Saturday, 28 July 2012

Z4 - a tale of ups and downs...literally!

After a few setbacks at the beginning of the trek due to minor slip-ups and navigational errors we finally got back on track to hopefully complete our expedition trek on time. There have been some amazing highs (and boy, were they high!) and amazing experiences. Seeing the incredible view from a mountain top plane crash site gave us our first motivation boost to see more of Costa Rica from a high altitude. Despite the struggle of a 3am wake up and climb of the Cerro Bares mountain, we were more than rewarded with the eclectic colours of the sky during sunrise.

While walking we have experiences the kind hospitality of the local people, with many providing us with food such as absolutely delicious mangoes, eggs and tortillas. As we limp towards the finish line with weary feet, we shall all look back with fondness on the roller coaster ride of a journey we have had.

As a group we have stayed strong and although it has been tough, we will one day forget the pain and remember only the spectacular memories we have shared.

Listening out, Zulu 4.

Well done guys and good luck for the next section - the adventure challenge!


  1. To Emma Smyth Romeo 1

    Hi em, hope you are getting on good and your feet aren't aching too much! we all can't wait to hear about the trek when you get back and your adventures with the venturers.. Everyone back in sunny Manchester sends their love and best wishes. The cats asked me to pass on this message... Bring back a large fish.
    Be well
    Rambo xx

  2. Juliet Goodchild29 July 2012 at 02:05

    The Goodchild family
    Hello son,
    We do miss you and are writing to say happy birthday on your first birthday away from home on the 31st July. Real glad to hear you are having fun and that you didn't get trench foot. The pictures we see are truly awesome, esp the one with your back turned, standing just behind this huge spider web holding a fearsome spider in the jungle . Hope it was photoshopped. We will be definitely celebrating your 19th birthday down under in Oz, and then we can do that again when you come home. I suppose at the moment visions of large chocolate truffle cakes are a mirage for you. I did send a very small parcel--within Raleigh recommendations--mainly some sweets for you to share with your mates and the villagers in El Parajito where you have your present project. The last lot in this place lived the village life milking cows etc. I laughed when I thought of you doing that as I remember grandma teaching me how to milk cows in India when I was 3. I thought you would never have that experience. Lots of love and kisses, Mum and Dad

  3. For Darshini Mehta (Delta 3)
    Hey :)
    I hope your trek/activities are going well and your enjoying your last week! Not long till your home now, can't wait to see you :) Olympics has all started now, but the UK haven't won a medal yet, plenty of time to go though! The opening ceremony was good, Mr Bean made an appearance and the Queen acted in a short video with James Bond haha look forward very much to hearing from you in a few days time :) take care and enjoy yourself!
    Lots of Love
    x x x x x x x x x

  4. Message for Claudia Craig Zulu 2

    Well a beautiful day here and StEWart not StUart has stopped vomiting so it is all good! Poor boy brought Noro virus with him. Apparently a lot of the kids who were at camp got it so it's not my cooking.... So far none of the rest of us has caught it - but lots of hand washing and your D is suddenly very keen on cleaning. (no he's not getting under my feet, no really, hardly at all)
    I went out walking this am as per, but just me and the scoob as everyone else seems to be on holiday. We had a great time as it was such nice weather. The boys are off to a BBQ this pm so I shall have the house to myself.
    I am off to make them a salsa to take with them and want to get it done before the hysterics to get out the door start.
    So, all as normal here waiting to hear more from Zulu two - they said where you were going from and to on Friday...but Google doesn't know where that is so I hope it was nice????
    Loads of love, big hugs and kisses, Keep Singing!

    Oooo meant to tell you before I go Salsa-ing -Olympics are going well, a bit of a fuss about seats. Rebecca Adlington is through to the finals of the 400m and the Sailing's going well. Things are appalling in Syria though.

    Love, as always,

  5. Louise McKenzie29 July 2012 at 10:50

    Hello Comments Monitor!

    My son Matt McKenzie is with Romeo 2, and previously with Alpha 4. He said he hadn't been getting any of the comments I'd been sending and I just realized I've been attaching them to the blogs relating to his groups rather than the most recent entry - ooops! Is there any way you could dig them out of the archive and get them to him please? He was kind of sad not to get any :( Thanks for anything you can do. If you can't retrieve them, can you please let me know so I can resend all the news and play catch up. Thank you I appreciate it.

    Louise McKenzie

  6. Mayci Hicks - Zulu 2
    Hey Sweetie - I hope you're having an amazing adventure! As with our college trip, I'm sure you've not gotten lost once, but maybe just chose a different direction for a while!
    T's Parrots won 4th in Nationals. I'm sure she have lots of stories to tell.
    I'll be so happy to see your face. I miss your hugs and that amazing smile.
    I love you to Heaven & back!!! Mom

  7. Message for Mark Shepherd Zulu 4
    Catie sounded interesting,hopefully you managed to taste some chocolate and coffee. We have tried to find Cerritos Bares mountain on Goggle only connection found was Raliegh. Is it a local name? Try and find out a name that we might be able to find on Goggle maps.
    Hope you have some brilliant photos,especially of the start. Can't wait until Friday. Best of luck with the packing .

  8. Message for Claudia Craig Zulu 2
    I have been thinking of you while you have been on your trek and I think yesterday must have been your adventure challenge. I hope you are still in one piece and that it didn't involve too much water! I hope that by the time you get this you have had the chance to get a good night's sleep and some decent food inside you, maybe even a shower.
    It will be so sad to say goodbye to all of your new friends - you have gone through an amazing life-changing experience together. The great thing about today's technology is that you'll all be able to keep in touch!
    You will need to start preparing for the journey home - I always find travelling with the sun, as you will be doing on the way home, the worst. Try to get enough sleep before getting on the plane(s) and make sure that you are well hydrated. Do get up and move around as much as possible and keep asking the stewards for some squash or water - little and often. We will have a cosy warm bed for you when you get back...and, of course, the beans, rice and tortillas you requested.
    Right, that is the overwhelming maternal concern over.........
    Have a blast these last few days, sing badly, dance wildly and whoop it up!
    I am so proud of you - you are all wonderful!
    Loads of love, hugs and kisses,

  9. Hi Lizzie German - Romeo 5. Hope you're having a great time. Happpy birthday for tomorrow. Loads of love from everyone at home. x



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