Friday, 6 July 2012

Delta Is For Digging

The Delta groups have arrived safely at their Project locations and are busy settling in. Many of them are busy testing out their spades in the classic Raleigh digging tradition.

Delta One in Playa Hermosa are enjoying sunny weather. They have started trench digging and have arranged a night patrol.

Delta Two in Carara National Park are experiencing cloudy weather. They have built their camp and have already finished digging one of their ditches. Tomorrow they will be clearing more of the path.

Delta Three in Duchari also have cloudy skies. They have started digging the foundations for the school building and have already managed a football game.

Delta Four in Tamiju enjoyed sunny skies, while they were busy digging holes. Tomorrow is expected to bring more hole digging.


  1. for Christina Gr.
    I feel very proud for you. While I was young I had a dream that is put in action now through Christina. I envy you and would like to be there with you. Everybody take care please.
    Congradulations to all volanteers.
    Love Polis

  2. For Delta Three. I wonder who won in your football match. Keep us posted.
    Be strong and I wish God is always with you so that you come up with this charity expedition in success. People all over the world need our help and love a lot. This is what you are giving to them right now. Love and Help. Bravo.
    Lovexxxxxxxx Aliki

  3. Sahar Mohammadi7 July 2012 at 01:59

    Message for Tarlaan Mohammadi, Delta 4

    My darling daughter. I am so proud of you for making a difference to other peoples' lives. Enjoy this life changing journey. I am with you every step of the way in spirit.

    We miss you like crazy and have watch the photos on the blog a million times. Can not wait for more.

    Keep well and safe. You are the moon and sun of my eyes. Love you more than all the stars in the sky.


  4. Jacob Anderson7 July 2012 at 04:00

    For Devon Weaver (delta 2)

    (to the camera guy: please get a picture of her if this is read aloud)

    Today is finally your birthday
    And you are now twenty-two.
    So I wrote this cheezy poem to say
    How much I really love you.

    I want to give you a birthday hug
    And squeeze you 'til you're purple.
    You are loved so much by your doodle-bug.
    Nothing rhymes with purple.

    I want to give you a birthday kiss.
    That would be my birthday wish.
    For your pretty face I truly miss.
    Something something fish?

    Go do some good in the world today
    I hope you have an exciting time.
    If anyone makes fun of my poem, just say
    My fiance can bust a rhyme.

    I sure do miss you
    Love, Jake

  5. Simeon Packard7 July 2012 at 05:48

    Hey Grace good to hear you have arrived safely at your Jungle outpost and are digging in ! still raining here and we are bailing out.

    Hope the Monkeys etc are behaving themselves -the cats aren't !

    Love Mum, Dad,Elise xx

  6. Devon Weaver Delta2
    Happy Birthday! We are so proud of you and can not wait to hear all about your adventures.
    Mom, Dad & Rusty
    Andi, Bill & Riley say Happy Birthday also!

  7. Rebecca Weighell Delta 3
    Hi Becca, hope you are enjoying digging and living in the village. Really pleased you got the community project, and hope it is everything you expected. It sounds as if you are in a very remote area. I survived Lasham! I even jumped off the 40ft platform (with a harness on) so was very proud of myself. Kate got lost 3 times on DofE and had to be rescued by the minibus. I hope your map reading skills are better than hers! Dad is in Boston now, so only up the road from you! Thinking of you lots, and hoping you are really having the time of your life. Loads of love Mum xxx

  8. Message for Mark Shepherd (Shep) Delta 4
    Please to hear someone has the sun shine, we have had another day of continuous rain. Slightly puzzled why Delta 3 are digging foundations and your group is just busy digging holes. We are monitoring your e-mails and removing the rubbish to shorten your next download time, Penny has sent you a really nice e-mail.

  9. To Juliette Zietse, Delta 1
    hee juul! zie dat je zonnig weer hebt, gelukkig :) je bent al een week weg! je mist hier niets hoor, het weer is wel beter maar nog niet heel denderend. ik had gister de promotie dus nu eindelijk ook echt vakantie! maar eerst nog een paar keer werken en dan ga ik vrijdag naar italie. ik weet niet of ik daar internet heb dus misschien hoor je dan 2 weken niks van me... maar ik zal het proberen. heeeeel veel plezier en word lekker bruin! liefs fran xxx

  10. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3
    A fairly usual Sunday morning here - I've been off walking with the girls and D is beasting A into packing his kit for BA, then they are off to Lochore for the afternoon. Andy Murray is through to the finals at Wimbledon so that is this afternoon's excitement. T in the Park went ahead and friday with Florence was very good and dry - it's been a lot wetter since and I'm glad you're not camping there this year though maybe you'd be more skilled at staying dry now??
    Waiting to hear the latest news on the blog. Do your cloudy skies make it easier to get some work done....I gather you are digging foundations. How much do you think you will get done? Are you getting time to play with the children? How is the Spanish coming along?
    It is under a month before you come home now - so make the most of it. I just know that when you are back you'll just want to get back out there again, after a bath and some chips! Loads of love, big hugs and kisses, Mum

  11. Message for Taormina Locke - Delta 2,
    Dear Mina,
    I'm very exited reading the blogs of you and you'r team. I bet you have a whale of a time!
    Here in Switzerland a lot has been going on,
    I went to this one festival wich was absolutely great with about 25C and bright sun every day :) then I went to the interview for the job as you know and on thursday they finaly told me that I got the job. I'm over the moon about this great news and can finaly enjoy my summer properly. I'm already quiet settled, however I still have to clean out my room and organise a lot of things. The weather here is around 28C some times rainy but mostly sunny. Perfect weather to go to the lake or go for walks with Zora.
    I'll go to Oxford this saturday with my dad, the last time for a while I guess. I think a lot about the great time we had and hope that it woun't be too long where we don't see each other. I wish you so much fun for the rest of the time in Costa Rica, stay save and remember if you are fukelin flat don't A,B,C and J :P
    Lots of love your SwissySis Raf

  12. Dina mehta 8thjuly 2012 for darshini mehta delta 3. Hi sweet saw your delta group video & your photos, you look great im so happy that you are enjoying your adventure.we had the torch relay on moulsham st. We all woke up at 5.00 even kinjan & gareth did! Grace & laura called in shop, they said they cant wait to see u, daddy misses you & sends his love. Have a lovely tme princess.jese krsna love u lots mummy xoxo we cant wait to meet your boyfriend.xxxxxx

  13. Hola Robert!
    Esperamos que te encuentres muy bien, deseamos que la este pasando de lo mejor disfrutando de esta nueva experiencia.
    Tu familia te extraña mucho, aunque no sabemos exactamente donde estas sabemos que la estas muy bien.
    Robert desde Turri te enviamos buenas vibras positivas, te queremos decir que te amamos mucho y que aquí estaremos esperándote.
    Nosotros estamos muy bien gracias a Dios para que no te preocupes.
    Robert cuídate mucho y te enviamos muchos besos y abrazos!
    Pañe, cuídese bastante!!

  14. Hola Robert!
    Esperamos que se encuentre bien y estés disfrutando esta experiencia.
    Todos te extrañamos mucho pero sabemos que donde quieras que estés lo estas pasando bonito con tu nueva familia.
    Robert te queremos decir que te amamos mucho y que te enviamos las mejores de las vibras positivas para que te sientas mejor!
    Te vamos a estar esperando aquí desde Turri, nosotros estamos muy bien gracias a Dios.
    Saludes y disfruta bastante esta experiencia nueva.
    Te enviamos muchos besos y abrazos!!

  15. For Ta-Shanae Pitcher Trott (Alpha 6) - nana praying for you miss you mama, remember to pray everyday, keep your mind stayed on Him and He will keep you in perfect peace LOVE YOU MISS YOU

  16. For Louise Gibney Delta 1
    Hi Lou - missing you and hoping all is going well.
    Saw Aunt Marg yesterday and had a curry at the Pooles'. Only another 7 days in school and I'm off to Drayton Manor with yr 8 on Tues - looks like more rain forecasted! Arline's birthday today - have visited.
    Take care and enjoy those baby turtles!
    Mum xx

    Hi Gypsie. How are yu making out? we miss u & hope ur doing ok. Paris & Lonny are enjoying 'these of a bedrooms' lol! They say u have to go back down your daddys because they are staying..hahaa! They will never get it! Well stay safe try and keep dry. Hope Ur managing with all the insects lol. Well take care love u lots talk to u soon XOXO

  18. For Louise Gibney Delta 1

    Hiya Loops! rain rain and more rain since you left the weatherman has described it as unusually intense, YOU MAKE THE SUN COME OUT! I hope everything is going smooth and you haven't run into any situations with your night patrols? I've just seen a picture on the blog spot from one of the other teams photos of the most horrendous looking spider, stay clear of those! don't want you smuggling any back in your braids by accident, anyway's Love you miss you and look forward to hearing the latest, Ciarán xx

  19. Message for Anne-Roos Delta 3. Hee Roos, hoe is het daar? We hopen dat het hanteren van de schop nog geen blaren heeft opgeleverd! De foto's op het Raleigh blog zien er super uit, wat een mooie groep van verschillende ondernemender mensen! We hopen dat je het naar je zin hebt en geniet van de laatste weken van je 'vrijheid'.... We volgen je! Tot over een paar weken! X pap en mam

  20. For Claudia R Craig Delta 3

    Alright cloddy, just left you a big facebook message with all the goss so you're not missing out on anything! I'll keep updating it so you'll have a nice big read when you get back to base camp! Hope you're having a great time and topping up that fab tan of yours...Miss you loads, you will be happy to know that I am now something that I've not been in over two years (you better work this out). Also, I got a job, woooo! Anyway, try and not get killed by a sloth and remember to bring me home a monkey. Love you loads, your best friend lob xxxxxx

  21. Message for Anne-Roos Delta 3. Hoi lieve Roos, hoe is het daar? Hopelijk nog geen blaren van het harde werken... De foto's op het Raleigh blog zien er fantastisch uit, wat een mooie groep verschillende ondernemende jongeren! Hier alles oké, regen in Nederland en Normandië, whats new. We hopen dat je volop geniet van je laatste weekjes 'vrijheid', en verheugen ons je weer te zien!! Take care en pas op voor de spinnen! Xxx pap en mam (dit is de derde poging om een bericht te sturen vanuit Costil, hoop dat het nu lukt!) xxx

  22. Hi Luke in Delta 2,

    Hope your trip is as amazing as it looks. We miss you like crazy but know this is a once in a lifetime experience - it will be over all too soon so make sure you savour every minute of it. Love you lots mum, dad and girlsxx

  23. For Charley Attwood of Delta2

    Just a quick one to wish you a very happy 21st birthday 'little' bro.
    Thinking of you loads and bet you're having an amazing experience.
    Am keeping an eye on the blog daily to get an idea of what you're up to, but cannot wait to hear all about it from you.
    Loadsa love, big bro Ben x

  24. Michael Spensley9 July 2012 at 10:58

    For Alex Spensley, Delta 2

    Hi Al,

    I’m back from Scotland now and have been catching up on your progress. It was good to read the blog and I really enjoyed seeing the photos of you – you looked well in them which was reassuring. Anyway, I hope you’re surviving alright in the jungle and have managed to avoid the spiders! Any monkey stew yet? Turtles next, you lucky thing.

    We’re all thinking of you and I’m so proud of what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ll be finding some of it tough but stick with it and try and enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience. Even the hard times will seem fun when you look back at them. Can you believe it, less than 4 weeks to go and before you know it you’ll be home just as I was starting to get used to your bedroom looking tidy for a change. Lots of photos please and don’t forget to keep your diary on the go. Love you lots and thinking of you constantly.

    Dad xxx

  25. Hi Lou gibney,
    Kay's hen party was amazing, twelve hours of cocktails, hysterics and music, Sunday was a struggle!
    Bring on the wedding!
    Speak soon, get me a turtle?
    Sarah x

  26. For Alice Brawley, Delta 3

    Aliceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going crazy here without youuu.

    I've been checking the blog every day and I know your parents are too - I dropped in to see them to pick up the books and they really miss you! There were a few pictures of you in the slideshow - I bet you're having a ball.

    Any huge spiders that you've managed to rescue everyone from? Or any bunnies that have sent you running for the hills...? ;P

    I hope you don't have blisters on your hands from digging, and if you do I will totally send special blister plasters over to you by asking the friendly pigeon Jerry to take them to you in Costa Rica (the new resident bird in our garden! Much more interesting then all those hawks and gold-crested whatevers.)

    I hope you're surviving in the heat - if it makes you feel better there have been more than 150 extreme flood warnings in the UK, pahaha. Figures! You better be wearing heaps of suncream etc, don't want you burnt to a crisp.

    News Update for you: T in the Park was soaking wet and muddy, and Nicki Minaj was a 'bit of a diva' to all the backstage crew and so it's a big hoohah. Andy Murray got into the final of Wimbledon!... and lost. Ha, surprising. (not...) And all the guys are back from Tenerife - let's say Rory had fun in the sea *cough cough* and Kirsty M shaved half her hair off... and more antics which perhaps should be explained later.

    Working 10-5.30pm shifts every day and I keep coming home to tell you stuff and you're not here! A customer swore at me and stormed out because there were no steak sandwiches left... I mean seriously, what an angry woman!

    You know I think it's ace what you're doing, and you're super (that's right, SUPER. No laughing) brave. If anyone can fix the world up, it's most definitely you :) But I miss you, so COME HOME SOON, alright?

    P.S. The eagle flies... So we're all good in every department, woohoo! ;)

    P.P.S. Just finished the first of the trilogy of books you lent me... In one evening. WELL. Will discuss them with you when you return ;P

    P.P.P.S (Last one I promise!) The new car arrived - his name is Vernon and he's a dark turqoise colour.

    P.P.P.P.S. (OKAY I LIED!) I love you so much, and I'm missing you terribly. Please come home safe but you better have an amazing time while you're out there! I want to hear about all your adventures when you get back. Buckets and buckets of love and cuddles, baby! :) <3

  27. Message for Cristina Webster (Delta 4)

    Hola Cristina
    Veo por el blog que están cavando. Desde lo de Cooper eres una experta en ello, con lo que estarás dando lecciones imagino.
    Hoy fui a tus dos universidades y el trámite está hecho. En la Complutense se extrañaron que no habías rellenado la segunda hoja del formulario. En la Juan Carlos te enteras por la web el 13 de setiembre, la Complu te avisa por carta durante setiembre. Sin noticias de las becas.
    Alex bien, creo que te envió una carta ayer. Verónica disfrutando de su nueva casa.
    Sin mucho calor todavía.
    Alejandra te envía recuerdos.
    Un beso

  28. Tracey Tudor Jones10 July 2012 at 10:26

    For Maddie Tudor Jones - Delta 1

    Hi Mads,

    No news from you for ages - lots on Alpha, but none for Delta! Hope you are still happy. We went to the Curry Mile with Adele & Alan last night which was very good. Family BBQ at Alice & Geoff's on Sunday, Gavin's 50th on Sat, and Humanities night out on Fri so it is all go,go,go. We are off for a bar meal with Nana, Grandad and Hannah tonight before she flies to Spain tomorrow - she busted her knee in Magaluf on the first day and is on crutches. Daisy & Parsley had their annual midnight feast in Silly Dale on Sun night - mad panic on Monday morning - no idea how they got out, but luckily they were on the lane by the other horses. Sophie got the blame but she is adamant she did not open the gate!!
    I hope you are managing to keep your travel diary up to date - we are so looking forward to hearing all your news. Hope you have got lots of photos - can't believe 10 days has passed already.
    Love you and missing you loads,
    Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Para Rocio Mora en Delta 1 (Playa Hermosa/Carara)
    Hasta que al fin estás en Raleigh! Tanto lavado de cerebro que le hice y ahora fijo estás disfrutando demasiado! Sáquele el jugo ahora que puede! :) Cuidado en Hermosa se la lleva la corriente (literalmente) y en Carara se le pega un torsalo (botfly)! Sé que le va a ir super bien y cuidese bastante señorita!
    Daniel Saborio

  30. Para Silvia Rojas en Delta 3 (Chirripo/Duchari)
    Hola! Espero que esté disfrutando la experiencia de hacer una expedición completa de Raleigh y como PM! Mucha suerte!
    Daniel Saborio

  31. Para Adri Rodriguez en Delta 4 (Chirripo/Tamjiu)
    Mi queridisima Adri! Demasiada la envidia que estés haciendo otro proyecto comunitario en zona indígena jaja Ni le digo que espero que le vaya bien porque sé que le esta yendo en todas! Lástima está vez su PM Tico/Ingles (como ud dice que soy) no puede estar ahí pero le mando buenas vibras guapa! Ya estoy de vuelta en Costa Rica! Demuestreles a esos "ventures" como hace un buen proyecto al mejor estilo tico! :) Un abrazote guapa!
    Daniel "Flaves" Saborio

  32. Message for Alex Spensley, Delta 2.

    Hello you,
    Home is still the same so I hope you're not thinking of us all too much! Bet you're having a wicked time out there, i'm so jealous. Me and Brit can't wait to see the photos when you get back, make sure you keep taking loads. If you're still writing your journal that'll help with all the stories you're gonna have to tell!

    Well I can't really ask you anything on here and i'm not going to bore you with what we've been up to so I'll keep it short and sweet. England is still drag so enjoy every minute you have out there. Just go for it girl, don't stop having fun and think- if times are hard you could be back home baking bread! Haha.

    Love and miss you lots. Xx

  33. For Darshini Mehta (delta 3)

    Hi baby girl, hope your enjoying the wonderful experience so proud of you.hope your keeping well,we miss u lots we hve been looking at your lovely photos.kinjan is going to wales to see gareth this wknd.daddy is busy in the shop,take care princess.jese krsna.luv u lots mummy.xxxxxxx

  34. Mayci Hicks - Delta 2
    I know you are having an amazing time, but I sure do miss you. I know you will want to go the next 4 or 5 years. Wish there were more pictures of you, but know you are taking them. I love you, Dad.

  35. Message for Cristina Webster delta 4

    Dear Cristina
    It seems messages are published some times, not always. Am not surprised you did not receive any prior to departure.
    I suppose you are still digging as reported 5 days ago.
    We are well. I visited Veronica last week, Alex is almost recovered from the bruising, Alejandro comes round quite often.

  36. For Darshini Mehta (Delta 3)

    Hey Girlfriend :)

    I hope you are still really enjoying yourself out there and your project is coming along well, i look forward to hearing all the stories and seeing your photos! The weather here is amazing its 30 degrees everyday and sunny.... ok im lying, its cloudy rainy not very warm and floods haha Hopefully August is better for camping and your birthday :) I realised last year i booked a stall at a dog show on the day before your birthday so i really hope you don't have any celebrations on that Sunday, other than ill make myself free whenever you want me :) I have been missing you lots and lots, cant wait to hear from you when you get back to base camp and obviously even more excited about you coming home :) Its good you still have a good amount of time before you go back to uni, i think we will do lots of lovely things together in that time :) and then ill get my own (in date haha) railcard so i can visit you once you go back! One of first things we should do is for me to meet your family :) camping trip is in the process of being planned, which is going to be very good, we may have to dig a ditch around the tent incase we get washed away with all this rain, but i expect you are an expert camper by now anyway! haha Hope you are having an incredible time, i miss you! i will write again soon!
    love you lots!


    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  37. Shona Morrison11 July 2012 at 14:01

    For James Morrison, Delta 1

    Hi James,
    It'll soon be the end of your second week already. Hope all is going well and you're not suffering from too much "pizza withdrawal". Promise you an Anima treat when you get back. Olympic tickets have now arrived, cottage in Cornwall all organised for The Wedding and looking forward to our trip to London and the South West. All we need now is some sunshine - you're probably having lots of that! Have said hello to the dogs and cats at the Menagerie for you and promised Aoife and Ollie you'll drop by soon and they can introduce you to the puppies. Hope you've taken lots of photos - we're looking forward to hearing all about the project and your team.
    Lots of love,
    Mum x

  38. For Louise Gibney (Delta 1)

    Hi Lou. I miss your face! Trench digging and night patrols? Sounds like you're in the army! Hope you're enjoying every minute (especially seeing the turtles!) I liked the message from your mum about teaching your grandma to message. I logged onto facebook the other day to see my nan in 'people you may know' (she was given a tablet computer for her birthday, she's way cooler than me!) Don't worry though - I know what you're thinking...another fan to be had for your writers page...leave it with me!

    Lauren. X
    P.s Hope the braids are holding up!!!

  39. Jacob Anderson12 July 2012 at 03:42

    For Devon Weaver (delta 2)

    Hey Devon!

    Y'all must be really busy out there. I'm very proud of you and I hope to see more pictures of you soon.
    I have about 8 days 'til I start making my way home. I really miss you and I can't wait to pick you up from the airport. I'll see you in 21 days!

    Love, Jake

  40. Hi Lou G.
    Not sure my other blog post got to you, funny system!
    Kay's hen party was amazing, so many cocktails and hysterics.... and a suprisingly small hangover to follow which was a bonus!
    Guess who got in contact today - Melon boy!
    The acting up job in stroke has come up finally so am just about ready to apply for that now.
    Have you stolen me a turtle yet?
    Sarah xx

  41. Hi Delta 1!! Missing you already. Eventually got home after lots of delays and bad weather. Charlie, there's a pizza hut near the departure gate in Miami! I hope the trench is nearly done and that you have saved more turtles.Look forward to hearing about Carara. Will write to you all again soon.

  42. hello Maddie,
    Just been reading what Delta 1 has been doing, sounds amazing. Sorry to hear you fell in the mud but it must have been quite funny!
    Just returned from Tuesday Club and am about to start making dinner. Did you not like re-fried beans? Hope you are not being eaten by mossies, or crocodiles for that matter.
    You will have some marvellous stories to tell, can't wait to hear them and to see you.
    Lots of love Nana and Granddad xxx



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