Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 4 of Coast to Coast trek!

We have been tasked with trekking from one side of Costa Rica to the other. As you can imagine, this is a challenging mission!

At the start of trek, the sheer heat hit us immediately and has turned out to be one of our biggest challenges so far. Although we are lucky, as 4 days in we haven’t yet had rain, it can be hard to appreciate as we are soaked with sweat!

Yesterday, whilst walking along a disused train track, we stopped to ask locals for directions in broken Spanish. We really weren’t expecting to receive a response in perfect Jamaican-English! Stumbling upon a community of Jamaican settlers in Costa Rica was an astonishing surprise that helped us to get back on track.

Spirits in X-Ray 1 are high and everybody is looking forward to the next couple of days when we will trek through the jungle!

Peace out from X-Ray 1 having fun in the boiling sun!    


  1. Reuben Mcgowan - X-Ray 2 - Miratombo Trek

    Just wanted to let you know that ive just got home and had a warm bath, on the way home i had a mcdonalds and tonight im having steak for dinner, hope you enjoyed the refried beans and pork and beans ;)

    In Corfu at the moment chilling by the pool...

  2. Julianna Franco - X-Ray 3 - Miratombo Trek

    Hope your enjoying trek and not missing me too much ;) Skype on the 5th yeah? The laguna and cerro negro is worth the hard work, keep going!


  3. To Emma Smyth

    Hola embomboloomba,
    Hope your toe is all sorted now- look after that little dude!
    All back here in sunny Manc is good, am back home chillin.
    Mum and dad are down in Burnham with Monika, Manu and Leo. They met up with Ankur and all yesterday- I spoke to them all on the phone, they all send their love.
    Chatted to graham, he's good, he went home for the weekend, sounds like he had a good time out cycling with your dad and then meeting up with his mates. He's totally dominating me and Tim at fantasy football at the moment, need some tips from you for my team!
    Tim's good too, just coming to the end of his dissertation and getting ready to come over for the course. Both Tim and graham send their love and best wishes. Also had a chat with Veronica- she was asking about you, as was Jean at Sides, they say hello.

    Hope you are having a good time, I'm sure your doing grand. Not long now til you are back so keep going! Keep smiling and laughing;)

    Rambo xx

  4. DE: Paola Montero Chaves
    Para:Luis Andres Mora

    Hola amor esperote encuentres muy bien, cada vez te extraño masme haces una falta pero espero que estes dando todo de ti porque mira que ya falta muy poco 15dias <3 te amo y vos lo sabe..Aqui te estoy esperando te amo demasiado Dios me lo bendiga (: CUIDATEEEE bendicionesmi amor

  5. Becca Atkinson - Coast to Coast
    Hi Becca! Saw a nice picture of your group on the blog on day 4 of your trek and you are still looking smiley, hooray! You have probably crossed the jungle by now which I remember being a really tough bit!
    On Monday we are moving our belongings into storage and then we have a couple of weeks homeless before we move into a new flat which is in Archway (north London, a bit North of Camden). Laura is going to stay at Becka's aunty's house in South London with Becks and I'm going to stay at Leon's for a few weeks.
    You'll have to come and visit our new flat when you are back, I want to hear all of your stories!
    Enjoy the last few weeks out there, especially when you finish the trek and can chill on the beach!
    I'm going to go and eat some really nice food now and just generally relax and be clean and smell good. Enjoy your pork and beans...mwahhahaha.
    Love of love Cat xxx

  6. Animos y mucha fuerza a Luis Andres Mora, tu puedes, vamos, todos los dias le pedimos a Dios fuerza para todos ustedes, Luis te amamos, el sabor del triunfo es muy rico, mas cuando las cosas cuestan....te esperamos....vamos X-Ray 1. ustedes pueden....Att Alina, Eli y David...FUERZAS PARA TRIUNFAR

  7. Reuben Mcgowan - X-Ray 2 - Miratombo Trek

    Hey man, hope your having a great time! Cant wait for you to get back so we can catch up on whats been happening out there! Keep going, the laguna is worth it!


  8. Saskia Proffitt X - Ray 1

    Glad you are having such a fantastic trip after all that hard work! Jungle camping will be exciting. D of E training may help but not a lot!Nicho, Catherine and Hugues are coming home this weekend for ODDay so that will be fun. Miss you loads but hope you are having such a great time that you haven't missed us too much. Truffle sends you a purr and us: huge hugs. Love you loads, Mums XXX



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