Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Coast to Coasting along!

We are now over half way through and the biggest hurdle is behind us, which peaks at 3000m!

Since we last wrote we entered the jungle with an indigenous guide (cleverly dressed in wellies) and after hours and hours of walking through thick mud, sometimes up to mid shin, we were treated to a stay in a locals house. It was very basic, but had all the facilities we needed and we were happy to have a shelter.

The next couple of nights we managed to negotiate and charm our way into shelters to avoid camping in the rain, in particular, the highlight for all the group was staying in an incredibly hospitable couple's house. Susie and Alberto went completely out of their way to make us feel at home - everyone was very happy when 'Berto made some fresh chicken soup, as an alternative to lentils and mash.

After the next day of trek some of the group still had enough energy for a game of football with the locals. England managed to win against Costa Rica, even with the Germans on-side. Special mention to 'Hatrick Hero Ed' (PM) - we didn't know the old dog had it in him!

We had a fun time on the 'Raleigh Approved Risk Assessed' Indiana Jones Bridge - which was in a better state than the one in the town of Canada that we had to trek around after it had washed away.

We finish our blog in the opposite way to our last entry - heat is now what we crave, as camping at 2500m is not hot!

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  1. Para: Luis Andres Mora Muñoz
    De: Paola Montero

    Amor te felicito por todo lo que has hecho te amo guapo yaa una semana de verte no sabes lo feliz que me siento de eso (: te amo guapo, espero ayas podido cumplir todo lo que querías y cambiar las cosas que no te agradaban y debías te amo después de 2meses y medio te veré (:.. Te amo y ya falta muy poco así que con todo te amo precioso Comuníquese para ver donde te tenemos que ir a recoger y a que hora te amo un abrazo y que Dios me lo bendiga a vos y a todos los demás bye



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