

  8. For Rebecca Weighell Delta 3
    glad to see you have the community project that you wanted and i hope your having fun. I hope the jungle was not too scary and that the food is good. Eat as much as you can :D
    Love Kate x

  9. hi lou (Gibney)
    Just talking Grandma through sending you a message, so have to send you one myself so that i can check there are no more clicks to be made!

    Love Mum xxx

  10. Another message for Louise Gibney (Delta 1)

    Oops Grandma pressed wrong button just at the last stage... so look at e-mail.


  11. Message for Cas Wright (Delta 2)
    Great to see you in the photo looking so happy. Have a great time in the jungle. I am enjoying running around in your little Doris. Dad says paper work all in order for Canterbury house.
    Love you loads.

  12. Message for Cas Wright (Delta 2)
    Hey Cas!
    Glad to see that you arrived safely and got on all the right flights!
    I've just seen that you're going to be chillin' in the jungle and with some turtles on the beach! (I was telling the girls at work over the weekend that you'll be working with turtles and they would like you to bring a little turtle back for them! :P haha)
    Anyways, hope you're having a tremendulant time and getting a nice tan whilst you're at it! :P
    Lots of Love
    Esther x

  13. Tracey Tudor Jones2 July 2012 at 15:29

    Hi Maddie (Madeleine Tudor Jones - Delta Phase 1)

    I have tried to send you one message, but not sure if I did it right. So pleased to hear of your excellent exam results - what a star you are. we are all missing you, especially Hector who is keeping a vigil outside your bedroom door. Everyone was very pleased to hear that you had arrived safely and I bet you are thrilled you are on turtle duty. Keep safe and stay clear of nasty bugs and mozzies!
    Love you,
    Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Shona Morrison2 July 2012 at 18:13

    Message for James Morrison Delta 1 from Shona Morrison

    Hi James - single room accommodation offered in St Regulus, offer expires 9/7. Think this was one of your preferred options? Hope you're happy with that. Visited Olly and Aoife last Friday - met the new pup and kitten too. Very cute, you'll love the new dogs too. Mum x

  15. For Will Milne, Alpha 5

    Hey Will, I hope the mozzie net is effective and the FB withdrawal symptoms are abating? All the best for your birthday.... We will all be raising a glass to you! Love Father xxx

  16. Para Rocio Mora Vicarioli de Cambronero! :D

    Mi amorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, esposa mía!!!! Vieras lo feliz que estoy de ver este blog, me llena demasiado de buena vibra y saber que vas a tener una de las mejores experiencias de tu vida es increiiiiiiiiiiiiiible!!! :D ... disfrute demasiado cada día, la tarea es quedar cansadisima al final del día, si tiene un poco de energía tiene que gastarla!!!

    un super abra

  17. Louise Gibney

    Sorry I missed your call. hope all is well on turtle beach, remember, don't sit on any see-saws!
    And... what are those shorts you are wearing?!! Your mother wouldn't where them!

    Love from your mother

  18. Hey Krisztina, hope you are well and enjoying FB. Keep smiling and hope to see you soon!

  19. Hey Krisztina knock them dead! Hope to see you soon.

  20. For Sarah Tight (delta 4)
    No idea if this will get to you but hope your having a great time out there painting and building. The weather here is rain rain rain so your not missing much. Hope to see you soon took me a while to find a photo of you out there and look forward to seeing more of your adventure which i'm sure i will hear all about when you get back.
    Louise xx

    Hi Grace :D
    You look like you're having a great time in your photos and i hope you are :) hope you're happy with the project you got too.
    Gonna be following the blog everyday that i log onto to facebook so keep looking pretty in the photos!
    just raining here...and it's fran's prom today so at the moment it looks like a repeat episode of our prom, typical!
    message you soon babe
    love you girl!
    from Gabby :)

  22. Sophie Tudor Jones For Maddie Tudor Jones (delta 1)4 July 2012 at 05:22

    Hello 'ati!!
    How's it going, hope your having fun, i spotted a picture of you on this blog :) Mum sent me the link and said i sould send you a message, she is missing you lots and is ringing me twice as much as usual to make up for it haha!! Good job I don't mind!! Jow! How are the turtles? don't forget to take lots of photies!
    I've finished my project now which is good and only got 2 1/2 weeks left of uni!
    Hope you haven't had too many mozzie bites.
    be good, see you soon, love from me xxxxx

  23. For Devon Weaver (Delta 2)

    Hey Darlin! Happy 4th of July! It looks like you're having a blast. I tried emailing you, but I guess you havent had a chance to check that yet. Everything is still fine and dandy on the other side of the world. I really miss you, and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks. I love you! MMMMUUUUAAAHHHH!
    Love, Jake

  24. For Charley Attwood (Delta 2)
    Hi bro, hope you're having an amazing Time, we are following you on the Blog. hope this reaches you in Time but a very Happy birthday for monday. we had the 20 wk scan yesterday an im Happy to say that you're going to be an uncle to a Happy healthy little girl.
    All our love Jack and Sarinya.

  25. Message for Darshini Mehta (DELTA 3).

    Hey :) i hope you are having lots of fun on your project, must feel great doing so much good for the community! I have missing you alot, I have been keeping an eye on the blog to spot any pictures of you and is nice to you see smiling and having a good time! Weather here isnt quite the heat wave of a month i teased you about haha i have been researching places to camp and i think i have found the perfect place so i may provisionally book it for us, will be so much fun :) cant wait!! Hope all is well and you continue to enjoy yourself! Really am missing you I cant wait to here from you soon and then see you when you get back :)

    Love you lots and lots <3



  26. To James Morrison, Delta 1

    I'm in Glasgow and it's been very wet, a bit like the jungle but cold. Cam wishes he was with you and not studying for exams next week - he has resits. Enjoy the turtles, they're a favourite of mine. Una

  27. For Tarlaan Mohammadi (Delta 4)

    Hope you are enjoying your time. What an amazing adventure you are having. Look after yourself and don't forget the bug spray :-) Miss you.

    Khaleh Sara

  28. Maria José Araya (Mache)DELTA 3 – Chirripo – Duchari
    Un fuerte abrazo te quiero mucho un fuerte abrazo! éxitos en todo!

  29. Drummond Clark (Delta 3)
    Exam results through today all Grade 1s! Well done!
    Hope all good with you - Look forward to hearing all about your trip - Love Mum xx

  30. For Joseph Druce Delta3

    We are all thinking of you. Half our fun is straining our eyes trying to spot you! Sabine had her first Californian earthquake the other day: Sean and Oscar slept through it but Betsy did not like it one bit; they all send their love as do those in France avidly asking for more news. Wot larks eh Pip?
    Gros bisous, Papa xxx

  31. For Charley Attwood, Delta 2
    Thinking of you and hope you've had an amazing week and the mozzies not munching you! I bet you will enjoy digging in the mud!!
    Hope your birthday was good, Harry's tomorrow but he's already finding 19 not as exciting as previous years. Bless.
    Sending much love , Mum xxx

  32. Tom Topham - the wildest adventurer in the family. Well done, this is a great way of sharing the fun and hard work in another part of the world. Thanks Raleigh.

  33. For Anne-Roos Hesselmans, Delta 3

    liefstee Roos,
    jeeej heb je stralende koppie eindelijk weer gevonden op de site waaarschijnelijk is het project allang achter de rug maar ik ben toch meeegabenieuwd hoe het project bij de school was?! (delta 3) ik kan alleeen niet vinden waar je nu mee bezig bent, ben ontyettend benieuwd dus laat maar weten! pffff nog 16 daagjes dan kunnen we eindeijk weer chillen! schattie heeel veel succes met alles daar, you can do it!!. tot snel cutie! X Claire

  34. For Daniel Cherrie Alpha 3,
    hello this is Ella speaking here how are you? i hope you are having a good time last week it was bolin here. i hope to learn some new languages of you when you come back,the other week i went to dray-ton manor with George and his friends god i got soaked on storm force 10. at this moment im quite bored... over here in good old atherstone its world war 2 with Marion and nevel good old deluff is keeping out of it. i bet your missing Cassy don't worry im looking after him until you come back.are you having fun and what are you building ! you must of heard about the broken toe its an exuse for everything lol. well i guess that's all from me now Cherri but have a great time and seya when you get back.



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