Thursday, 5 July 2012

Delta Training Slideshow

The night right before the Delta Venturers were deployed into the field we reminded them of all they had been doing ...


  1. For Claudia Craig Delta Three
    Just saw your Delta group training video with some shots of Duchari - looks amazing how did you get up there??? Is there an escalator?? Beats a day in retail sweet girl! Loads of love Mum

  2. Shona Morrison6 July 2012 at 02:11

    For James Morrison Delta 1
    Happy birthday for Saturday, James. We'll miss you but hope you have a great day, love from Mum and everyone here x

  3. For Joe Druce-Oliver

    Tried to post this before so sorry if you get it twice! Fred has had his op, and recovered really well, though he was quite humorously staggering the evening after! He's eating normally already, despite them actually taking out all minus two bottom teeth. He's cuddled up on your bed - missing you too! Good luck with deployment. Have written a couple of letters too so hopefully you'll get them soon.

    Loads of love, Mum
    PS - we've said yes to Liverpool :)

  4. To: Mayci Hicks (Delta 2)
    Hi!!!! I hope you're having an amazing trip! I miss you already. I love you to Heaven and back!!! Sending hugs and kisses!

  5. Sylvia Spensley6 July 2012 at 09:22

    Message for Alex Spensley – 12H Delta 2

    Hi Alex, thank you for your message. It was so lovely, and unexpected, to hear from you. We are keeping a close eye on the Raleigh Blog, which has been so helpful at letting us know what you are doing. There are some great photos of you all on there and quite a few of you too! You look well and happy. Hope you are enjoying the jungle project and managing to sleep OK – even without a pillow; or have you managed to devise one yet? Dad is still in Scotland (he is back tomorrow) so it has been a pretty quiet week for me.

    Keep up the good work; we are all thinking of you and sending lots of hugs and kisses over to you in Costa Rica.

    Love you lots.

    Mum & Dad XxxxxxX

  6. Shona Morrison6 July 2012 at 12:26

    For James Morrison 12H Delta 1

    A good week all round: you're on a project which sounds great;the LHC teams have discovered a "Higgs Boson-like" particle; I've got a 2 week teaching job starting Monday - well it's a start....; Murray's in the Wimbledon final against Federer on Sunday; and it's your birthday on 7/7! Have a good one, love Mum x

  7. Message for Taormina Locke Delta 2
    Hi have seen you on the blog carrying poles for your bed in the jungle? Anyway looks like your having fun! We have been to the beach at Dawlish and supper of fish and chips. hope you are liking the food out there! Trying to sort out boxes in the house in Devon - you have brought so much! Miss you and lots of love

  8. Message for Taormina Locke, Delta 2.

    Meen! its B, just wanted to say i miss you so much and i hope everythings great out there! devlin's come out with a new track by the way, since i dont think you'll be getting music out in the jungle, but basically its literally the besttttt tune, and he looks so piff! haha, you'll have to watch the video when you come back, its sick. also i had no idea david haye lives really close to lee, and i got all excited til i found out he's married. hahahah. miss youuu man. can't wait til you come back. nuff love. xxx

  9. message for - Darshini Mehta (DELTA 3) please dont publish this one, but please make sure my girlfriend still gets it, thank you!

    Hey :)

    i hope you are well and everything is ok with you! i have been really missing you today so i decided i wanted to send you a message ( i hope you got my other one the other day) I even opened your letter a few hours early today as i just wanted to read something nice from you :) thank you so much for the letters they are lovely and i really do appreciate the effort so so much :) i know you cant reply (i have been checking the blog daily to see pictures, you look lovely as usual :) ) so i can only tell you what i have been up to with my time and then when you get back i can hear all about everything you have been up to, literally cant wait! Mainly i have been working and rugby training and both are going well, im really looking forward to you watching at some stage this year, hopefully i can make you a proud girlfriend :) Obviously i have been meeting up with Ben and James alot, I also met up with my friend chloe on wednesday (hope you dont mind, just remember she is a long term friend and is more like a sister) and i told her all about you and she cant wait to meet you, considering how highly i spoke of you i dont blame her for wanting to meet you :) the olympic torch came by our house today so that was quite good, but there were alot of noisy children around so not sure that it would have been your scene hehe as i said in my last message i have found a few lovely places to go camping so am getting very excited about that :) i have also narrowed down your bday present ideas, so am getting closer to going out and getting you one :) i am missing you alot but i can honestly say that a day hasnt gone by that you havent made me smile! literally every time i unlock my phone i see your face and smile :) :) apparently its national kissing day today... looks like you have a lot to make up for when you get back :) haha i hope you are having a really good time and make the most of the experience! i Love you lots and lots, i cant wait for you to get back im counting down the days :) Im all yours and ill be waiting here for you when you get back :) I love you so much!


    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  10. For Charlotte Lovegrove, Delta One. From Ray Lovegrove (Dad)

    Hi Charlotte. Enjoyed the Delta slide show. We arrived in Wales today - pouring with rain. Hope all well with the turtles. Dad

  11. Message for Cristina Webster (Delta 4)
    Hola Cristina
    Acabo de volver de Londres. Estuve con Veronica un par de días porque no se sentía bien, pero ya se le pasó. Ya se mudó, la casa está muy bien y sus compañeros también.
    Alex se va sacando los vendajes y parece que tiene una recuperación muy rápida
    Un beso

  12. Amy Marshall Alpha 3 Hi Amy I keep sending you messages but they dont seem to be getting through maybe third time lucky. Hope you are ok and enjoying your Project Love from Grandma & Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Message for Darshini Mehta (Delta 3)

    Hiii!! Hope its still all going well :) i miss you! you look great in the video with your dress, it will be good when you can message us back again so you can tell us about everything! not much to report but we saw the olympic flame on saturday, and then gareth and I went to London for the weekend which was fun! Can't wait for you to get back :) I hope you enjoy reading this message, love you lots xxxxxxxxx Kinjan, Mum & Dad xxxxxxxx

  14. Message for Charlotte Lovegrove (delta1)
    Hello Charlotte,
    Great to see you on the video clip. We're sure you'll be having an amazing time, with the turtles and then in the jungle. We look forward to the next update.
    Love from Ellie, Louise and David xxx



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