Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Explorers Have Arrived

Our 16 Explorers arrived at Fieldbase today. They were welcomed with a delicious traditional Costa Rican breakfast before getting stuck straight into training. Right now they are out learning trek and camping skills. The 16 are: Alannah Howie, Arun Sharma, Caitlin McGlynn, Christian Raimondo, Elizabeth German, Emanuele Pini, Jack Stone, Kathryn Twigg, Laura Lynas, Moy Mckayle, Reuben McGowan, Reuben McGowan, Robin Mackintosh, Sarah E O'Mahony, Saskia Proffitt, Soheba Mughal & Tyler Otite


  1. Para Mauricio Otarola
    titis lilis tistranio ispiri qui istis biin i qui piguis michis c(u)ilis lindis, quiri virti YA....ti ami <3

    Atte: LILLY

    pd: pirdin pir dirir tinti.........tidis ti ixtriñimis

  2. Message for Claudia Craig Delta 3 23.7.12
    Welcome back to Fieldbase! I thought you would be due back about now...and can well imagine that you spent quite some time in the shower!! I hope you did as much as you could on the school and were pleased with your efforts. It is a huge achievement on any terms.
    And now you'll be off on your if you hadn't already been on an adventure. Hope the feet/skin are/is holding up and that you have not been tooooo challenged in the creepy crawly department?
    I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures on the blog and perhaps hearing from you - no pressure then!
    We are all well here. The skies are still grey and it is so damp and clammy. It can only get better in August.
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses Mum xxxxxx

  3. Caitlin McGlynn

    Hi Cait's, so glad to see your groups photo's on the blogg you look about 12! (so Euan posted on facebook) yes I managed to post a photo on facebook!!!
    We are so proud of you! but you will not get much work done with your hands on your hips?

    I am doing this from work so will be short.
    If you could let us know the name of the group you are on that would be great.

    How r you managing without your phone? I am missing the texting just to find out what you are doing? I am all linked up to the news feeds now as well so I will be your official stocker!

    Take care and look after yourself lots of love mum xxx

  4. 12G/H Expedition. For Arun Sharma. Yay!! You made it, how exciting! Hope you have a wonderful time and that your bag held out during your second flight.Much love darling, birthday card is almost on its way haha. Love you today, Vicki Xx

  5. To Sarah O'Mahony Expedition 12G/H! Great to see the photos of you and Alanna on blog and to know you arrived and all is well. Tents look a bit like Oxygen festival but without the mud. Will follow blog.Love you Mum

  6. for Caitlin McGlynn

    Hiya Caits, Euan has just told me you are off to work.What is your job on your first project?We had a good time at Wickerman and I gave Max and Rhiana a lift home.Hope you are well and enjoying your adventure.Keep in touch.Love You.Dad x

  7. Really proud of you Ty.

  8. To Caitlin McGlynn
    Hello, didnt really get to see you before you left so thought i would leave you a comment. Hope you are working hard but also enjoying yourself :) i have to agree with your mum you do look about 12 in the picture ! miss you loads
    Lots of love, Ferne x

  9. FAO Arun Sharma
    Helloo son, hope all is going well there. spotted you in the photos on your first day there, could not be totally sure it wasn't someone else until i saw them close up! anyhow let us know how you get on with your first mission and the name of your group so we can keep up with the latest news. our trip to france was great as was the weather and the weather here has also been good since we returned until today. now we have had some torrential rain, hailstones and cloud we feel right at home! lots of love from all of us, especially mum and dad. XX

  10. Hiya Caitlin McGlynn,

    Missing you loads, our song was on at work the other day and I sang every word for you ;) hope you're having an amazing time and looking forward to seeing more pictures :D
    Love you xxxxx



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