Monday, 30 July 2012

Romeo 1, Romeo 1, where for art thou...

Becky, Bjorn and I from Fieldbase just returned from visiting Romeo 1 at the end of their 5th day trekking, delivering some yummy rations (mmm, more refried beans...), letting them show us their feet (yuk) and delivering messages from home. We can confirm they’re in fantastic spirits!

We met them in a small town called Alegria for their first food drop, us arriving a little (a day!) later than expected due to a road blockage the previous day... However the group had been ‘creative’ with their food budget and when we met them they had all just polished off half of the town’s supply of nachos and enough bread to feed the 5,000. Om. They were still hungry for more though so we joined them for dinner and a sleepover in the community centre where they were staying the night.

The group regaled us with tales of friendly locals, rucksack races and gorgeous scenery on the trek so far, and banter levels were high, the group bonding more and more with every step!

A few notable group dynamics from our short time with the clan...

Isabel appears to be the most at one with nature, collecting flowers and finding time to make her own perfume / fabric freshener...

Tyler craves cotton T-shirts more than life itself (we can confirm that Raleigh quick dry tops honk during trek...) and carries his footie everywhere...

Raman does not like spicy food but might consider a bit of Tabasco for 10,000 colones...

Nicole is pretty popular with all her blog messages and was very in control in her first hours as day leader...

Simon is the most co-ordinated of the group and likes to blend in with the scenery (and Bravo 3)...
Richard’s grasp of the English language is coming on a treat, and he likes to crash parties to get community centre keys...

Sean has the MOST minging feet. Possibly ever. But his sparkly eyes make up for it...
Ta-Shanae is surprisingly strong for someone her size, and VERY good at getting everyone out of bed...

Ysavier makes a mean spicy chickpea dish whilst remaining as cool as a cucumber...

Cat can sprint surprisingly fast in a backpack...

Raymond is very rapidly becoming tri-lingual as a result of studying Spanish in the evenings and speaking a lot about water in English...

Frans (not spelled Franz, and pronounced ‘France’, sorry Frans!) likes to read big books and look at maps...

And Emma likes to talk about toilet issues. A lot. (and we love her for it)

They got back on the road this morning towards Pascua and Paralta today, hoping to make it as far as possible on Day 6 of the Coast to Coast to get well back on track. I have absolutely no doubt they will storm it after watching them bounce down the road as we drove off in the Land Rover!

Good luck guys!


  1. Louise McKenzie30 July 2012 at 13:34

    For Matt McKenzie, Romeo 2
    Monday July 30th

    Hi there - I can only hope these messages are going to get through to you. I don't know what I might be doing wrong, but it tells me it has sent, then you say you don't receive anything. Knowing my luck, I've probably got it worked out at last, but they'll all be sent to the trekking party while you're at the hostel!

    Sorry to hear you've had to take a break from trekking - you need to try to rest that ankle as much as possible. I looked at Esteli and the hostel online, and it seems like a nice place. If you end up on Miraflor, I noticed there were a couple of guys from your last phase in that group so you wouldn't be such a 'new guy'. I just hope you get well enough to continue the trek then move on with everyone else.

    The repair man is here to work on the AC. Your sister is pleased - she was pretty bummed to finally have her new room set up and operational, only to discover it was too hot to function there, so she slept over at Sarah's last night and has been forced to hang out with us downstairs.

    Anyway, I'll sign off again for now. Take care of yourself and stay off your foot to let it heal properly. I know how excited you've been for the trek, so you'll be so disappointed if you can't finish it.

    Love you and miss you lots.

  2. Tyler Otite, Romeo 1.
    Can't wait to hear about all your exploits!

  3. Message for Laura Lynas Romeo 4
    Hope you're having a great time Lals! We miss you and don't know what to do with all the apples you're not eating. Percy says meowww (when he's not crying)
    Love you xxxx

  4. Message for Cristina Webster (Z2)

    Hola querida
    Como de costumbre, sin noticias tuyas. la comunicación no es un logro de esta organización. Espero que vaya todo bien y que el paseo no haya ido mal.
    Esperamos hablar contigo el miércoles y estaremos todos para recibirte el viernes. Iremos provistos de perfume, desodorante, matapulgas y demás.
    Un beso de tu padre

  5. Message to Jack Stone Romeo 6
    We are all avid following your progress - Kevin is soooo jealous. Make sure you are in some photos and use your own camera so we can see what you are experiencing!
    Hopefully you are picking up some DIY skills whilst building a school - you can then ass them on to Dad and maybe my new coat hook can be put up!
    Can't wait to hear all about your adventures - it looks fantastic!
    Everyone is well here. Love mum,dad and harri
    Ps cyclists bombed out in the road race- cavendish didn't even medal - gutting!

  6. Emmeline Brown (Zulu 1)
    Hi Emmeline,
    Hope you've enjoyed the adventure phase - am really looking forward to hearing about it.
    Only a few days now until we'll be meeting you at the airport - so exciting! Have a safe journey - you should sleep well after all your adventures.
    Love, Anne xxx

  7. Hi Tyler,

    I found the comment "Tyler craves cotton T-shirts more than life itself" very funny! Looking forward to hearing about the trek. Aunty Ejiro

  8. Hi Sean mc Garry
    Love the picture of your feet.
    Have a great time.
    Enjoy every minute.
    Write in the journal.
    Love mum

  9. Simon Allan Romeo 1
    Hi Simon,
    Logged onto the blog to see you blending in very well with the scenery and( Bravo 3) the Land rover
    The bandana and sarong seem to be well used, does the bandana ever get washed, because you have it on in every photo?
    It was lovely to hear from you and you’re obviously having a fantastic time, really sad that I missed your call
    Hope the hike is going ok and you haven’t got ‘trench foot’ memories of D of E Hikes!!! sounds like your Spanish is improving , Jamie arrives back from his travels at weekend so will see if his has improved No idea where he ended up, they started in
    Barcelona and were intending heading North but there were forest fires so headed south to some national parks, and then hoping to go north at the end of his break and to visit the Salvador Dali Museum at Figueres
    News from home – it’s still raining, so what’s new!!! The Olympics started last Friday and the opening Ceremony was pretty impressive, Danny Boyle our local boy did a pretty good job it was really well thought out, original and instead of showboating it just showed the world who we are and where we came from and the Olympic cauldron was beautiful, Mr Bean also played his part (you’d have a giggle) he was part of the orchestra playing Chariots of Fire. We’re not doing particularly well in the medals table but there is still hope. Tom Daley just missed out on a bronze in the pairs diving; the men’s gymnastics team got a bronze, the first in 100 years and we’re still waiting for the first gold Michael watched the Mens cycling at Richmond park we were expected to get a medal from Mark Cavendish but got nothing
    Dad says you’ll be pleased to hear Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian GP
    Scott Fabienne and kids are coming up at weekend as is Michael, so we’re looking forward to a BBQ if sunny
    Next time we hear from you we hope you have completed your mammoth hike across the country
    Enjoy ,
    Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxx

  10. Earth Calling Tyler... Earth Calling Tyler ! Come in Tyler !
    You look really well son, looks like your having the time of your life and looking after your hair (thank god!) I can't wait to hear the stories. How are you doing with the dreaded walking sticks ?.
    When you can give me a tinkle.
    p.s mind you don't pick up any lodgers !

  11. Message for Tyler Otite from Gete (Jeetay):

    Hi Ty,

    We all miss you loads, Grandma in particular. She can't wait for your return!

    Please check your emails as often as you can.


  12. Louise Gibney Delta 1

    Hiya Lou...thank you for my chocolate was well received! trying to figure out if there is some sort of underline message to all your hidden gifts?? hope you have survived your survival week and burns have healed ok and not causing you to much grief, wondering if you ate any butterfly's or spooned with an armadillo??

    have you received any mail yet????

    Looking Forward to seeing you next Saturday

    Love Ciaran xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Cant wait to see you next Saturday!

    Love Ciaran xxxxxx

  13. FOR YSAVIER DARRELL - ALPHA 6..HI GYPSIE!!!!! WOW UR HAIR HAS GROWNN LOL!! U LOOK WELL, WE MISS UU! Sheesh I needed U last week during my trek trips up n down NYC! Ur now toned muscular arms and all of that practice U have with ur rucksack will make u a GREAT bag carrier on our next shopping trip HAHAA!! Anyway everyone is doing well. London N Paris have OFFICIALLY taken over ur room sheesh I cnt get them to go HOME! They even say "our room" LOL u will never get it back! Oh well cup Match is here - tomorrow GO SOMERSET! I'll b heading to Beach Fest with the Tribe, we'll b sure to think about U in the hot tropics working hard but all for a good cause! I c ur chef'n it up with ur spicy dishes lol I bet u found some hot sauce didnt u? LOL! Anyway we miss U n Love U n r proud of U..Take care n keep safe..write soon! ps ur dad got ur message on FB but now has no internet lol dont know if he managed to get back to U but he did get the message. Malcolm had a bbq down Clearwater on Sunday everyone said to tell u "BIGG YSSAVVVV" u know Brain is lost LOL..Oh well..1 more month to go! Love U XOXO

  14. For Ta-Shanae Pitcher-Trott (Alpha 6 now Romeo 1)- Hi my Baby Girl MISSING U so much. The computer has been acting up once again. U look like ur having a good time, can't believe ur the one getting everyone up out of bed, the way u like to sleep and ur back pack looks bigger than u with ur tiny self, LOL. It's Cup Match, ur daddy picked up Ty-Juan yesterday, u know ur a big miss to everyone at the camp site. Bigmomma said to tell u she misses u and is praying for u, right now she's away in Boston with bigdaddy, so pray for him they come back home next Friday, Aunt Letha is with them to make sure everything gets done. The little doggy ur uncle has is having puppies with Lynee's dog, she should be having them in a couple of months, so u will be back by the time she has them. Everyone loves ur graduation pic, I'm still waiting for ur prom pics. On Sunday Anjula and Dale had a party on a boat, if u wr here u could've went, Fissa and her friend was there. If u can call or email send a message, we will all love to hear ur voice or see something from u if u can. LOTS OF LOVE FROM ALL OF US XOXOXO!!!!!

  15. Message for Frans Boersma 12G / Romeo 1:

    Hi Frans,

    Nice to read something about you! Glad to hear you're still the same in the big-book-and-maps department. Judging from your smile in the picture you're doing at least reasonably fine :)

    Enjoy your trip and return home safely. Everyone here is enjoying their respective vacations. Greetings from the family in Veenendaal. We vinden je een kanjer! Grtz, Tjeerd



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