Friday, 27 July 2012

Where are Zu!?

Here's an update on where the Zulus are up to on their adventure treks on the penultimate day before the Adventure Challenge!

Zulu 1 are going great guns - they stayed in Bocana last night and had a brilliant evening after a long day trekking and making good progress. Today they're heading to Alto Concepcion Iron Bridge, hopefully another successful days' trekking for them.

Zulu 2 started off the day in Bajo Quesada and are in great spirits, assuring us they didn't get lost once yesterday (not sure we believe them, it happens to the best of us!) Today they're heading to Mastetal.

Zulu 3 were in Piedra Vieja and left the community centre there this morning to head to the Cerro Baru to climb up to the end point, they'll be walking all of the day today to make as much progress as possible to make the job easier tomorrow!

Zulu 4 are all going brilliantly and in good spirits as they head towards Catie, not long to go now!

They'll all be sending in more details as I know you're all dying to hear where they've been and what they've seen, so we'll keep you posted!

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  1. Message for Claudia Craig Zulu 2

    Hello sweet girl!
    I can't believe that this time next week you'll be at home. We are all the same as ever here and well, so make the very most of your last week and enjoy every moment - yes even the grim ones (not in a bad way!) We are SO proud of you!
    The opening ceremony of the Olympics is on at the moment starring Mr Bean and the Jelly Bean among others including the Sex Pistols and Sir Simon Rattle. It is a bit good. We're recording it for you, and me as I'm off to bed as I have a 7am start tomorrow. Angus is back from BA with Stewart from Vancouver and we've all had mince and tatties. The boys are falling asleep. Angus says he had an epic time and has managed to get a tan - or it might be dirt!
    We are looking forward to hearing how you are all getting on. They do seem to know where you are which is always a comfort.
    loads of love, and MAKE THE MOST OF IT - home will seem very mundane,boring and bickery in comparison. (That said, do come home!)
    Big hugs and kisses, Mum xxxxxxxx



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