Monday, 23 July 2012

Zulu Groups Announced, time for adventure!

Here is the announcement of the Zulu groups for the adventure challenge! The teams are leaving at 11am and I can confirm they are all very excited, yet groaning at having to pack MORE pork and beans and porridge into their bulging rucksacks...


Lou Gibney, Emmeline Brown, James Morrison, Rocio Mora Vicarioli, Luke Bialkowski, Anne-Roos Hesselmans, Hamza Amor, Maria Jose Araya, Sarah Tight, Thomas Topham, Martin Edwards, Alexandra Spensley, Tarlaan Mohammadi, Rebecca Curtis


Charlie Reeder, Madeleine Tudor-Jones, Daniela Ortiz, Cas Wright, Mayci Hicks, Claudia Craig, Alejandro Montero Merino, Cristina Webster, Drummond Clark, Adri Rodriguez, Charley Attwood, Katie Philpott, Vanessa Targett


Ed Barrie, Elysia Booker, Juliette Zietse, Silvia Godinez, Taormina Locke, Christina Gregoriou, Darshini Mehta, Fran Anderson, Rebecca Weighell, ROberto Vargas, Tom Everett, Ciaran Russell, Lucy Gatt

Charlotte Lovegrove, Krisztina Deak, Rebecca Miller, Roberto Mariano Alvarez Garcia, Ly Anh Dang, Devon Weaver, Grace Packard, Alice Brawley, Joseph Druce-Oliver, Anna Coleridge, Carla Alejandra Porras Vargas, Mark Shepherd, Silvia Rojas, Leon Clark

Enjoy guys! We'll update you courtesy of my Zulu bloggers and photographers as soon as they're back, and we'll post regular round ups from the groups when they radio into us!


  1. For Joe Druce-Oliver, Zulu 4

    Glad to hear you're alive! And, just as importantly, that you have some pork to go with your beans. I have ordered 150 cocktail sausages for your return, as requested :)

    Love, Mum

  2. Message for Cristina Webster Zulu 2

    Hi Cristina
    Have seen some shots of the school you all built in Tamiju. Quite impressive.
    Hope this phase is turning out to be fun and challenging. We look forward to having you back with us in a week's time.
    Veronica has her house warming party tonight. Worried a lot of people are leaving London for weekend on account of the Olympics.
    Alex went to spend some time with her Mum yesterday.
    Elizabeth is back in her crazy reality and readjusting.
    Gran has decided that the puppy is in the wrong place, so a new home is required. Too bad but sensible as he has now broken some antique furniture.
    Look after yourself and leave the fleas behind upon returning.



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