Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Deltas are Go! (i.e. have gone...)

Alphas returned from camp early this morning to a very quiet Fieldbase - freshly vacated by the Delta Groups who left as the sun rose to tot off to their projects. Delta Phase 1 has begun!

We wish them all the best of luck and success in Carara, Playa Hermosa, Duchari and Tamiju - an amaze phase awaits them I'm sure. We can't wait to receive updates from the Project Comms Officers and Project Photographers - of which there are 1 of each per group - we will be posting those updates on the blog so keep a look out.

Meanwhile, Alpha Groups have showered and now have a teeny bit of time to reflect on our first night of bonding under the stars before the final preparations begin for the off tomorrow. Kit needs to be picked up and organised, final handwashing done for 3 weeks of wear, and some final training on sustainable development will add context to the projects we're about to join and make it all real and tangible. To say everyone's excited is a massive understatement!

Here are some pics of 'jungle camp' - and from what we see, like the Deltas I reckon these guys might just get on! Phase 1 is set to be fantastic and it's brilliant to see Venturers and VMs from all over the world working together - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, GB, Eire, Bermuda, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, France, Argentinia (Pedro), Cyprus, US, Canada and Germany - borders and oceans don't matter when you've got a tent to pack, 100 bags of cement to shift or 20km to trek!

Once we've had our final sessions at 7pm it's party time - but not sure how long everyone will stay up - it's a 3.30am start again tomorrow! Phew...


  1. To Emma Smyth Alpha 5

    Have a great trip up north, good luck sleeping on that bench!

    Keep smiling:)
    Rambo xx

  2. To Craig Henry Alpha 1

    Hey Craig, Just wanted to say hi before you head off on your trek. Have fun, good luck. Some of us are jealous!

    Love Mum, Dad and Ewan x

  3. Bob and Marion3 July 2012 at 14:21

    Message for Sonia, Alpha 2.
    Hola Sonia! Great pic of you playing cards but looks like a lousy hand! Lots of people send their love, inc. Grandma and Granddad, David, Lucy and Theo, Jon, Will and Alice. We're all cheering you on as you start your trek through the jungle. Remember to keep smiling [and all that other dull but worthy stuff your parents droned on about :-) ]. We noticed that those energy bombs look a lot like cake so you should be fine. With all our love. Los padres xxx

  4. Message for Ivan Coueslant, Alpha 4.
    You might not get this cos you're off in the morning to your island jungle, enjoy, build paths, have fun. Bet there's some cracking bugs to race!! Luv ya and miss ya, adios for now, luv mum

  5. Message for Grace Delta 2
    Hey Grace delighted to see you arrived safely and hope that the Jungle has seen off the last of the jet lag.
    You look really well- clearly we also need to adopt the Plantain diet!

    Love Mum,Dad and Elise xx

  6. For Joe Druce-Oliver

    Hola and hope Duchari is ace!

    Just to say Fred came through his op and the general anaesthetic, is lacking a few teeth (well, all of them), annoyed about his cone collar, but really, really well. And there's a tin of salmon with his name on it when he's up for it:)

    love you,

    Mum x

  7. Message for Grace Packard (Delta 2)
    Hi Miss GeogSoc Secretary!
    This is the second time i've tried to write a blog post...i'm not very good on the technological side of raleigh! haha! I do apologise if my first message did actually get through to you! I am very confused with this blog, it was much easier just receiving them!
    Anywaysss, I hope you are loving life on the black sandy beaches, saving all those turtles and loving the pork and beans. I can't wait to exchange Raleigh stories once you're back. Remember to sing, smile and be happy and you'll do amazing. I hope that head torch has come in useful!
    Much love, Your Boss...Polly!

  8. Amy Marshall Alpha 3
    Hope all goes well on your project enjoy the experience and make the most of it as you always do love from Grandma & Grandad xxxxx

  9. To Lu Ying Yap ( Alpha 1 )

    Happy Birthday BB!!! Enjoy the birthday during exped. You go to the same trek as me, my son is so lucky to go there again. Take care of him and your group mate. :) Enjoy the beautiful scenery .... and .... Pork and Beans.... :P DO MISS ME ..HaHaHaHa


  10. Amy marshall alpha 3
    Hi amy have a great time love from Grandma & Grandad xxxxxx

  11. Amy Marshall alpha 3
    Hi Amy have a great time love from Grandma & Grandad xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hmizouu, c'est genial de pouvoir voir se que vous faites jespre que totu va comme tu veux, profite en bien en tout cas ! gros bisou , de que jai tes resultats je lai appelle pour quil te les donne! gros bisous



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