Sunday, 1 July 2012

More pics and the Agenda for Day 2...

It's Day 2, 6.50am, and we're just having breakfast  - in 10 mins time the Venturers will find out which project they're on! Exciting...then a day of hardcore training will ensue and our 5 weekers are off to Jungle Camp this afternoon.

Here are some more pics of the meets and greets yesterday! Updates on Project Allocations to come...


  1. Message for louise Gibney... from her mum.

    Enjoy the last day or so before you go off to the beach - I have to say that that bit does not sound like hard work! Look after the newbies - don't shout at them like you they are your brothers and sisters! Take care and ENJOY!
    Love Mum
    PS It is COLD here today - what is going on?!!

  2. Juliet Goodchild1 July 2012 at 07:35

    Goodchild family
    Hi Alex, So good to see you arrived safe. We're excited and cant wait to see your pictures on the blog. Miss you a lot. Your dogs are mooching round the house looking for you. Have fun.
    Love from the empty nesters! xxx
    Mum and dad

  3. Message for Mark Shepherd,
    Great to see you have managed to get into some of the photos, keep up the good work :) What's the Jungle camp? M&D

  4. Bob and Marion Grindrod1 July 2012 at 09:06

    Hi Sonia, great to have a first sighting of you in your glowing pink top! Lots of people send their love - Lottie, Beth and Mrs Hannington from school. We had a great quiz/party last night, which raised an amazing £6,000 for Dan. James, Debbie, Matt and Kirstie and all the kids send their love. Matt is taking me out for my first training session for the Marathon run next week. Should be educational! Keep your Spanish up and remember those stretches .. Love Los Padres xxx

  5. Louise Gibney
    I keep looking for you in the pictures but no sign yet. Ypu'll have to push yourself forward next time they are taking any.
    Enjoying the team? Hope so, you've got them for a while now!!
    Off to work now.

  6. Message for Claudia Craig from her ever-blogging-Mum

    It is not like you to miss a photo opportunity - hope you are actually there somewhere having a good time and developing a deep love for porridge?! I am curious to know about jungle camp...and especially which project you are on? We are all fine - I was walking with the girls and Scoobie this morning - Angus is off to Euan's so it is eerily quiet. Thinking of you a lot. It is raining here and very clammy ideal Scottish BBQ weather!

    Loads of love, hugs and kisses, Mum

  7. Ernesto Rodríguez

    Hola titín, que buen equipo, se ven excelentes todos tus compañeros y compañeras. Serán amigos toda la vida-

    Que te realices con ellos y recuerda que te queremos mucho....

    Tu papa

  8. For Darshini Mehta:

    Hi! Glad you arrived safely and it looks like your having a brilliant time already! We're excited to hear about your upcoming adventures and look forward to seeing more photo's.

    Be safe and have fun!

    Lots of love, your big sister Kinjan, Mum & Dad xxxxxxx

  9. For James Morrison. Good to see you in the blog photos. Beach/turtles & jungle sounds great. Will keep a look out on the blog for more news. M & D

  10. Rose Mary Villalobos1 July 2012 at 18:31

    Hola Josué. Quiero decirte que llevo tan solo tres dias sin verte y ya te extraño. Pero se cuan importante es para ti el poder realizar este Raleigh. vas experimentar grantes cosas y una de ellas son los amigos que en contraras. Se que a tu grupo de trabajo le ira muy bien se ven muy pura vida. Dios los acompañe. Te ama tu Mamá. Rose Mary.

  11. For YSAVIER DARRELL..Hi Gypsie! Glad u made it safely, you still look as if you'e asleep in the pic LOL! We miss U & love U. Have fun & keep safe. I'll be chaecking th blog & will make sure that everyone here at home sends u a message to keep in touch. Love Mom, Dad, K,Z,Z,P,L & AC. xo

  12. salvador García - padre de Teydi mariem garcía ampie

    hola teydi; hija espero te encuentres bien al lado de tus nuevos amigos. nosotros bien vimos las fotos con tus amigos, son jóvenes con excelentes condiciones físicas es una experiencia enriquecedora e inolvidable para ti. recuerda la importancia de los valores positivos para construir una sociedad justa persevera para lograr los objetivos y la meta que te has propuesto en la vida. acuérdate siempre de dios antes de dar un paso y darle gracias por la vida que nos ha dado te extrañamos y te queremos mucho cuídate un abrazo fuerte de tus padres y hermanos que mucho te aprecian.

  13. Tracey Tudor Jones2 July 2012 at 15:00

    Hi Maddie, (Madeleine Tudor Jones - Delta)

    Congratulations on your fantastic exam results - what a star. It was good to see your picture and learn that you will be going to look after turtles!
    We are all missing you, especially Hector who is keeping vigil outside your bedroom door. What a good idea this blog is - hope you keep having fun and keep safe and away from nasty bugs and mozzies!!
    All our love Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hope you are enjoying the turtles. Its doing nothing but rain here,which is a bit depressing. Hope that the hoovering skills are coming in useful!
    102 GA

  15. Hello Thomas
    Great to see you in the pics!! Hope you are having a wild time. We miss you loads and the fridge is bare!!!!!!!
    Love u loads
    from Mum, Graham,Lucy,Terry and Chloe.
    P.S. Grandma is hoping to get a glimpse of you via Emma's laptop.

  16. LU YING.

    AR YING!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry forgot it's your birthday today (malaysia time). Happy aging! Have a blast in jungle! We are having laksa and mee goreng today, if you miss msia food, i'm going to eat more on your behalf :p

    Geng Qian

  17. Ernesto Rodríguez. Alpha 2.

    Hola Tito que bueno que llamaras. Espero que puedas encontrar la manera de comunicarte otra vez, ahora que estás en Nicaragua. Yo te pagué el cel por aquello, y si no talvés puedas conseguir un chip allá.

    Todo va bien por acá, tratando de bretear mucho y no se que hacer con las vacaciones de los chicos, no tengo mucho tiempo, pero lo voy a sacar. Tal vez el fin de semana vamos a algún lado. Amanda se fue para el aparta con Relena y no ha vuelto en 3 días... Mis hijos grandes se van....,
    Bueno Titín, disfruta mucho de esta experiencia, aquí te esperamos....

  18. Keiner saludeme a la gallada (Merino, Sofí, Neto, Josué, Andrés, Rocío, Karla, Robertos, Richard, Silvia, Adrian y a Marijo).

    Un abrazo y buenas vibras para todos!!!

  19. Le quiero mandar saludos a Isabel Adriana de Nicaragua, por parte mia Alejandro, le mando muchos besos y abrazos, espero que este disfrutando y ayudando mucho y estoy seguro de eso, saludos cordiales a ella,



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