Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Romeo 4 - Da Jungle is Massive...

Though the departing from our fellow venturers was sad, the excitement of visiting the Costa Rican jungle of Carara National Park pushed us all towards the journey of our Phase 2 project.

After a 4 hour bus ride from Fieldbase, we arrived at the outskirts of the National Park and carried all our food to our new jungle camp. After 3 hours of constructing our beds out of bamboo sticks, we quickly realised that building basha beds was not our forte as gravity took its toll on 4 bashas breaking from underneath us, even 2 on the same night! However, with extra reinforcements in place we can now confirm we are all getting a god night's sleep with nothing (ie no-one) going *bump* in the night!

So far we have done 4 days of work building trenches and meeting the very warm and welcoming rangers, we've had a personal tour of the Park and listened to a very interesting presentation on the National Park's history.

We are also enjoying the nature of the National Park such as the white faced monkey, water snakes, rainbow makaws, lizards, poison dart frogs, white bats and lots of insects.

To conclude our blog, R4 is having an amazing time at Carara National Park and we cant wait to go to the beach and save turtles in Playa Hermosa!


  1. Mum and Dad..........again!!31 July 2012 at 15:49

    For Laura Lynas Romeo 4
    Hey Lals
    Sounds like the jungle is a home from home what with the broken bed and all, been telling you for 15 years not to jump. The good news is Dad is fixing yours for your return,

    Love you xxxx

  2. Juliette Zietse

    Hi Schat, zie de laatste tijd minder foto's van je, bent waarschijnlijk op treck in de jungle. Ben erg jaloers, ziet er zo prachtig uit daar. Ook erg genoten van de slideshow met kleine schildpadjes, aaahhhhhhhhh.

    To heel snel, xxx, Pap

  3. Realising that the jungle is massive, you haven't by any chance come across Zulu 2 anywhere have you.....? No?

  4. Hey Sis (Lu Ying Yap),
    Finally I got internet to send you a message. Looking good there! Im doing fine here too. Lots of snowboarding and drinking session at this ulu mountain. Take care!

  5. Message for Claudia Craig Zulu 2 1 August 2012
    SO excited that you are coning home soon!
    NO idea where you are as you have disappeared off the blogosphere!
    DO have a good time these last few days!
    Your bed awaits, and the dog, and your bother, and the loving parentals bickering loudly, oh yes, something else, food, knew there was something...but it's really US you want to see isn't it?!
    VERY curious to know what you have been up to this last week and trust you are OK?
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses, Mum
    Would give you more news but off to work - Headlines - Awful in Syria, Olympics going well and someone wants some of my work.

  6. To Emma Smyth Romeo 1

    Hi emmo, how are your feet? You guys are giving a new meaning to 'just going for a walk'. All back here is good. I went to the Olympics with dad and Manu, it was awesome. Looking forward to hearing all your stories over a few of pints.
    Keep smiling and keep trekkin!
    Rambo xx

  7. To Mayci Hicks Zulu 2
    I know today will be bittersweet for you coming back into base camp and getting ready to fly home. I hope you have enjoyed your time spent in Costa Rica. We can't wait to hear your stories. You Grandmother has already said your Grandpa will grill you your favorites and you can tell your story once to everyone. You are an amazing person and what you have done in this past 5 weeks is just a small example of how your life will impact the world. This is exactly what I have always felt you would do. I love you to Heaven and back! AND I AM SO EXCITED TO GET TO SEE YOU!!! Mom

  8. Louise McKenzie1 August 2012 at 16:44

    To Matt McKenzie, Romeo 2 or Romeo 6
    Hi there - how are you. We were so sorry you were injured and had to leave the trek, but hope you are managing to hobble around and help out with the school build project. It will be so worthwhile to work on a building alongside the families and kiddos who will actually benefit from it. I would have loved to see you being med-evaced on a horse :) and it was a silver lining that we got to message with you for a few hours as you changed over.

    Keep us posted on your plans. We are watching the blog to see if there is any news from your team(s) and of course, we are always excited to see photographs.

    Take care and remember to rest and ice the ankle! We are really hoping you will be able to try the trek again in Phase 3 - I know it was the one you were most looking forward to - but if not, don't be too disappointed. We love you and miss you.


  9. To Adam Farley Romeo 3

    hey bro, hope things are going well and your enjoying your self :) ive got a message from annealiese that il put on your FB wall for you to see when you get a chance, not long till your home now and really cant wait as we all miss you soooooo much, il write again soon,

    all my love
    your big sis vicky xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. To ROBIN MACKINTOSH in Romeo 4.

    Hi Robin,
    Hope everything is going well, enjoying reading the blog updates...
    We are all in Spain at the moment, very odd not having you on a family holiday - no one to shout at, carry the shopping etc.
    Dogs are well, glad to see you are in the national park and then moving on to saving turtles.´
    Will take some photos for you of the olympic beach volleyball - chris hoy has won another gold medal ... ex corde caritas.
    enjoy the trekking, give us a call if possible on changeover, looking forward to your glorious return.
    Muchos love.
    Will, Jo, Ma and Pa.
    Flora, Lottie, Hector and Emily

  11. caitlin mcglynn Romeo 4 private

    Hi Caits, hope you r surving the out door life and enjoying your experence.

    I am atticted to the Olmipic's team GB are doing really well 18 gold medels and 8 Silvers and 8 Bronze.

    Andy bet Doicvis (him you like) to get to the finial so will be glued to the TV this afternoon, really think he will win gold! Go team GB.

    I just got your last face book message sorry really don't know how to work that thing. i really hope you have past the worst bit now and you can settle down and enjoy yourself fully.

    I have ben reading the blogs about the other kids finishing and heading home thou I miss you so much I don't want you time to up to soon.

    It is the usual Sunday morning me cooking breakfast for a dozen kids and dad hiding in the bed room. The weather is offel and I have had a wet washing out for two day now as the showers r so heavy.

    this week I am doing a camping nite down at loch Ken and some cannoing with Jan and the kids. I am only doing one nite with Euan and Declan, Jan is there all week.
    I will feel as thou I am roughing it but it is 5start roughing with a tent and blow up bed ect.... I will be thinking of you and where you are sleeping!

    Big hugs from Juile and I met or should I say I was gently persuaded to give Tom,Gavin,Max,Alex and a few more a free beer at the South of Scotland BBQ the other nite. they where all asking after you and saying it feels as thou you have been away for a month not only two weeks.

    I am signing off now and really can't wait to hear from you.

    love and hugs and lots of XXXXXX

  12. To Caitlin McGlynn

    Hello there ! hope you are having alot of fun and im sure you are =D That is the south of scotland coming to an end sadly played pretty poorly and played in the two tight matches and came out the wrong end of them but oh well. We have been looking for Costa Rica in the medals table they havent won anything i think haha but i hope you are enjoying and showering haha HAVE FUN !

  13. To Caitlin McGlynn Romeo 4

    Hello there young McGlynn how are you doing hope you are having a great time over in Costa Rica we have had some shocking weather some slight sun but mostly you know what. The South of scotland is nearing it's close =( didnt do as well as i hoped but oh well ive worked hard at the courts but the weather has been bad but hey ho. The wickerman was AMAZING Newton Fualkner was inecredible as were the View and The Scissor Sisters. I hope you are enjoying your time and not missing us too much to hold you back but i hope you have a great time. HAVE FUN !

  14. hi Caitlin McGlynn Romeo 4

    Hello its Luke and Colm here.
    How have you been?? i have seen the pictures and it looks amazing :) I would imagine that it is very hot lol. What stuff have you been helping out with? I havn't seen you in ages and can't wait to hear all about Costa Rica :D I am thinking about going away myself to do relief work :) Can't wait to see you again! Bye, enjoy yourself.

  15. Federica Mum./Auntie5 August 2012 at 07:17

    To Michele Calliari Romeo 4 and Emanuele Pini Romeo 3
    Ciao ragazzi, vi pensiamo very busy with your projects, we are in Greece, Kithyra is beautiful but we miss you both but we are sure you're doing fine. Pellegrini disastro ma ci difendiamo con 5 ori, 5 silver e 3 bronzi. Le ragazze sono a Trujillo e vi salutano tanto. Un grande abbraccio anche a Carlo (quando lo vedrete) e alle Ninja turtles che state amorevolmente curando!
    Baci e baci
    Mamma Zia Fede

  16. Message for Catherine Inch, Romeo 3

    Hi Cat, Dad here reporting from the Olympic sofa where A Murray is just fighting it out for double gold having demolished Fed in the singles - wait, oh well its silver. Not bad though eh? Wiff waff and hockey were great, but the highlight was seeing Ennis at the stadium, fab events plus really good music! Coach Corp is now obssesed with sport and asking why we have no medals, look out when you get back.

    Al is recovering well, somehow managing to take things easy but all seems well and he has made no fuss at all, unlike his bro who has been found guily of a number of BB gun and ipad related offences and will now serve his sentence at Camp Tennis next week. Meanwhile I have to go to a meeting in Kampala on Friday which means blowing out opera with Mutti ...help!.....

    So, life goes on in Teddytown, which seems very quiet without you. Hope you are having a great time and looking forward to all your news. Lots of love xx



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