Monday, 2 July 2012

Getting Ready...

Fieldbase is a hive of activity today as Delta and Alpha groups cross over - Deltas returning from Wild Camp feeling fresh after their 3.30am start, and Alphas doing final prep to go on theirs.

Deltas fully loaded...

If the exhuberance shown by the Delta's are anything to go by they had a great time...

Meanwhile, the Alpha groups have all been swotting up on river crossings,

preparing to cook in the jungle ...

tools training, and even making it a comfy place to sleep ...


  1. For Christina G Delta 3.Φενοντε ολα πολυ δύσκολα. Ξέροντας όμως εσένα είμαι σύγουρη ότι όλα θα τα καταφέρεις. Εδώ τελειώνουν τα ψεματα και αρχίζουν τα δίσκολα.
    Σε αγαπάμε πολύ και θα μας λιψεις για 3 βδομάδες. Βρές ένα τρόπο να μας μιλήσεις in the meantime. Προσπάθησε να είσαι σε παραπάνω φωτογραφίες, να βλέπουμε κι εμείς πως είσαι αφου δέν ακούμε.
    Mum XXXX and Dad XXXXXX

  2. Emmeline Brown
    Delta 1
    Hi Emmeline,
    Good to see your photo on the blog. Hope you're having fun and have now recovered from jet lag. We're now in Hakone where its very rainy and in a couple of days will go to Tokyo before flying home. Not sure if our earlier messages to you got through.
    Love, Anne & Phil

  3. Message for Cristina Webster (Delta4)
    Hola querida
    Espero que la caminata de ayer y hoy haya ido bien y que te hayas acordado de llevar los bastones. He visto una foto en el blog donde se te ve andandando en la distancia (sin los bastones) y otra de tu grupo antes de salir, pero sin que se te vea la mochila aunque la llevabas puesta.
    Veronica cenó en casa de Charles anoche. Alex fue al médico y todo va bien. Elizabeth está en la playa con su familia. Sin demasiado calor por aquí.
    Un beso de tu padre

  4. Zacharias Papadopoulos3 July 2012 at 06:32


    Looking forward to your photos.
    Uncle Zac

  5. Message for Mark Shepherd (Shep) of Delta 4,
    Hope the new boots worked well and the rucksack was kind to you!! By the time you receive this you should be in deep jungle at your new home. Just in case you are getting bored work this out, SA+9, SA+11, SA+18, S+12. Good luck with the project, don't forget they want a school and not a skyscraper!!
    Love M&D

  6. Tracey Tudor Jones3 July 2012 at 10:44

    Madeleine Tudor Jones - Delta 1

    Hi Mads,

    Hope you are still enjoying yourself and the rucksack is not too heavy! Have you found a turtle yet?? I passed on the blog details to Nana and Soph so yoou might hear from them too! Hope you are taking lots of pics - missing you like crazy - the champagne is on ice!!
    All our love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Message for Sarah Tight of Delta 4
    Hi Sarah, Great to see your picci. Hope you're having a brilliant time - very jealous back here in rainy Ilkley. Hope the building is going well. Lots of love mumx

  8. Sally Fearfield3 July 2012 at 14:10

    Message for Taormina Locke of Delta 2
    Hi T, Love your pic on the blog. Hope you enjoy the rainforest and all its inhabitants! lol. Much love and keep laughing even if it rains a lot. Clues in the name 'rainforest'. Look out for a Toucan or the Red Macaws. Would love to see it all. lots of love Sally xxx

  9. Message for Taormina Locke, Delta 2

    Meen! missing you so much mannn, got bare things to tell youuu. its rainin here so you ain missin much. how yu doin? saw a pic of you loool ahahhah, hows everythinggggggggggg? got bare things to tell you, really need your advice so much! i literally know you're the only one who would understand what to do every moment i need advice, like you know how you made everything clear for me, yeahhh i need to talk to you mannn. im fine though :) cant wait til i can come pick you up from the airport, counting down the days. missing you always and me n mum are always like what dyu think she's doing ahahhaha. btw listened to Ain Talkin Yattys today haha made me think of you, yu shud miss all that, and Slow Song yhhhh :) hahah writing that cos only you will know what that means. nuff love xxxxxxx

  10. Hey Krisztina D, keep knocking them dead. You are doing a FAB job at FB- Thanks, and keep up the good work. See you on project-site.

  11. The Goodchild family
    For Alexander Goodchild
    Was good to hear from you and hear everything is great. By now you must be at this amazing blue green waterfall (with the enormous mist) setting up your bush camp. We are sooo jealous. It all feels so far from Oz. Have a great time going walkabout.
    Mum and Dad

  12. hee juul! het ziet er allemaal echt supervet uit! vooral met je afritsbroek en schoenen etc. hihi. was de reis lang? zat je met leuke mensen? ik zie dat je in de schildpaddengroep zit, supervet! maar eigenlijk ziet alles er wel echt heeel vet uit hoor... stiekem ben ik jaloers ;) wel heel veel foto's maken he, want ik wil alles zien. heb je al veel nieuwe vrienden gemaakt? en is je groep leuk? vast wel.
    heeel veel plezier en ik mis je wel hoor! big kiss xxx fran

  13. Hi Luke B - Delta

    I've been keeping up to date with what you have been doing and you seem to have settled in really well which makes me feel happy! You look like you are "bonding" with your new friends - we miss you loads but know that this is a fantastic experience for you - so cherish every minute and look after yourself - love you loads mum,dad and girlsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Message for Alice Brawley, 12H Delta 3
    We loved seeing you in the photos and look forward to more. It looks like you are having such an amazing time. By the time you receive this you will have trekked towards your visiting community and will be hard at work! Love Mum, Dad, Tom, Duncan X

  15. Message for Tarlaan Mohammadi of Delta 4,

    Hi Tarlaany,

    I saw your photo and you looked the part. I have just got back from Iran. Everyone sent their love. I have lots of goodies and films for you. Have a great time. Missed you so much, house is really empty without you.

    Love you tons, Baba xxxx

  16. Heee lieve Roos!
    Veilig gearriveerd op Fieldbase aan de foto's te zien! wat fijn!! Ik had je al veeel eerder wat willen sturen maar ik ben nu les aan het geven op de zeilschool(moet duitse kinderen met opvoedingsproblemen lesgeven..(echt een ramp haha)) en had nog geen tijd gevonden. Maar hoe gaat het? introductieweek al achter de rug waarschijnelijk ben zoo benieuwd wat je eerste fase gaat worden ik hou het blog in de gaten. Lieve Roos geniet geniet geniet! Ik kan niet wachten om je weer te knuffelen, nog een paaar weekjes en je bent weer thuis!! Vanaf nu ga ik je lekker via deze site stalken vond het zelf altijd heerlijk om die briefjes te krijgen haha. lovee xxxx Claire

  17. Marina Russell5 July 2012 at 13:36

    Hi Ciaran
    Hope all is well saw your pics as you left!
    got the adventure you wanted
    love you loads and miss you lots
    have fun
    Mum & James
    ps dont forget your malaria tabs!!

  18. Message for Charley Attwood, Delta 2,.
    Hi, thinking of you in deepest darkest jungle. Just wanted to say
    HAPPY 21st BiIRTHDAY on Monday, have a brilliant day
    Love from Mum, Dad, Harry, Ben and Stina, Jack and Sarinya xxxx

  19. Message for Darshini Mehta

    Hi Dar! lovely to see more photos of you heading off to your project, we cant wait to hear about it all when you get back to the camp! we hope you are still having a brilliant time and enjoying yourself. The olympic torch is coming this weekend so we will be there to see that! we will take some photos for you. also we've been planning your birthday!! be safe and look after yourself, we hope you enjoy reading this message. And even though you cant reply we know you'll be thinking of us! we love you lots, love kinjan, mum and dad x x x x x x x

  20. Message for Taormina Locke, Delta 2

    Heyy T! Missing you loads! the pics look great so far :) Looks like your having a amazing time out there :) I still think you shoulda taken me with you tho!! :P hehe. Love Ray xxxxx

  21. belinda and jake10 July 2012 at 13:44

    Message for Alex Spensley, Delta 2

    Hi Alex, Hope you are okay and really enjoying yourself. You are not missing much here but rain, rain and more rain. Spoke to your mum the other day and she is doing okay. Jake has just got a few days left at school before he breaks up for the summer. He had a taster day at the grammar school last week and really enjoyed it. He sends he love to you along with me. Take care of yourself and we will see you soon. Love Belinda and Jake. xx

  22. Belinda and Jake10 July 2012 at 15:06

    Alex Spensley Delta 2

    Jake and I are just off to bed. Thought we would just try another message as we are not sure we are doing it right. Your mum says she hasnt seen any from us yet. Hope you are having a good time - will see you soon. Love Belinda and Jake:} xxxx

  23. Message for Isabel Adriana, Delta 5

    Hey my little bitch, I miss you so much, I dont know nothing about you. I hope everything goes well... take easy the jungle.. have fun!!! do not be limited my soul mate.. your friend forever Frida Guez!!!

  24. Hi T, Hope it's all going well. Can't wait to see your latest pix. I'm sure you're an expert now on the jungle, its inhabitants and especially how to dig ditches and clear paths :-)))) Bet you're looking forward to a nice dip in a luxury swimming pool and some lush food! It hasn't stopped raining here - but I guess it might be the same where you are! Good luck with the rest of it and I'll send you a message soon. Lots of love Sally xxx

  25. Message for Taormina Locke from Delta 2

    I sent you a message yesterday, T, but forgot to tell anyone who you were or where to send the message to...d'oh!!! Here's the message again:

    " Hi T, Hope it's all going well. Can't wait to see your latest pix. I'm sure you're an expert now on the jungle, its inhabitants and especially how to dig ditches and clear paths :-)))) Bet you're looking forward to a nice dip in a luxury swimming pool and some lush food! It hasn't stopped raining here - but I guess it might be the same where you are! Good luck with the rest of it and I'll send you a message soon. Lots of love Sally xxx"

  26. Belinda Puddick17 July 2012 at 04:53

    Message for Alex Spensley Delta 2

    Hi Alex, hope you are okay and having fun. You will never believe it but we have actually got some sun today so I am as the saying goes making hay while the sun shines! Spoke to your mum last night we had a long chat didnt get my washing up done till about 8.30 - what the hell the day only ends at midnight!!! I have been admiring a photo of you only to be told by your dad that it's not you!!! - must be my age my eyesight is going. Take care - lots of love Belinda xxxx

  27. Belinda and Jake20 July 2012 at 08:24

    Alex Spensley, Delta 2

    Hi Alex,

    Hope everything is going well. We are all waiting here for the heatwave they keep promising us!!!! Jake's first day off school thought I would get a lie in but woke up usual time that bloody body clock!!! - I bet you are having to get up really early. You will be waking your house up early Alex when you get back making a cup of tea at about 4am. Take care. Love Belinda & Jake x

  28. Belinda & Jake26 July 2012 at 02:56

    Alex Spensley, Delta 2

    Hi Alex, Jake exhausted having a lie in so thought I would catch up on a few things while there is peace. Weather has been so hot here so have done nothing but go on the beach and the swimming pool. A bit cloudier today but the sun is suppose to come through later on. Off to the Olympics on Sunday so have been sorting out all the tickets and checking what tubes we have to get off at. Looking forward to it now. It was nice to read your comments on Facebook I am glad that you are having a wonderful time. I think we should have booked longer in London I dont think you will be able to tell me everything in the time we have got there!!! Take care of yourself. Love Belinda and Jake xx

  29. Belinda and Jake31 July 2012 at 12:38

    Alex Spensley, Delta 2

    Hi Alex, Jake and I back from the Olympics. I think I am about a foot shorter the Olympic Park was massive, really massive. Jake liked the Water Polo better than Hand Ball I think because the Water Polo was a bit rough, just what small boys like a bit of dunking in the water. I think you are back soon not short when will have to check with your mum. But looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks time - look after yourself and see you soon. Love Belinda and Jake xx



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