Thursday, 12 July 2012

The journey of Alpha 6 so far...

Day 1
We began our journey on a luxury coach, still recovering from our rude awakening ... Ross and car horns don't go well together! The coach took our sleepy heads all the way from Costa Rica to Nicaragua where we continued to sleep in a local school.

Day 2
A restless night later the coach ditched us for a US-style school bus (if we weren't all close enough before then, we certainly were after!). On the way we explored different towns and beautiful scenery.
A couple of hours later after waving goodbye and good luck to Alpha 2 & 5 we had made it to the small yet welcoming town of Las Lagunetas. We broke the ice and partied it down with all the Nicas at their local school. A couple of salsas later Raleigh had grouped us up and assigned us with families:
- Richard, Cat & Raman are staying with Lillian (lucky devils grabbed the best location - next door to the project site)
- Ben & Sean are staying with Bertha & Wilbur (located in the lost world)
- Tom & Ysavier are staying with Maria & Bernardo (located deep in the jungle!)
- Ta-Shanae is staying with Mayra (down in the swamps)
- the PMs were kind enough to take the house next door to the food shop

Phase one:
With a 5'o'clock start alongside a hearty breakfast every morning, work began at 7am sharp ... well, let's say 7:20 for most of us in the beginning. Our mindset quickly changed from "wow, cool work tools!" to "ok guys, one more ton of soils to go!" The harsh weathers made the task a lot more difficult but as a group we pulled through. Before we knew it most of the pre-school foundations had been dug, a patio area had been cleared and cement was on the way. As a group we shared many
funny moments including plenty of dad dancing at a local girls 10th birthday bash. However one thing is for sure, after this phase we will never eat beans, rice or tortillas again.

Random quotes:
- "Every day I'm shoveling" (Ben)
- "Is it weird that the dirt is making me hungry?" (Carina)
- "Thank you Istvan for translating my spanish into spanish" (Ta-Shanae)


  1. What about Delta????????????????

  2. For: Ed Barrie, Delta 3

    Hi Ed, hope the digging is lots of fun - looks like you're having a good time while I'm frantically trying to find the remaining bits and pieces for Borneo... Enjoy the rest and see you at the Horizons meeting in September!


  3. To: Mark Shepherd, Delta 4

    Hey Mark! Greetings from Germany! Hope you're enjoying your project and the trekking! looking at the photos is making me impatient - but just a week to wait before take-off to Borneo... Have fun on the rest of the expedition and see you at the Horizons meeting in September!


  4. Message for Alice Brawley, Delta 3.
    Hi Alice,
    2 weeks done, 3 to go. We all hope it is going well and that you are having a great time. Thinking of you. Love, Dad

  5. Any news from Delta - it's all Alpha, Alpha, Alpha!

  6. Message for Raman

    Nice seeing some more pictures of you. Sorry we haven't blogged this week, been looking for new york holidays, which has been booked! Some good news for you.

    The kids you're seeing look so cute; know you'll be making a difference in their lives! Bet you'll become a well skilled builder by the time you're back. No need for Jim any more, lol. When you come back we'll make you a nice meal, which will include beans, rice and tortillas; just in case you're missing them ha!

    Anyways, keep safe and enjoy every day as it comes. We're all missing you this side!

    Love yaaaa
    Bassi and Co. xxxx

  7. Message for louise gibney - Delta
    Hi Lou! Have been thinking of you and wondering how you are getting on. Dad has been away with the lags playing golf - he was the overall loser - and he told me he was on good form at the moment! Menna came for dinner last night and Ed has come home briefly.
    Last week at school looming... then the hols!!!
    Love M xxx

  8. Para: Richard Mauricio Chavarría Varela,Alpha 6.
    Mae muchas veces intenté escribirle, pero la verdad no encontraba dónde hacerlo, al fin le puse más amorcito para dejarle mis saludos, por ahí vi una foto suya, que bien lo veo, me alegra demasiado el que usted pueda disfrutar una experiencia tan asombrosa como esta, de mi le cuento que di pues medio aguevadillo, entran las clases la próxima semana, voy fuerte a ver qué tal me va, lo voy a extrañar, espero que no se le olvide que ahí estamos verdad, para las que sea, se le quiere mae disfrute al máximo y siempre dé lo mejor de usted, me despido con cariño y con un gran abrazo because this is from Quepos, Costa Rica, un nuevo nivel hahaha.
    Son las palabras honestamente, más apropiadas que pude utilizar, si no lo fueron así pues di qué te diré?No soy el mejor expresándome, besos y abrazos cous...
    Javier Buzano González.

    P.S:Hope to see u soon bro, text me when u get home!

  9. To Sean. Mc Garry
    From his mum and dad
    Pick u out in some of the photos

  10. YSAVIER DARRELL-ALPHA 6 - HI GYPSIE!!! GOSH I MISS U! IM IN CANDA RIGHT NOW WORKING..ITS KIND OF NICE BUT PROBABLY NOT AS NICE AS WHERE U ARE..OR MAYBE LOL! Been following the blogs..hope all is going well. U look to be doing alright, all muscular n stuff now :) Well the time change over here is quite bizarre n im trying to get used to it but not yet quite adjusted. but i had to get online n drop u a note to let u know ur in my thoughts as always..i miss u and love u..proud of u! stay safe, drink plenty of water..uèll b home before u know it xoxo love mom

  11. Message for Ta-Shanae Pitcher-Trott - Delta 6
    Hey there Chicken Leg, How you doin'?
    There's not a day that I go w/out thinking about you ( excuse me for that comment) :P Soo.. How's the swamps? From the pictures you look rather dark! I'm like hot damn! She black! I miss you, men. :( I haven't had a good laugh in a while... & those are beneficial to my survival! The day after you left I woke up & I was about to call you.. to tell you come over.. but I remembered you left me.. *sigh* oh, I had a dream about Joshua.& Cole..*awkward silence*.[can't say the details via internet] ;) I've been talking to my host family and what not. They love me.. already.. I think. I was talking to someone about you. & they said: When she comes back maybe she can make better rice now.. & they miss you as well. I don't know the exact date of when I leave but I hope its after you come back! So I can see you in real life again.. before my journey.. *sobs* Please be safe out there, young grasshopper. I LOVE YOU MAN! *sends virtual hug* Oh, it’s a girl going to the same place as I am.. & she asked me to teach her English.. but she’s from a Spanish speaking country! *bites nails* Oh, Something happened.. in Bermuda.. I can’t say exactly what happened over the internet b/c its um.. yeah.. Anywho, I hope you are enjoying building things. I’m sure the people within that community appreciate a whole lot. I hope it changes you… Not like you needed changing in the first place. Yeah, I could talk forever. Lastly, I love you.. Please come back in one piece! *besos*
    Xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo – Po ❤ a.k.a. KyJapan :P ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    p.s. If you didn’t pick this up in the message above… I sorta kinda maybe miss you! :’( ❤❤



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