Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let's Talk About (Alpha) Six...

The last couple of weeks have been simply amazing! We’ve learnt so much about each other, the local way of life, Las Lagunetas and, most importantly, ourselves.

It’s been tough at times, with all the digging, building and heavy rainfall however it’s so worth to see how far we got with the school. It’s incredible to think we have helped so many childrens’ lives through providing another building for education. It’s funny that just a patch of land and a few physical materials can be turned into something of such importance.

The group worked extremely well together and have become a lot closer; almost becoming like a family. Changing groups for the next phase will be sad yet exciting, there’s always room for new people! (Good job as you’re now in the Romeos! Ed.)

Speaking of new people, our temporary local families took really good care of us over the phase, including good food, a comfortable bed and great entertainment. It’s cool to be able to have fun with no need for technology and all the material things, and we are now all much more appreciative of what we have back home!

The locals held a party for us to say thank you for all we had done – a celebration which included plenty of dancing, Latin music and laughter. But the thanks were exchanged both ways and we provided our new Latino friends with gifts to show our appreciation for all they had done for us. Saying goodbye was hard, but we’ll always have the memories!

Here’s to Phase 2!
Ta-Shanae and Tom


  1. Message for Ed the blogging maestro
    Fabulous work by the Alphas! Great roundup on the Deltas!.....where are the Zulus?

  2. Ajá chabela ya te chotié! pura vida mae ;) que la gozés bien
    Aquí te manda saludos medio mundo

  3. Hey Carina

    Nice photo of the 'heads, shoulers, knees and toes'. Loved your email that spoke about the cow milking and accidental bull run episode. I popped into the shop and saw your Dad the other day - he is so chuffed of what you are doing and I think a wee bit envious of all you are getting to experience. Hope the craic is good and high and you are still loving it. Not much happening here, i am still working stupid hours so I am probably a bit envious myself.
    Take care of yourself, Kirstiex



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