Monday, 30 July 2012

Zulu 3 - A trektastic few days...

Here's a blog from Zulu 3 on the last day of their adventure trek. I can confirm that they arrived last night at the secret location for the survival challenge, along with the other Zulus, and have begun that leg of the adventure challenge. Zulu final trek round up to follow shortly, plus updates on the survival challenge tomorrow!

"Our trekking expedition is coming to an end but what a crazy 5 days it’s been!

We have all been pushed to the limits in terms of our physical strength and psychological determination.
The steep climbs up the mountain trails were gruelling but the sense of achievement once we reached the summit was empowering.

However, if the descent down the mountain side looked appealing compared to the climb, we were fooled. Steep isn’t the word!

There have been some really memorable highlights on this phase too, firstly the scenery is breathtaking. We can finally see Costa Rica in all its glory under the beautiful pink sunrises. Secondly seeing the other ‘Zulus’ is a welcome highlight as we can catch up on all their trekking tales and sympathise over the blister situation which is on the increase!

Also we have discovered another Dr Do-Little-esque talent in our group, like Grace with the howler monkeys, Sylvia can talk to turkeys!

Finally in my opinion, one of the best highlights has been visiting the ‘legendary old lady’ Raleigh groups have been calling on whenever they pass by. In a simple hut smelling of wood smoke, she has just turned 87 but entertains with a wide smile and a warm heart, demonstrating that even if you only have very little by way of possessions you can still live an incredibly fulfilling life. She was an example of friendliness and kindness, it was a pleasure meeting her.

So now after storms last night (where our tents were tested to their limits!) it’s time for our last trek before starting our survival skill section.

La di dar!"


  1. Rebeccal Weighell Zulu 3
    Hi Becca, sounds like the treck has been another amazing experience. Heaven knows what they can throw at you for the survival stage! We survived the wilds of Austria, some pretty steep mountains there too, and I managed not to have a nervous breakdown in the cable cars:) Kate achieved her quick turn around to get off to guide camp sunday. Can't wait to see you on Friday morning. Safe journey home. Lots of love Mum xxx.

  2. Cat Mills Romeo 1 Hi Cat hope you are well and enjoying your trek, hope your feet are okay not too many blisters!! All looks amazing and hard too, very proud of you sweetie you are amazing and can't wait tohear all about it all. Luv you loads Mumma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please take good care of yourself :)

  3. Richard Voaden GAME RECOGNIZE GAME

  4. Richard Voaden, Tray, Sophie, Jed, Georgi, Lizzie, Craig, lu ying josue, y queni... HI ALPHA 1! hope you are having a great time in your phases, hope you are enjoing the groups and food and everything! i just wanted to say hi to you all... PORTENSE BIEN Y PONGANSE ROPA! y no sean JUGADORES! enjoy! see you on changeover! bye! MAU



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