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Sustainable Living in Raleigh CR&N / Una Vida Sostenible en Raleigh CR&N

By the year 2050 there will be 9 billion people in the world. Unless we make serious changes to control our rate of consumption there will not be enough resources for everyone and there will be catastrophic consequences. Raleigh believes in living sustainably – here in Costa Rica & Nicaragua we are doing everything we possibly can to make as little impact to the environment as possible. We hope that we can inspire all of the volunteers and the communities we work with to buy into this and make more responsible decisions. Maybe all of you at home can do the same :)

Each year Raleigh CR&N recycles:
·         3600 glass & 5000 plastic bottles - saves the energy equivalent to power an iPhone for 103 years
·         1000kg of cardboard and paper - equivalent to 10 trees every year
·         10000 tin cans – saves the use of 137000 litres of water during manufacture
We also:
·         Convert 1200kg of organic waste per year into fertiliser and gas using our composter and biogas unit. This reduces the amount of methane released and helps to reduce global warming. This is equivalent to 3.2 less vehicles on the road.
·         Use ‘bags for life’ instead of plastic bags to minimise oil use and landfill space
·         Turn off our 10 computers each night – equivalent to boiling a kettle for 7.5 years
·         Fill vehicles and minimise journeys in order to use less fuel
·         Turn off lights when not in use to conserve energy
·         Limit showers to less than 5 minutes to conserve water
·         Only eat meat once a week in order to reduce methane emissions and conserve fresh water
·         Buy locally grown organic food to limit ‘food miles’ and chemical pollution
“Humanity must ensure that meeting present needs does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.“
Gro Harlem Brundtland

Para el año 2050 habrá 9 mil millones de personas en el mundo. A menos que hagamos cambios serios para controlar nuestro ritmo de consumo no habrá recursos suficientes para todos. Raleigh cree en vivir de forma sostenible - hay muchas cosas que puede hacer cuando vaya a casa que hacer una diferencia, especialmente si puede influir positivamente en sus amigos y familiares a hacer lo mismo.

Cada año, Raleigh CR & N recicla:
·         3600 botellas de vidrio y 5000 de plástico - ahorra suficiente energía como para ser capaz de cargar un iPhone por 103 años
·         1000 kg de cartón y papel - equivale a 10 árboles cada año
·         10000 latas - ahorra el uso de 137000 litros de agua durante su fabricación

·         Convertimos 1200kg de residuos orgánicos en abono y gas utilizando nuestro compostador y una unidad de biogás. Esto reduce la cantidad de metano en el ambiente y ayuda a reducir el calentamiento global. Esto es equivalente a 3.2 vehículos menos en la carretera
·         Usamos “bolsas por vida” en lugar de bolsas de plástico para minimizar el uso del petróleo y espacio en los basureros
·         Apagamos nuestras 10 computadoras cada noche - equivale a hervir una cafetera por 7.5 años
·         Llenamos nuestros vehículos y minimizamoz viajes con el fin de utilizar menos combustible
·         Apagamos las luces cuando no estén en uso para ahorrar energía
·         Limitamos el uso de nuestras duchas a menos de 5 minutos para conservar agua
·         Sólo comemos carne una vez por semana con el fin de reducir emisiones de metano y conservar el agua fresca
·         Compramos alimentos orgánicos cultivados localmente para minimizar “millas de alimentos” y contaminación química

"La humanidad debe asegurarse de que las necesidades del presente no comprometa la capacidad de las generaciones futuras para satisfacer sus necesidades".
Gro Harlem Brundtland
 Our composter - it might be a little stinky when we don't get the
nitrogen / carbon balance correct but it produces the best fertiliser around!
 Our 'recycling centre' - you can recycle or reuse almost anything!!
 500 people a year produces a LOT of stuff to recycle...
 Our lovely garden awaiting a new load ofplants and fertiliser...
There is currently yukka, papaya, aloe vera, chiles and pineapple
- we're about to add rosemary, mint and basil
Our fantastic biogas unit turns 3kg of organic waste a day into gas... okay, to be honest this is Raleigh India's as ours is currently under constrcution... but it should be ready very soon!
Some of our volunteers write about their ideas of what Personal and Sustainable Development is


  1. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 Fri 20.7.12
    Hello Sweet Girl,
    Completely shattered after a day in the shop - I made chocolate cupcakes for your Dad to take to B A for A tomorrow. WHO USED ALL THE COCOA??? D is picking up A and taking him for a swim and a shower at the public baths - then for some food then back to camp for another week.
    A has a Canadian called Stuart from Vancouver area coming back for Home Hospitality (who called it that?) I hope he can cope with dirt and has no allergies to dogs or dust mites - otherwise he'll be camping in the garden.
    The village sounds of drums and the Stag is throbbing. The forecast is for sun so I think Big Tent will be busy. I plan on walking on Sunday morning and then your D is thinking about beer and cricket so I might just head up the road with him unless I fall in with a bad crowd! You must be into the last week of school building now. I think of you a lot and the some of the girls at work and quite a few customers are hearing about your exploits and Raleigh's work.
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses, Mum xxxxxxx

  2. This message is for Tarlaan Mohammadi Delta 4

    Wagwan sis whats gwarning? yah dun dun ... Soo I hope your having a good time in Costa Rica, the house is empty without you. I've broken up from school and i've got about 15 hours of homework FML........ yeah i've been chilling here missing you... going clubbing on the 25th going to be sickkk. just been packing my bags for greenland nearly of to go on the 28TH soo that means were not seeing eachother for two months ... sheeeet man thats long time not seeing you. the house is demolished you dont understand how much they have broken. well see you in august the 25th and we can party from there


    Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns!
    One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns
    If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
    One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns

    peace out.


  3. To Emma Smyth Alpha 5

    Hi Emma
    Great to hear about how you guys are doing on the blog, the photos are wicked too. Looks like you are all getting seriously stuck in! Good digging skills everyone

    Hope you have picked up some traditional cooking skills to feed me when you get back. Look forward to hearing all about it. All back here is good. Keep smiling and shining :)

    Rambo xx

  4. Message for Hamza AMOR - Delta 3

    Coucou Hamzaaaa!!!! l'adolescent boutonneux fan de Mangas :)))) ca me fait trop plaisir de te voir sur la vidéo même si j'ai pas compris un mot!!!! et très impressionnée par ce que vou faites!!!! par contre, jnsp ce que tu manges la bas, ms en tt cas tu as pris un peu de poids et ca te va trop bien !!!

    Tu nous manques bcp, tu me manques bcp!!!! ici tt le monde va bien ,on pense très fort a toi et vivement ton retour!!!!

    Gros bisous, Yasmina

  5. This message is for Tarlaan Mohammadi - Delta 4

    My love Tarlaany,

    We have now really missed you as much as you like Chelo Kabab. I hope you made it back to base safely and have had fun in the last three weeks. I know you have been working very hard. We are all good here. We went to Rio Festival as part of London Olympic celebration in Hackney yesterday, it was amazing and lots of fun and dancing. You would have loved it lots of Samba and colourful ladies. I can't wait for you to come back and give you a big and long hug. I promise as soon as you arrive we go straight to a well earned and deserved Chelo Kabab. Have lots of fun in your adventure. Love you more than the number of Atoms in the universe. xxxx Baba

  6. MessagePad for Michele Calliari Alpha Two

    Lost in Nicaragua? trapped in the volcano? Trekking on a dangerous ground?
    Ciao Miki, every day news from the group BUT alpha 2, I know you are far away so we al hope to see pictures of you very soon! Ema sta arrivando e lo troverai al campo base. We r all fine, in Milan it' s hot and sunny, ma forse li anche piu' hot...
    Sisters hanno finito gli esami con delle tirate pazzesche, and now are packing.
    Se riesci manda notizie, altrimenti ti seguiremo sul blog.
    Keep smiling e ... Pura vida tanti baci da tutti noi.

  7. Tracey Tudor Jones22 July 2012 at 02:42

    Madeleine Tudor Jones - Delta 1

    Hi Mads,
    Not heard news of you for ages, since your exploits in the mud, so I hope you are still enjoying yourself, I don't know what you are up to at the moment but I hope it is fun! I broke up on Thursday - 6 weeks of freedom!! Dad spent all day yesterday digging up the gravel on the drive as we are having it relaid and a man with a digger is coming next week, so there should be big improvements when you get back. Sophie has gone to Cardiff with Sam for the wedding and is home on Monday. we are going to Manc on tues to muck out her house! She is off for 5 weeks - her presentation for her dissertation went well.Daisy & Parsley are being good although there is SO much grass because of the rain. Alfie is as daft as ever and Heccie is still missing you! Adele and Alan went back to Oz yesterday. Sophie has booked her elective in Sri Lanka, and Dad and I are going to stay with her for a week for Feb half term - it looks beautiful.
    Well I suppose I should go and help Dad shift some gravel!! Can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks. Love you - keep safe,
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Claudia Craig Delta 3

    Hello Claudia, I hope I'm doing this right and that you get this message. I've just been reading through all the blogs and I'm extrememly jealous, it looks and sounds like your all having an amazing time! Just watched the 'Delta 3 - The Story So Far' video and it made me laugh hearing your voice. Just wanted to let you know I miss you and I can't wait until you get home to hear all about it! Aberdeen is only 2 months away now! Hope your having a fantastic time and you haven't caught some exotic skin disease or anything as such. Lots of love, Maya xxxxxx



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