Monday, 9 July 2012

Expedition 12L Selection Weekend

Guest blogger and Raleigh Society member / former Project Manager (Sergent Major) Adri Chavarria reports from the Host Country Venturer selection weekend for the October to December expedition in Raleigh CR & N...

Your Raleigh needs YOU!
And meanwhile in Fieldbase, the action never stops. This Saturday and Sunday we had a full house for the Selection Weekend of the 12L Expedition which will begin in October. A new group of “ticos” (Costa Ricans) came to our facilities yesterday eager to “Get out There” and be part of the next unforgettable experience that Raleigh has prepared and is soon to be started.

Enthusiasm, energy, teamwork and a dash of competitiveness have led the participants through the series of challenges that our team had prepared them. Neither mud nor rain, nor fatigue, have been an obstacle for these guys to demonstrate their full potential and some occasional unexpected skills.
We still have a couple of hours more with activities, it will be a difficult selection process for our staff. What we can say for now, is that without a doubt the representation of country ventures that will be part of the 12L Expedition will be amazing.

Y mientras tanto en Fieldbase la acción no se detiene. Este sábado y domingo tuvimos casa llena para el Fin de Semana de Selección de la expedición 12L que comenzara en octubre. Un nuevo grupo de ticos llegó ayer a nuestras instalaciones con ansias de formar parte de la próxima experiencia inolvidable que Raleigh tiene preparada.

Entusiasmo, energía, trabajo en equipo y una pizca de competitividad han guiado a los participantes a lo largo de la serie de desafiantes pruebas que nuestro equipo les tenia preparadas. Ni el barro, ni la lluvia, ni el cansancio han sido obstáculo para que estos chicos y chicas demuestren al máximo su potencial y una que otra inesperada habilidad.
Aun nos quedan algunas horas mas de actividades, este será un difícil proceso de selección para nuestro staff.

Lo que si podemos afirmar por el momento, es que sin lugar a dudas la expedición 12L contara con una increíble representación de participantes nacionales.

As you can see below, the selection process to win a bursary as a Host Country Venturer is NOT easy... how do you think you would cope with these assesments?!


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